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ZShield Flex By ZVerse - Neck Mount Protective Face Shield – Paradise City  Medical & Beauty Supply

Face Shields Fill Need as Schools Weigh Options for Reopening

ZVerse ZShield Flex Face Shield is Specially Designed for Workers in  Service Industries - Tuvie

Award Winning Design & Made in America

Our innovative and award-winning design wraps your face, providing a barrier for respiratory droplets and lets people see your face for non-verbal communication.


We designed ZShield to be protective yet also practical. Our lightweight materials make ZShield comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

Reusable & Washable

Clean your ZShield with warm water and soap.  Just rinse, wipe dry, and your ZShield is clean.

Tilting Neck Mount

Just take a seat at your table and simply tilt your ZShield down to enjoy your coffee or drinks.  

Proudly Made in the USA

ZShield was designed and manufactured right in the USA, so you can be assured your ZShield is safe, approved, and high-quality!

Designed For Comfortable All Day Use

Not everyone can wear a mask all day, so we designed a face shield that can be worn when you need it. ZShield is comfortable and lightweight, tilts down whenever you like, and allows you to share your smile!

ZShield Wrap

The ZShield Wrap allows workers to breathe easily and clearly communicate while protecting themselves and customers. ZShield Wrap creates an effective barrier between the user’s face and the faces of customers or students during any interaction that requires close contact

ZShield Flex

The new, patent pending ZShield Flex is an effective and comfortable wearable protective face shield. It was designed to accommodate workers in the service industry including restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, food plants and the elective medical sector


ZShield Youth

  • Optimal fit—can be comfortably worn for many hours
  • Allows visibility for facial expressions to maintain a positive learning environment
  • Redirects bi-directional airflow
  • Can easily adjust up for active engagement and down for idle circumstance
  • Breakaway safety feature—allows for quick attaching and detaching from neck
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Minimal noticeability—forms to the user’s neck and chest

Replacements Pack (10 unit)

Size  Wrap Viso.FLEX VISOR ,Youth Visor

Zshield Flex Face Shield Reviews 2020

Zshield Flex Face Shield Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Legit? >> In this article, we inform you about a product that can be used to fight against COVID-19.

Are you looking for a protective shield to fight the germs and bacteria? Well, then you must have a look at the Zshield Flex Face Shield. 

ZVerse, the United Statesbased e-store has recently launched Zshield Flex Face Shield, and earning huge limelight due to its design and features. This product is the second protective shield created by the company to deal with the present scenario. 

The product is designed to protect the frontline workers and the normal public, and the company claims several benefits of using the product, but how far those claims are trustable? Let’s find out the answer in our Zshield Flex Face Shield Reviews. 

The present scenario is not going away any soon, and protecting yourself from the viruses has been evolving with new products in the market. Zshield Flex Face Shield is one of those products that keep you safe and minimizes the growth of COVID 19. 

We understand that it is vital to be secured against the bacteria, so we researched the product, to help you get the best out of rest. Every life is equally important to us, so keep reading to explore the product that might keep you and your loved ones safe!!

What is Zshield Flex Face Shield? 

Zshield Flex Face Shield is the second protective shield produced under the United States-based company Zverse. It is an adaptable neck-mount face shield which is quite comforting than those head-mounting shields. Its design feels very relaxed, unlike the head designs, which might be suffocating. 

This product is designed specifically for daily workers like doctors, police, retailers, and many more. The unique selling point of the product is its features that we are going to mention here in our Zshield Flex Face Shield Reviews. 

Features of Zshield Flex Face Shield

  • It provides optimal fitting so that you can wear it comfortably for long hours.
  • It provides visibility for any expression or communication.
  • It can be adjusted easily due to its bi-directional airflow quality.
  • It also allows you instant attaches and detaches of the product from the neck.
  • It is extremely light in weight. 
  • It is recyclable and is made of polypropylene and PETG. 

Pros of Zshield Flex Face Shield

  • It can be disinfected easily just by normal washing.
  • According to the studies, the product can be 96% protective for the users.
  • It will minimize the spread of the virus and reduce the anxiety of your customer or patient.
  • It could be very protective if used with a proper face mask and PPE kit.

Cons of Zshield Flex Face Shield

  • You might feel discomfort due to the fog produced by your breath.
  • The product could partially block your vision and voice to reach other people.


  • It might be bulkier than the other safety glasses or products used daily.
  • It might not suit a person with weak lungs or respiratory diseases. 

Is Zshield Flex Face Shield Legit? 

If you are still wondering about this question, the answer is a big YES. This product is built under expert guidance, which is very helpful in fighting against any bacteria. We found several Zshield Flex Face Shield Reviews and satisfactory customer reviews, proving that the product is quite useful. 

The product and its incredibly comforting power, as well as features, make it a potential safety provider. Zverse has been creating a strong protective face shield for people, and even the customer feedback about the products is very acceptable.  

What are people saying about Zshield Flex Face Shield? 

We stumbled upon a huge quantity of customer feedback on the internet and many social media platforms, which show that people are interested in the product. Apart from this, several studies show how protective face shields could be during this epidemic. 

Many product reviews also show the positive impact of the product over customers and their environment. 

Final Verdict 

All said and done we have mentioned every aspect of the product, and we would recommend you to purchase the product. We could not find anything suspicious about the product or its company, which is a great sign of goodwill. 

We respect the fact that you took the time to analyze this protective shield, and we are glad that we could help provide you with all the essential information. Now it is completely your choice to purchase the product or not, but if you have already made a purchase, please feel free to comment below your experience to help others. 

I absolutely love the freedom to breathe, the freedom to have my mouth free of a mess, and the ability to say that I’m still being protected. I really like the product. It has made a world of difference for me having to function in these circumstances in the world.

- Kirsten K. Wyomissing, PA

I love it! Students can see my face. I’m not steaming up my glasses. I can wear my hair as usual without the band of a common face shield messing it up. I can lean down to speak with seated students and we are both protected. My only negative is that I wish it wrapped around a little further.

- Theresa W. Washington, IN

I’ve used this shield for a week now, and I am loving it. Masks are mandated for our industry in Maine, but the addition of the shield gives an added protective barrier and I don’t feel like I have to ask my clients (who are also masked) to refrain from talking. Once it’s around my neck, I hardly feel it, and this design puts the barrier where I need it to be, between me and the massage table.

- Michelle L. Ogunquit, ME

These face shields are GENIUS and far superior to convention face shields! They are much more comfortable and hardly fog up at all. Plus being protected from the bottom up seems to make way more sense than a standard face shield. I have the Flex and Wrap. I prefer the Wrap due to it being more streamlined. I bump things less often and I feel more protected because of it's closer-in design. I have been turning other people onto them because I have been so enthusiastic. Really grateful that ZShield has made my job easier, more comfortable and safer. I do hair and skin care which requires me to see have good vision and see details. I have great eyesight and do not wear glasses but the glare and reflections of things in the mask make my eyes have to work harder to see what I'm doing. It's tiring. Also I am looking downwards a lot working on my clients and have noticed that my neck has been getting tired when I wear the ZShield all day. I must be holding my head in a different way than normally but if I wear it all day I notice my neck bothers me. Other than that I LOVE the Zshield and will continue to recommend it to others!!! Thank you!!!

- Sara-Ann S. Tumwater, WA

I love this shield! It keeps me protected from my students and allows me to get close enough to them to help. I’m so happy I have it to keep me safe, since I am compromised.

- Denise R. Gloucester City, NJ

The ZShield from Zverse is one of the best new products available for additional protective barriers. In our dental practice we have needed to add many layers of protections with multiple masks, gowns, surgical caps and faceshields. With the ZShield and it’s around the neck support style, there is significantly less weight on your head. It also is great for dental applications since it shields more effectively against spray coming from below. I highly recommend the ZShield for dentists and hygienists.

- Ross I. Gadsden, AL

Absolutly love it ibought 5 as gifts I Gave 1 to my dentist. He loves it. My accountant said its hand down the best Tattoo artist bought some for the other artists childrens Pastor at church It's great the kids can see your whole face. 2nd grade teacher. She order 1 for every teacher she works with.

- Anonymous Norton, OH

Really happy with it, I feel secure while performing services while clients have removed their mask.

- Andrea L. Santa Barbara, CA

I use the Z-shield with hair covering, and a mask. The z shield sits perfectly and is well balanced. Extremely comfortable to wear and stay put even though I am doing active massage. Thank you for making a shield option to keep me and my clients safe. Other head worn shields are pointless when you are standing over your client working. I appreciate you all. I bought 50 to share with businesses in my town. Dentists, Chiropractors, Hygienists, Orthodontists, and colleagues of massage therapy. Thank you!

- Jody B. Woodinville, WA

I teach first grade! I love ZShield because it provides me with a safe zone from the neck up, the exact spot where little sneezes and coughs will be heading all day long. It is lightweight, easy on my neck, allows me to wear a mask comfortably underneath, and when I am distanced at least 6 feet, I can pull down my mask students can see my mouth when we are practicing and reviewing sounds and word patterns.

- Sharon H. Sayre, PA

I love it. I specifically ordered it because it protects under the chin with the open area at the top. My students are shorter than me and it just seems safer that way. Students need to see my mouth, especially teaching phonics. I wish there was research to share with my corporation about its effectiveness compared to a mask. Many masks aren’t worn incorrectly or don’t fit properly. They still want a mask in close proximity, but we may use a shield for instruction at the front of the room. I asked them to look at zshield because it is different and I believe just as safe. I shared on Facebook and many of my teacher friends are placing orders. And then you get the others who can’t just “stay in their lane” acting like we are committing a crime or wrong because I would prefer a shield vs. mask. Tired of the mask shaming. I don’t like wearing a mask and it will make teaching in person difficult.

- Shelly S. Mishawaka, IN

I love the wrap-around shield. I am able to breathe and feel I can communicate so much better. It is hard enough not to be able to hug someone, but wearing masks prohibits smiles too. I also bought a pack of replacements shields. Thank you for making these available to the public. I am very grateful!

- Rhonda W. Lugoff, SC

Love the idea. It is light and gives you flexibility so that the take off take on routine is not necessary and it doesn't hinder communication.

- Michelle K. St. Louis, MO

I have folks ask me where I go t this , as everyone loves the idea of wearing this as opposed to cloth face covering. I’ve given your web site to so many already . I love being able to breathe w/o cloth all day covering me and assisting customers. I bought these for ourselves and staff who wear them too It’s brilliant . These are the best I’ve seen on the market with no head band pressure

- Cindy J. Raleigh, NC

I want to thank you so much this shield is awesome, I have allergies I can breath and customers can see my face. I am spreading the word to the service industries as we need these. And they are real protection. Will be ordering for my 93 year old parents

- Michelle H.

It is comfortable and I don’t get too hot even with a mask in. I don’t feel like I am trapped in a box like I do with the kind that strap to your forehead. For my line of work, it is ideal because my clients are sitting below me. Great product and I highly recommend it.

- Shelley M. Mill Valley, CA

I actually just purchased a second ZShield for my travel massage kit! This time I am trying the wrap, which will work better for the type of work I do where I am often picking up clients arms and legs and moving them around during assisted stretching. We have had a great and positive discussion about your product on a specific massage modality board. Many of us have ordered it and are loving it! Having the shield low, against the chest is perfect placement between us and our clients, and any exhalations through our masks gets diverted to the side. We no longer have to turn our heads while working on someone's head. And, so much cooler to wear while working! Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have recommended your shield to many others already!

- Margo F. Worchester, MA

It’s very light weight and I love the neck situation because I need protection from underneath my face due to my clients being below my head. It’s sleek and professional looking

- Carly R. Petaluma, CA

The ZShield is senior friendly. It protects the entire face; making breathing easy with a clear view for the peripheral vision .

- Clarissa M. Orangeburg, SC

This is such a great alternative to wearing masks to be able to communicate with our guests. Building trust as a stylist is important and for our guest to be able to see our full face helps so much with more clear communication and rapport than wearing a mask!

- Barbi L. Florence, SC

It's a great improvement, and much more business friendly for people to see a smile. Amazing visibility, and makes me feel that all of my senses fall in to line. I love the Z Shield!

- Paula P. Bluffton, SC

A great solution for those who are not tolerant of the confining nature of other mask products. Also love the visibility factor, so much better than other masks. Other masks fog my glasses while the ZShield gives a clear unobstructed view.

- Chuck C. West Grove, PA

I often find myself getting in my car with it it’s that comfortable and easy to get use to. Loving it and feel safe behind this shield. Thank you for a great product.

- Stacyee G. Dallas, TX

This item is such a blessing to me. Our school system is requiring all faculty/staff to wear masks in common areas of the school when students return in a few weeks. I'm extremely claustrophobic, and the ZShield is something I can wear without having anxiety that a mask causes. Thank you for the well designed, high quality product!

-Layne P. Claxton, GA

Love how light weight it is and not restricting on the neck. It is important for my students to be able to see my face especially during story time.

- Elizabeth D. North Riverside, IL

ZVerse shield is the most comfortable and best to see out of compared to all other shields I’ve worn. I also feel more protected wearing this shield compared to others that have an opening on the bottom because there is no open area between myself and my client while I wear ZVerse to perform a service on them.

- Leah Y. Plainville, CT

The neck strap should allow you to tighten it some. Since I travel so much, many have asked me where to purchase this. You need to send me 4 children for my grandchildren and we will pass out business cards for you.

- Cherylee V. Isle of Palms, SC.

We have been using them in the salon for 3 weeks! We love them and will be happy to send a photo. Mine stirred up many questions on Instagram within my network of friends. I have highly recommended the ZShields and have been suggested the site! I think the design is very cool for freedom while working. We are wearing them with face coverings. That stays on all day in the salon. The shield I put on once I have spoken to my client and I start cutting. I like that it is super easy to take on and off. Also easy to clean!

- Coby A. Brooklyn, NY

I love it! It’s so comfortable and I can see my work very clear! No fog! Completely protect me and my client from breathing over each other! Very happy :)

- Paweena, Santa Cruz, CA

The ZShield is a remarkable product for the spa industry. It provides the protection where I need it most, which is BELOW me. My clients are impressed by the design and said they feel more comfortable with me wearing the shield in addition to my mask especially when I am working near their face on their neck and shoulders and SO DO I! The plastic is strong and sturdy though very light weight. It is so comfortable to wear, I actually completely forgot it was there the first time I wore it. I didn’t remember until I bumped it against something when I was cleaning up the room which made me laugh! I get headaches from headbands and I find them hard to wear with my hair in a bun, which is usually is. The ZSheild eliminates all of those issues completely. An unexpected side benefit is that it helps me maintain my posture; if the shield moves away from my face too much, it usually means I am slouching and have collapsed my chest. It serves as a great reminder to keep my body upright, which helps save me from neck and shoulder pain later! I have already shared the ZShield with three of my colleagues who have purchased one as well and I will continue to recommend it for all health care providers who work with clients on a table including acupuncturists, massage therapists, estheticians, lash extension providers, chiropractors etc. It just makes SO MUCH SENSE! Thank you!

- Rachelle C. San Diego, CA


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