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ZRRO - Touch your TV

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249 $249.00

ZRRO is a standalone Android-based console that connects to any TV to make it smart. ZRRO comes with an amazing hover and touch controller powered by ZRRO's zTouch™ technology.

With ZRRO you can "touch" and play ALL 1,000,000 Android games and apps on your TV as if it were a huge tablet.

ZRRO's three elements:

1. ZRRO Pad- The world's first hover & touch controller that mirrors your fingers position to the TV.

2. ZRRO Box - A state of the art Android-based TV console

3. Your TV - Any TV with an HDMI input

The ZRRO Pad tracks and mirrors your fingers' 3D position onto your TV:

  • Hovering enables you to target your finger to the right place while keeping your eyes on the TV
  • Touching is used to select, as on any touch screen
  • Pinch, Swipe, Drag and all other touch gestures are supported
  • An embedded accelerometer and vibration feedback complete the gaming experience

A state-of-the-art standalone Android-based TV console, designed especially for gaming and entertainment. The ZRRO Box can handle the most demanding games and supports up to 4K resolution!

ZRRO special indicators show both the position of your finders and the distance they are from the pad, so you knows exactly where on the screen you are going to touch!

And of course, the ZRRO Pad is multi-touch

Touchscreens today use one of two kinds of sensing technologies. Mutual-Capacitance precisely senses individual touchpoints. Self-Capacitance crudely detects fingers further away from the controller, but does not enable multiple detection (causing a "ghosting" interference).

zTouch offers the best of both worlds, effectively solving the "ghosting" problem. By changing the traditional grid layout to a dot matrix layout and developing special algorithms to analyze this new data, it has become the first multi-touch technology that precisely senses conductive objects (like fingers) up to 1.2 inches away from the pad with sub-pixel resolution.

ZRRO patented matrix gridZRRO patented matrix grid

Well, they do work-but only for games and apps that were developed specifically for them. Nowadays most content is designed for touchscreen devices.

ZRRO took a different approach- instead of to trying to convince developers to customize content for old fashioned controllers, they developed the first controller that enables users to play all touch games and apps they are, without any modification.

You can now "touch" more than 1,000,000 games and apps directly on your TV!


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