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Zero - Reinventing the Translator

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Zero was designed to smash language barriers, and to end those embarrassing moments. It drastically outperforms existing handheld translators and apps both in price and in user experience.

We hate to rest on our laurels so we made the Zero both mobile, and versatile. It’s a smart mic that’s always at hand for your next business meeting, interview, or just to hear yourself practice the language you want to learn.

'Not only does Zero outperform its closest competitors, it's cheaper.'

At a diminutive 4cm x 1.5cm x 7mm (1.6 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches), Zero is barely there. Slip it into a streamlined card case and you can fit it into pockets, wallets or purses for maximum accessibility


Supports natural and easy face-to-face communication

Top-notch translation technology has never been so accessible. The Zero works together with the other device you carry everywhere: your phone.

Just plug the Zero in and let it take care of the rest.


No need to charge it separately or fiddle with buttons. The Zero knows who is speaking and reads aloud what they say in the other person’s language. And just in case, the text appears on both sides of the screen to help clear up any potential misunderstandings.

Enjoy all the little things that make conversations great, like eye contact and smiles.


It’s more than just a translator: the Zero’s three versatile modes make it an everyday companion


Zero records and separates the voices of up to 4 speakers simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about who said what. The log will conveniently show who’s talking as well as what they said, and you can play it back whenever you want. The microphone array is also set up to cover all angles so that you can just place the Zero on the table and let it do its thing!


There’s nothing worse than worrying whether your handheld device has picked up everything, particularly when you’re conducting an interview! Stop going back and listening to the recordings a hundred times over because it’s barely audible. Focus on the relationships you’re building and forget that there’s a tiny device in front of you!!

The sum of all parts

36 languages and 84 accents from around the world outperform any single 'app' or translation engine

It’s become more and more apparent that no company – no matter how large – can optimize the recognition or translation of every single language. So instead of reinventing the wheel, we spent our days and our nights on finding which algorithms work the best for specific languages and only integrating those into our app. What did we get as a result? A service that constantly outperforms every single-engine translation app or hardware out there.

Chatting with local hawkers in the historic markets of Istanbul? Going to a crazy cool pool party atop Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel? Interviewing that big exec you’ve been dying to talk to at her Stockholm headquarters? Wherever you go, Zero can follow.

5 Zero Data Centers Around the World

Watch the Zero in Action

Watch Kahn from Kahnflicks test the Zero! 

User Experience and Activation



Behind the Scenes Part 1.  - How we made it so versatile

We developed the world’s smallest quad-microphone array. Sized at only 0.59 inches/ 1.5cm in diameter, it provides performance that is magnitudes beyond your own smartphone mic. 

Advanced voice recognition technology offers performance so sophisticated and powerful that the Zero is second to none in noisy environments. Zero picks up your sentences and recognizes your voice much more clearly and accurately than any other handheld device or smartphone.

0 buttons necessary with the Zero, not even 1! 

In addition, we have also developed a neural network algorithm that enables the Zero to understand when you start talking and when you stop. No more ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘OK Google’.

And last but not least, we made the Zero able to do speech pickup in four directions, allowing up to four people to chat simultaneously. In the past this was only possible on much larger products, such as smart speakers, but we managed to make it 95% smaller and lighter!

Behind the Scenes Part 2.  - How we made it so affordable

Because we spent a lot of time on developing this product and put so much cutting-edge technology into a thumb-sized device, we wanted to make sure that none of it goes to waste.

The larger handheld devices ask that you pay for all those extra bells and whistles, so we decided we’d bring down the cost of hardware, DRAMATICALLY. Using your favorite smartphone is just one of the reasons why the price for our hardware is so low: we decided to make a truly accessible device for everyone.

We love when innovation isn’t expensive; that’s what makes it all-around smart.

Lend us your ears!

Maybe you’ve heard of our previous hit, the WT2 in-ear translator! On Kickstarter the project was fully funded and managed to rack up a total of $276,869 from 1,640 backers!

After we fulfilled ALL of our pledges, we launched the WT2 on Amazon (US) and in less than a month the WT2 became the #1 bestseller in the Translator category.

We listened to customers’ feedback and used our experience from designing the WT2 to launch an even more accessible translation experience: Zero.

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