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Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

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ZEISS Pre-moistened Lens Wipes

ZEISS Lens Wipes safely and quickly clean multiple lens surfaces. Specially formulated with a gentle alcohol solution, these wipes remove smudges and dirt, leaving lenses free of scratches, streaks or residue.

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Safe and effective

ZEISS pre-moistened lens wipes provide a gentle, thorough cleaning, removing germs, fingerprints, dust, oil, and smudges without scratching or streaks.

Ideal for use on-the-go

Individually wrapped and disposable lens cleaning wipes can be conveniently stored anywhere, so you can safely clean your glasses while you’re on-the-go.

Easily remove smudges and dirt

ZEISS Lens Wipes easily remove smudges and dirt and will gently clean glasses, binoculars and any optical lens.


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Streak-free cleaning with no residue

ZEISS Lens Wipes are alcohol-based, and are both ammonia and fragrance-free, so they safely clean your glasses without leaving streaks or residue.

Safe to use on all types of lenses

ZEISS lens cleaning wipes have been rigorously tested* on various lens types** and are guaranteed not to scratch.

ZEISS, the brand you can trust

With over 170 years of experience in the field of optics, nobody knows more about making and caring for lenses. That’s why people all over the world trust ZEISS.

The choice is entirely up to you

Safe and effective: ZEISS alcohol-free lens wipes

Our wipes with this new, non-abrasive formula are safe for all optical surfaces, with no alcohol smell. Its fresh citrus scent is preferred 2-to-1 by eyeglass wearers. New formula cleans as well as our alcohol-based cleaners. Convenient, disposable pre-moistened wipes make cleaning quick and easy. Wipes are antistatic, and micro-fine and leave no scratches, streaks or marks on eyeglass lenses.

They are also ideal for cleaning digital devices: LCD displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, etc.

For fast cleaning: ZEISS lens wipes

For fast cleaning: ZEISS lens wipes

At home, in the office or on the road: clear vision any time, any place. The moist, micro-fine cloth for lens cleaning is readily available and very effective. Optimum cleaning without scratching – tests prove it! The wipes have an exceptionally fine structure to ensure exceptionally gentle cleaning of all eyeglass lenses, even with high quality coatings such as DuraVision ® Platinum. Individually packaged and gentle: they are pre-moistened with a unique combination of two substances that are also used to clean medical devices. These harmless agents do not contain any aggressive cleaning substances or artificial fragrances.

How you benefit

Lens cleaning whenever, wherever

  • Optimal protection and care for high-quality eyeglass lenses.
  • Prevents microscopic scratches that are initially invisible but gradually impair vision.
  • Gentle cleaning without damaging the lens coating.
  • Product solutions for fast cleaning on the go, as well as in-depth cleaning.
  • Ease of use.
  • Not just for glasses: ZEISS lens wipes can also be used to clean all types of sensitive optical surfaces (LCD displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc.) easily and without streaks, all while reducing germs and bacteria on the displays.
ZEISS Cleaning Solutions, internal test, results
* Long-term test at the internationally recognized optics institution COLTS. ** Compared with ZEISS lens cleaning wipes.

ZEISS lens wipes tested best

Tests by COLTS, an international leading quality test laboratory within the optics industry, have shown that ZEISS Lens Cleaning Wipes’ performance is the most effective compared to ten alternative lens wipes – it cleans gently without causing scratches.

More gentle: the surface and coating of prescription lenses remain in sound condition even during a long-term test.*

More thorough: no other tested lens cleaner removes dirt as effectively.

Infographic: How to Clean Your Glasses

Infographic: How to Clean Your Glasses

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