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Yubico - YubiKey 5 NFC Security Key

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Your key to a safer Internet

The YubiKey sets new global standards for strong two-factor and passwordless authentication.

The Journey to Passwordless in the Enterprise 

Today, Microsoft announced that the passwordless capabilities for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) are in public preview, reaching a major milestone in enabling passwordless authentication in the Enterprise.

Azure AD provides an identity platform with access management, scalability, and reliability for connecting users with all the apps they need. With FIDO2 and WebAuthn passwordless authentication support now in public preview for Azure AD, users can register a YubiKey 5 Series security key with Azure AD, to enhance account security and enable passwordless login.

YubiKey Passwordless Starter Kit

Yubico is happy to have partnered with Microsoft in today’s announcement. For a limited time, we are offering complimentary YubiKey Passwordless Starter Kits to eligible organizations, who are Microsoft 365 customers interested in beginning their passwordless journey. 

The starter kit includes two multi-protocol YubiKeys, the YubiKey 5 NFC and YubiKey 5C. The YubiKey 5 NFC is compatible with USB-A ports and near field communication (NFC). The YubiKey 5C is compatible with USB-C ports. 

With the multi-protocol YubiKey 5, organizations can begin the journey to passwordless in the cloud, securing existing applications with Azure MFA or smart card login, and be ready for newer applications supporting FIDO2 and WebAuthn authentication.

The YubiKey 5 Series multi-protocol support includes FIDO2, WebAuthn, FIDO U2F, smart card (PIV), Yubico OTP, OpenPGP, OATH-TOTP, OATH-HOTP, and Challenge-Response functionality on a single device, to deliver passwordless, single-factor, second-factor, or multi-factor secure login. 

To verify eligibility and request a YubiKey Passwordless Starter Kit (while supplies last), please visit 

Want to learn more? Register for our upcoming webinar, Go Passwordless with Yubico & Microsoft: WebAuthn, FIDO2 & Azure Active Directory, taking place on July 30, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT. You’ll hear from Yubico and Microsoft experts on the passwordless journey, key benefits, and how to enable passwordless login with Azure AD.

Instant, secure login to all IT-systems

For business

  • The #1 security key to prevent costly data breaches.
  • Loved by users. Radically reduces IT support costs.
  • The invention behind global open authentication standards.

Trusted by the world’s leading enterprises and millions of people in 160 countries

“We’ve raised the standard of security for our employees. The YubiKey works seamlessly for people in their day-to-day workflow here at Google.”

“Facebook is using the YubiKey for securing its own employees, and have made secure login with FIDO U2F and YubiKeys available for all Facebook users”

“The YubiKey meets all our requirements thanks to its simplicity of use, its open algorithm and the available open-source software support.”
Protect your online privacy

For individuals

  • Supported by hundreds of the most popular online services.
  • Login from computers and phones, with a simple touch.
  • Crush-resistant, waterproof, no batteries. Just works.
Works instantly with hundreds of services

The YubiKey

the industry's #1 security key, enabling strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication

Easy-to-use, strong authentication

All-in-one configurable security key

With a simple touch, the multi-protocol YubiKey protects access to computers, networks, and online services.

Easier and safer than authenticator apps

No more reaching for your smartphone, or re-typing passcodes. Just plug in your YubiKey, tap, and it does the rest for you.

Works with hundreds of services

The YubiKey works with Windows and Mac login, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Salesforce, Duo, and many more services.

Works with YubiKey

YubiKey works with hundreds of services to secure your login, and make it easy for you, and only you, to access your accounts.

YubiKey 5 Series Keys

One touch, two-factor secure

Once you register your YubiKey with services, just tap your YubiKey for easy, strong two-factor authentication, for computers, networks, and online accounts. No need for text messages or one-time passcodes.

How the YubiKey works

Register your YubiKey

To use the YubiKey, go to the Security Settings of a supported service and select two-factor authentication.

Insert YubiKey & tap

On a computer, insert the YubiKey into a USB-port and touch the YubiKey to verify you are human and not a remote hacker.

Tap on phone

For NFC-enabled Android phones, just tap a YubiKey NEO against the phone to complete authentication

One key for many applications

The YubiKey works with hundreds of enterprise, developer and consumer applications, out-of-the-box and with no client software. Combined with leading password managers, social login and enterprise single sign on systems the YubiKey enables secure access to millions of online services.

How-To Videos

YubiKey and Gmail (and other Google accounts): how to register your YubiKey with your Google Account and use it to secure Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube, Blogger, and more. Learn more

Login with FIDO U2F and OpenID Connect: protect your accounts on websites and services with YubiKey using federated identity services.

YubiKey and Dropbox: register your YubiKey with your personal Dropbox or Dropbox Business account to keep your files secure. Learn more

Dashlane Password Manager + YubiKey and U2F: make your Dashlane account extra secure with easy, one-touch, two-factor authentication. Learn more

YubiKey and Okta’s Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication: a demonstration for both end users and administrators. Learn more

Using YubiHSM to store an encryption key by Authasas. Learn more

YubiKey for Salesforce App: protect your valuable data with a free app from the AppExchange. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with a Challenge-Response credential using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with a Static Password using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with an OATH-HOTP credential using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with a YubiOTP credential using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

YubiKey 5 NFC

YubiKey 5 Nano

YubiKey 5C

YubiKey 5C Nano 

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