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Yomonin Mugwort Herb Cushion

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Quick overview


Let me introduce features!

Korea style steamed wormwood more enjoy quick and easy! Is the emergence of sit 30 minutes per day, warm up the once sacral pelvic yutanpo.
Chill's worst Gynecologic disorders cause. Get cold this season, solid temperature live!!

Pregnant hot new standard = dedicated pelvic hottie ' prevent garlic "
 And pelvis around of Wen in order & wormwood effect
 -Like submerged Springs soon sat down and feeling
 And pelvis around warm full body warm

Inside the envelop as "hot" design
 Wormwood + cold improvement + pelvic compensation

Developers. Midwife maternityaromatherapest ASAI Yukiko
 Hamamatsu Medical University obstetrics and Gynecology Ward, to the free spirit Hamamatsu hospital NICU worked after the.
 Beside using the essential oils are safe and natural childbirth methods proposed and offered the boy ★ aromatherapy classes pregnant, which, presided over by Salon dedicated maternity and baby massage class. Also, utilizing the medical knowledge of nurse-midwives, pregnant women swimming & specialist maternity Aqua vikes.
 Newborn visit teaching history is about 20 years. 30, 400 per year do near newborn visits every month. Pregnant live seminars in the tree of life is over 50 people to the full House. Maternity magazines such as egg Club and immediately pregnant' red' do under the supervision of the article.

Easy to use!

Using the body into the water, between cover and body "prevent garlic pad ' simply sit put.
* Please note earnestly to Burns. May cause low-temperature Burns, so before using make sure manual please read.


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■ product name: pelvis yutanpo Yomo garlic

■ colour: Green
■ size: approx width 38 × depth 30.5 x 13.5 cm (height)
■ weight :1.2kg
■ package: approx width 38.3 × depth 31.1 x height 13.0 cm ■ weight :1.4kg
■ contents volume: 1.4 litres
■ material: main body. Polyethylene (ore containing), Cap. Polypropylene, cover... Polyester, prevent our pad wormwood. Cotton and Wormwood
■ country of origin: made in Japan
* Please note earnestly to Burns. May cause low-temperature Burns, so before using make sure manual please read.

Cosmetic 180x150

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