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Y-Brush 10 Second Cleaning Toothbrush

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139 $139.00

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Simultaneously deep clean all your teeth with Y-Brush.
Simultaneously deep clean all your teeth with Y-Brush.

Y-Brush automatically deep cleans your teeth the way dentists recommend them to be cleaned in just 10 seconds using sonic vibrating technology.

See How It Works in 20 Seconds:

Y-Brush has been meticulously engineered by dentist for the last 3+ years, creating the toothbrush of the future offering an effortless and consistent deep cleaning:

  • Dentist Preferred — Replicates the recommended ‘Bass Method’ of teeth cleaning with small lateral movements. 
  • Effortless Cleaning — Consistently cleans your teeth the way they should be using any toothpaste in 10 seconds flat, every time. 
  • Deeper Cleaning — Sonic vibrations power specialized nylon bristles to clean deep under your gum line, not just the surfaces of your teeth. 
  • Gentler Cleaning — Single sided mouthpiece in 4 sizes eliminates hard manual scrubbing the leading cause of receding gums.

Y-Brush employs the Bass-Method of brushing which is the American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommended technique for teeth cleaning.

The Bass method is a technical brushing movement consists in tilting the head of your toothbrush at a 45° angle while making a rolling motion that more effectively removes plaque, debris, and bacteria from deep under your gum line.

Developed and tested by dentists for the last 3 years, Y-Brush eliminates the bacteria responsible for gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum disease with features required of the Bass Method:

  • Bristle Size — The length and width of the bristles are calculated to reach the interdental space, the gingival sulcus and the gums.
  • Bristle Shape — Supple and rounded at the ends, the bristles do not damage the gums or the tooth enamel while brushing.
  • Bristle Movement — Consistently replicates the technical motion of the Bass Method, deep cleaning your teeth, gums and under the gum line.

Y-Brush cleans your teeth 4x longer per tooth and in a fraction of the time.

The human mouth is composed of 32 teeth with 3 visible facets (front, back and bottom), for a total of 96 "brushable" facets overall. If the recommended time for brushing is 2 minutes minimum, then mathematically this means that each tooth facet should be brushed for at least 1.25 seconds for a total of 3.75 seconds per tooth.

In just 5 seconds each for your top and bottom, Y-Brush’s mouthpieces gently brushes each facet of every tooth at once for 4x longer per tooth to provide a deeper clean then the recommended 2 minute manual brushing.

Other 10 second toothbrush systems don’t focus on the consistent cleaning experience like Y-Brush does.

During our in vivo and in vitro testing, we found that Nylon bristles are the most effective at removing plaque and cleaning your teeth when compared to other methods like silicone strips. Our studies found that Y-Brush device removes 15% more plaque than a conventional toothbrush!

We made our nylon bristles thinner to make it possible to clean in between your teeth and your gum line. The ends of the bristles are rounded to keep it comfortable and keep your gums safe.

Y-Brush’s patented design took over 3 years to complete. The result is a perfectly engineered toothbrush built to deliver the same cleaning consistency every time you brush your teeth. You’ll know you’re getting a better clean every time.

See the Nylon Difference:

 Keep the brands you love!

There’s no need to buy special toothpaste or liquid to use Y-Brush. Use what you know, and avoid having to pay for expensive refill packs. The included applicator tip ensures the right amount of your favorite toothpaste is used, without getting excessive.

Sonic vibration makes it easier than ever to brush your teeth.

Not all teeth and gums are the same. We built in three different settings to match your dental care needs. Those with sensitive gum lines can use the lowest setting and still use Y-Brush!

Go beyond cleaning the surface. 

 Y-Brush has been developed with the help of dentists and specialists, to be the best tooth brushing device available. The bristles are inclined at a 45° angle, and their length thought out to reach and properly clean the gum and gum line.

Y-Brush will have the whole family wanting to show off their grins.

Y-Brush will have the whole family wanting to show off their grins. Our flexible ABS mouthpiece makes it easy to use so that brushing your teeth isn’t an uncomfortable experience. It comes in 4 different sizes (2 adult, 1 intermediary, 1 children) so that everyone in the family can get a better clean.

We built it with comfort in mind. Focusing on one side of your mouth at a time made it possible to develop a thinner mouthpiece preventing a gag-reflex and freeing up your tongue.

Tough on Plaque, Easy on You

Your gum lines can start to recede if you put too much pressure on the brush. While biting down on Y-Brush, you’re leaving the cleaning duty to the powerful sonic vibration and engineered bristles layout. This way you aren’t forcing your gum lines back, while still getting more than the recommended cleaning!

Share Y-Brush’s cleaning technology.  

Order Y-Brush mouthpieces and pods for everyone in your household. With it taking almost no time to brush, everyone can share the same handle. Our dock keeps mouthpieces separated to ensure that germs and bacteria aren’t shared.

The materials behind Y-Brush make it an easy to clean and care for. 

Y-Brush uses a food-grade silicone-like material in its mouthpiece. Clean it with running water like you would with your normal toothbrush. The handle is made with ABS, keeping the motors and battery safe from water.

 Y-Brush’s battery lasts for a full month of brushing!

Take it with you on trips and enjoy a clean mouth while traveling abroad. If you’re a globetrotter for work or play, you’ll be able to take Y-Brush with you. The battery holds plenty of charge to brush your teeth the recommended 2 times a day for up to 30 days.

No need to mess with messy cords: Y-Brush’s dock keeps it charged.  

Y-Brush’s dock keeps your counters clean with a sleek design to fit any home. Your handle will stay charged with docks for your mouthpieces to dry.

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