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Xiaomi TDS hot water dispenser

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$69.99 $75.95


Description :
XIAOLANG HD-JRSSQ01 2100W TDS Electric 3s Instant Heating Water Dispenser Water Fast Heating Machine Water Pumping Device 

- 2 In 1 Water Pumping & Heating 
It is suitable for most sizes of buckets. It does not need to be installed. It only needs to insert the water pipe into the bucket to discharge water with one button. Pure water is used to flow into the heating tube to form a circulating heating system. The cold water is immediately heated to the specified temperature, and a suitable temperature of water can be obtained in 3 seconds without waiting.

- 3 Seconds Instant Heating Technology

The product adopts the fourth generation heating system of hot water dispenser-metal oxide thick film heating technology, flow heating, uniform heating and stable, and will only produce water after heating.

- No Water Tank Design

The water dispenser with water tank is difficult to clean inside, and it is scaled and bacteria for a long time. The XIAOLANG water dispenser is designed with no savings tank, which is very healthy and safe.

- TDS Water Quality Testing 
Integrate TDS water quality testing technology to detect the quality of drinking water in real time, clearly visible water quality data

Specification :

Brand XIAOMLANG (Xiaomi)
Model HD-JRSSQ01
Material Stainless Steel + Food Grade Material
Color White
Weight 1500g
Size 273 x 187 x 280mm
Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Power 1250g
Temperature Accurate ±2℃
Heating Time 3 Seconds
Temperature Control Normal Temperature
TDS Function 0-50 Pure Water
50-100 High Purity
101-300 Water Dirt
301-600 Severe Water Dirt
601-1000 Bad Taste
Above 1000 Not Suitable For Drinking
Water Out Model 250ml

Package Includes :
1 x Water Dispenser
1 x Water Out Accessories
1 x Water Tray
1 x Anti-Dust Cove

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