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XG Virtual Reality Headset

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What is XG VR?

XG VR is a head-mounted device that uses your very own smartphone to let you immerse into the virtual world. Our premise is simple: Virtual reality is fun, and we believe that everyone should be able to experience it. You CAN be that test pilot without undergoing the years of training to actually experience being one. You CAN be that underwater explorer. You CAN be anything, anyone, anywhere. Gone are the days when you needed a bulky, expensive PC to run an application, right now it can be found at the palm of your hand – the indispensable smartphone. With its high resolution and processing power, it is now possible to experience a virtual reality immersion with the gadget you already have. All you need is a virtual reality viewer; hence, we came up with the XG VR for you. Where you can be virtually anyone, anywhere, anything you want to be.

Who is I AM Cardboard?

We’re tech geeks, engineers, designers, dreamers… and as it turns out, our adventure with VR all started after seeing the Google I/O presentation online. We love new technology, ideas and gadgets, and we wanted to have our very own Google cardboard virtual reality kit. Like most people, we printed out the templates, on a piece of ordinary A4 paper, to make our own. But we quickly found out making one with scrap cardboard boxes, cutters, and excited resolve didn't really cut it - it wasn't as easy as it looked.

We didn't want to settle for any flimsy looking structure or a second rate lens... after all, we were going to be the ones using it. Yes, we went a little overboard making our own I AM CARDBOARD design, with the original intention of being used by a handful of tech-geeks' personal use only... but in the end, we thought, why stop there, and instead share the ease and convenience with the community instead?

With the strong network of quality suppliers and logistic partners, we were able to deliver. We specialize in end-to-end supply chain management, ensuring that products and services promised and agreed will be fulfilled to our clients and customers globally.

What has been done?

After the success of our virtual reality cardboard kit, we wanted to push the envelope even further. Reading countless feedbacks and suggestions from the community has resulted in the next, most logical step in VR progression and development: the creation of the XG VR.

Durability, compatibility, affordability - all of which was taken into account into our initial design considerations. From there onwards, We have gone through several sketches and concepts, all undergoing several prototyping phases - updating the design, reducing the weight, reusability, ease of use - to come out with our launched version. A sturdier, more comfortable VR headset that is future proof - compatible with multiple phone sizes - so even if you upgrade your phone, chances are, you can still use the XG VR.

But things do not stop there: Further improvement and upgrades will still continue. Any time during the kickstarter campaign, we will continue to hear your opinions, and integrate them into future design considerations which may help for the improvements to the final product.

What are the features?

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