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Wrinkle Free Iron dryer

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79.99 $79.99

【Dryer for extending wrinkle Iron Iraisu】 It is a dryer specialized for shirt which can dry out and wrinkle with crispness with this one unit.

This one is a shirt dryer that does not leave any wrinkles and dries without drying. 
Wear it in a dry bag that fits the shape of the shirt and hang it with a hanger. By sending warm breeze to the drying bag and inflating it in a bread pans, you can dry and crisp and wrinkle elongation. 
There are two kinds of large and small drying bags for this special drying bag. If shirt size is S ~ M "small", M ~ 3L up to "Large" can be used together. There is also a continuous function and timer function up to 180 minutes, you can usually dry the shirt of laundry in about 30 minutes.

First place in Rakuten ranking

With quick drying & wrinkle removal, you can wear it immediately

The shirt after dried by laundry drying is wrinkle. But Ironing is quite a hassle. 
The shirt which I want to wear in a hurry, if it washes from now on, it will not dry and wrinkle ... the dryer dedicated to the shirt which is active at the time. With this you can crisp and dry in a short time, you can stretch and wrinkle. 
Also, because it dries at high temperature in a short time, suppresses unpleasant odor by suppressing breeding of bacteria which is the cause of odor of room drying.

Crisp and quick dry with a high temperature dryer that can be hung

Quick drying with crispness at high temperature dryer that can be hung

A dryer that issues hot air of about 70 to 80 degrees sends warm air to a dry bag perfect for shirts. Dry Y shirt M size in about 30 minutes crisp.After drying, there is also a blowing function to cool a shady shirt, switch with the switch of the dryer body. 
In addition, continuous operation and a timer function up to 180 minutes are included, and it can be automatically turned off at the set time.

Shirred and wrinkled with a shirt shaped drying bag

Shirts and wrinkles are blown out with a dedicated drying bag in the shape of a shirt

A dry bag with a neck and arm to fit closely with the shirt. Size of the shirt S, M, L ~ 2L corresponding to 2 large and small comes with. Not only for long sleeves, but also for short sleeves and ladies. 
In the drying bag, space will be expanded, so you can dry it with socks and underwear attached to your hanger with clips.

Shirt drying machine that gets both time and money

Shirt drying machine which gets both time and money

If you often have Y shirts etc on weekends and put out to the cleaning shop, you forget to take out on business on a break or for one or two, you do not have to bother to ask the cleaning shop to do it . In such a case you can feel secure when there is a [dryer ironing machine] that stretches wrinkles. 
By the way, if you compare the fee of the cleaning shop with the finished date with a Y shirt, if you dry and wrinkle immediately at home, time and money are also profitable.

Basic usage

Basic usage

(1) Attach the drying bag to the dryer. 
(2) Pass the hwidth="100%"nger from the inside of the drying bag and hang it on the appropriate place. 
(3) Remove the shirt you want to dry which wash and dehydrated. 
(4) Immediately leave it to the drying bag. 
(5) Connect the dryer to the power outlet and set the timer according to "hot air". 
(6) Since hot air blows out and the drying bag inflates, it is finished by extending the wrinkle and preparing the shirt.

Hanging belt

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Shirt drying bag separately sold

Shirt drying bag small size 
Shirt drying bag Large size




Dryer: Width 22 × depth 14 × height 32 (cm) 
Dry bag small: around collar 46 / shoulder width 50 / chest circumference 112 / waist circumference 110 / waist circumference 109 / dress length 67 / sleeve length 86 (cm) 
Dry bag large: around collar 46 / shoulder width 55 / chest circumference 120 / waist circumference 118 / waist circumference 117 / dress length 84 / sleeve length 95 (cm) 
※ The dry bag size is in a bulging condition
Dryer: 1400 g 
Small dry bag: 138 g 
Dry bag large: 145 g
Dry bag size
Large: M shirt size or larger (~ 3 L recommended) 
Small: Shirts S ~ M Size
Power supply
100 V 50 - 60 Hz
power consumption
1000 W
Power cord
Length 150 cm
Continuous 30 to 180 minutes
Safety device
Thermostat · thermal fuse
○ The items other than those stated in the contents item are not included. 
○ Damage / failure of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
○ Hot air blows near 100 degrees at the hot air outlet. Please be careful not to burn yourself. 
○ When drying in a drying bag, please do not use clothing sensitive to heat. 
○ Please be careful that water does not enter the main body. 
○ Please do not disassemble. 
○ Do not drop it or give it a strong shock. 
○ Store in high temperature / humidity / near fire, please do not use. 
○ Please do not keep it in places reaching the hands of small children. 
○ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Main body, shirt drying bag (large / small), hanging belt, connecting · blower cover, Japanese instruction manual
Size: width 265 × depth 180 × height 385 (mm) 
Weight (Including Contents): 2295 g
Support information
Manual (PDF) 
Warranty period
12 months
Release date
2017 / August 28

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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2016/12/24 Mail delivery station san is a delivery item! 
"2017 Baka selling!? Dream's near future item", it was introduced as an ironing by just drying.

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