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Wennil Breast Enhancer

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Three Cutting-edge Technologies of Wennil

Enhance your breasts with tender care

Adopting the latest breast enhancing technology, Wennil smoothes channels of the breasts rapidly with low-temperature bioelectricity, which improves the microcirculation of breasts and activity of cells. It massages and activates the breasts comprehensively, stimulates pituitary to release gonadal hormone and ovary to secrete female hormone and progestin effectively, so as to promote the development of mammary gland and acinus of lobule mammae, and extend galactophore with branches, helping you achieving fuller and firmer breasts rapidly.

Current active

The current active of Wennil stimulates breasts, improves blood circulation, and regulates autonomic nerve, etc. The heat generated by current active stimulates local muscle, nerves and blood vessels to increase blood and oxygen supply to local tissues, which stimulates the growth of fibers and fats in breasts.

Vibration massage)

Wennil vibrant electric massager vibrates 5,000 to 10,000 times a minute. Five modes are available to exercise muscles and fats in the breasts to make them more lifted and elastic!


Micro-current supplements bioelectricity to activate cells and restore elasticity for the skin, which eventually promotes the activity and transparence for cells, and supplies nutrients to muscle and skin effectively. It is conducive to repair elastic fibers and glial tissue of the skin to make breasts tighter and limbered up.

Plump and Charming Breasts in 60 Days

Visible results in 30 days and perfect presentation in 60 days! Making breasts grow crazily bit by bit to truly bring you healthy, plump and enchanting breasts in one step

Real Cases Beyond 
Your Imagination

Plumper, Firmer, More Seductive!

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    • After
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Cosmetology Team from Yonsei University, Korea

Wennil Breast Enhancer is a new generation of breasts massage and management product jointly developed by Korea Wennil Med & Beauty Co. Ltd. and Yonsei University after three years of R&D and clinical experiment. Wennil Breast Enhancer is able to enhance the breasts and promote second development of breasts effectively. Meanwhile, it solves the problems of sagging, shrunk, outward diffused and unbalanced breasts.

Repair and Improve Various Breast Problems in a Professional Manner

Wennil is the latest generation of portable breast enhancer from Korea, which features 3 outstanding technical advantages. It has been proven that Wennil is able to promote tissue repair and growth in breasts effectively. Just in 2 months, the sagging and loose breasts will become lifted and well-shaped to make women more confident.

Activate cells

Tighten acinus

Lift breasts

Five Massage Modes

Make your breasts enchanting

  • 1Comprehensive mode

    Massage gently to stimulate breasts

  • 2Beating mode

    Electric beating with fixed strength to touch cells and stimulate mammary gland

  • 3UP mode

    Pat breasts from upside down repeatedly to stimulate breasts

  • 4Shrinking mode

    Stimulate breasts from inside out in fixed rhythm

  • 52-in-1 mode

    Massage with longer period gradually to stipulate different parts of breasts comprehensively

Easy and Convenient Cordless Control

As long as you stick two small hosts of Wennil portable breast enhancer, which adopts cordless remote control, onto your breasts, you can enjoy massage freely with remote control, no matter you are working, exercising, sleeping, traveling, or shopping! It frees your life from any restriction!

  • Sleeping

  • Surfing online

  • Exercising

  • Cooking

  • Working

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