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Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil

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Quick overview


Nourishes and moisturizes to soothe sensitive skin


Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil restores skin's healthy balance and moisturizes to soothe irritated skin.

Almond Soothing Facial Oil contains organic blackthorn flower extract, high in skin-toning tannins and vitamin C, to strengthen skin and supports its healthy functions. Organic sweet almond oil and plum kernel oil nourish and moisturize with calming ingredients that help restore skin's natural protective functions.

Use nightly or when needed to moisturize and soothe sensitive or reactive skin, leaving it soft, supple and calm as can be.

Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Fruit Extract

Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Fruit Extract

Pressed from the nut kernels of the Sweet Almond tree, this fine, nearly colorless and odorless oil, is especially mild and gentle. It is extremely well-tolerated by the skin and is easily absorbed. Due to its high content of essential fatty acids, it protects the skin from drying and improves the skin’s barrier function, keeping it smooth and supple.

Hydrolyzed Beeswax

Hydrolyzed Beeswax

A natural form of Beeswax derived through the hydrolysis—the process of turning something into water—of beeswax. It possesses the same skin caring abilities as Beeswax and help gives a formula consistency.

Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) Flower Extract

Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) Flower Extract

Commonly referred to as Blackthorn, this deciduous shrub features thorny branches and white flowers that bloom in early spring. Blackthorn is a member of the Rosaceae or Rose family. This plant grows in light thickets and sunny slopes throughout Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. The Blackthorn extract comes from the sprout heads of this plant, which are rich in Vitamin C. The juice, which contains a high quantity of tannins, acids and vitamin C, is collected from the blue Blackthorn fruits. Blackthorn is used externally to stimulate the skin’s self-strengthening and metabolic functions. In Prunus Spinosa 2X: according to A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Clarke, MD, 3rd ed. 1987, vol. 3, p. 890), Blackthorn is given in Homeopathy "for lassitude in morning, as after unrefreshing sleep."

Ingredients (INCI)Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Prunus Domestica (Plum) Seed Oil, Prunus Spinosa (Blackthorn) Flower Extract 

How to use

Use as an intensive treatment in combination with the Almond Soothing Facial Lotion or Almond Soothing Facial Cream or as a soothing, moisturizing treatment on its own. Pour a few drops of Almond Soothing Facial Oil into the palm of your hand and apply to clean, slightly moist skin. For a restorative intensive treatment for dry skin, massage a small amount into the skin with the fingertips in the evening. To remove eye makeup, apply a few drops to a damp cotton pad and gently wipe over the eye area.


Customer Testimonial:

Every year around september I go to Montana to visit my family. That time of year it is starting to dry out & get cold, down to 20 degrees at night. And every year I prepare myself for the inevitable dry flaky irritated skin that Montana weather always gives me. I live in Southern California, so I'm used to hot weather. On my last trip to Kalispell Montana, it was especially cold. About a month before leaving I finally decided to try Weleda facial care produts, since I have sensitive skin I chose the Almond skin care line. I use the Almond soothing facial lotion & a drop of the almond oil every day & night. I knew I loved it the first time I tried it. Well, I can honestly say that this was the first time EVER that I did not have dry, flaky, irritatated skin while in Northern Montana!! What amazes me even more is that this product can go from our hot weather in Southern California without over moisturizing to dry cold weather in Northern Montana literally over night & still maintain perfect balance and effectiveness. I only had to increase to 2 drops of almond oil with my daily routine & my skin stayed beautiful!! The funny thing is that my expensive eye cream, which is not Weleda, was not so effective. After 2 days I ended up using my Almond lotion around my eyes instead, and that worked great!! I can honestly say I will be switchhing over to a Weleda eyecream ASAP! Thanks Weleda!! 

WELEDA FACIAL CARE – Customer Feedback 




Having suffered with sensitive allergy prone skin for some time, i wanted to express my gratitude for your wonderful almond skin care range. It has given me the confidence to face the world. Before discovering your product i suffered with dry, sore skin often accompanied by a red, itchy, spotty rash. So thank you Weleda for delivering such a reasonably priced product which delivers the results it promises.

L Russell

It has to be the almond range for me. I have sensitive skin and any time it flares up I just revert to the Almond cleanser, oil and moisturiser and it calms & soothes almost instantly, love it.

Sinead Meehan

Just thought I would update you on my sensitive skin ;o) (I know you're sooo interested lol) anyway... After trying and not reacting to your almond skin cream I bought the facial oil from the same range - I have been mixing the oil with the moisturiser and putting it on before bed every couple of days - now usually if... I was going to have a reaction (red dry areas, sometimes lumps too) I would have had it by now and thrown it away, but it's amazing, my skin seems to just drink it in and my face has never looked better! Gone are the tiny red areas that I always have on my cheeks, gone is the prickly feeling whenever I apply moisturiser too - I wholeheartedly recommend your almond range to anyone with sensitive skin, as it beats everything I have tried, and I have spent hundreds!! x

C. J. Udall

During the past six months I’ve had bad . . . . . on my face. The tight, dry, burning, itching sensation whenever I so much as touched it is bad enough, but I’m an actress, and it was beginning to affect my career.

My doctor prescribed yet more steroid creams, which I don’t like using (especially on my face), as they can damage the skin. I was using a well-known brand of organic skin care on my face, and thought it should be fine.

However, in a fit of desperation, I visited Fresh and Wild. The helpful staff recommended Weleda’s Almond range. I was a little dubious, having tried almost every other product on the market. Luckily for me my scepticism proved entirely wrong! . . . . . . Right from first use I noticed a remarkable difference – my skin felt calm and soothed.

I’ve experienced this before with other products: the first use is incredible, then irritation begins again after a few days. To my delight the calmness continued. My skin . . . . , improves daily, and the red, itchiness is a thing of the past. I’d never imagined that something so simple could make such a difference. My only regret is not trying it sooner.

C. Eiles, London

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your Almond range of products. During the last few months I have been having some health problems and my skin has become very sensitive and I have had to cease using my usual skin care products. I ordered two of your products from the Almond range and I can't believe the difference. My skin feels soft and smooth again and has given me back my confidence. Thank you Weleda”.

Mrs Hendrick, Derbyshire

Almond Soothing Facial Cream

I have only been using your products for about a fortnight and I just felt that I had to tell you what a terrific difference it has made to my skin. I have not changed my lifestyle or diet since using your products so the improvement is entirely down to you.

I have been using twice a day your almond intensive facial cream and my skin has a healthy glow, seems to be toning and strenghtening up and any blemishes are finally clearing up.

I have a sensitive skin which can be quite transparent and very dry, almost everything irritates it after a few months of use and nothing until now has stopped the skin from regularly flaking off my nose in whatever weather conditions. Extremes of temparature have the same effect. I now feel that I have a face to face the day with. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful products and I shall be recommending your products whenever I can.

J. Gottschalk, Welshpool

Almond Soothing Facial Oil

. . .my skin loves the Almond Facial Oil. I have fewer spots breaking out finally (aged 37!). Previously I’d buy natural products (not very!) for oily skin, which made matters worse. Surprisingly, adding almond oil has rebalanced it to a happy, healthy glow.

N. Sharpe, Plymouth

I absolutely love Weleda Almond Facial Oil, it is my dry skin saviour this time of year! I only need to use a few drops (under my Weleda Skin Food moisturiser!!) and it leaves my face feeling so soft. I also have very sensitive skin so I am a massive fan of Weleda products as they are fragrance free and high in natural antioxidants. Almond Oil is incredibly soothing when your face becomes red and irritated from the cold.



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