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Watamate Prime+ Automatic Wireless Water Dispenser

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Quick overview



Rechargeable Wireless Water Dispenser – Stylish Metallic coated spout – Rotates upto 270 degrees

  • POWER CHOICE – Built-in Rechargeable lithium ion battery helps to use in case of power failures. Charge the battery for 2 hours before first use & it will last for 2 days on standard home use
  • CONVENIENCE – No heavy lifting of water cans & hence ideal for women / senior citizens / kids.
  • EXCELLENCE – Top-of-the-line Contemporary Design Automatic Water dispenser. 270 degree rotation eases usage for all water dispensing purposes
  • HYGIENE – Hassle free adaptable fitting on all standard bubbletop cans. Food grade silicon tube adhering to International Quality Standards
  • APPLICATION – Ideally suited for mobile applications like short trips, picnics, project sites etc.,

Additional information

Are all pumps are with rechargeable batteries?

No. Models that are rechargeable has got a ‘+’ symbol in its name (ex., Flexo+, Prime+, Turbo+)

Battery last for how many hours?

In a typical home use a fully charged pump can last upto 8 Standard 20L Water cans.

What mAH battery used in Flexo+, Prime+ and Turbo+ models?

1500mAH Rechargeable lithium ion battery is used in the Plus models. This is equivalent to most of the Smartphone batteries.

Can we replace battery after some time like in a mobile phone?

No. Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery is integrated to the circuit system & in-built into the water dispenser. Hence, it cannot be replaced.

What type of plastic is used in the making of this water dispenser?

Watamate dispenser’s entire body is made with food grade plastic. Silicon tube which drops into the water can is also being made with food grade high quality Silicon material.

What is the recommended time gap to clean its components and how?

Only the silicon tube may require cleansing periodically. Please remove the silicon tube from its fixture on the dispenser. Insert the silicon tube into warm water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Now the tube is again ready for safe & easy water dispensing.

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