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USB powered sewing anywhere

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Quick overview

19.99 $19.99
You can also sew clothes fray and clippings immediately. Compact type electric sewing machine operated by USB

When frayed hem and sleeves were broken. When you want to sew a rag. Handy type sewing machines that work with USB or dry batteries are recommended.

Just pinch the switch where you want to sew. You can use it like a staple.

Because it can be used by connecting to a personal computer with USB, it is convenient when it is called in the office. Easy to use 【Electric powered little sewing machine that can be used anywhere】. It has a warranty period of 6 months.

You can use it immediately when you want to sew!

A full-fledged sewing machine can sew it neatly and quickly, but it is troublesome to take a place and prepare by taking out the trouble.

This sewing machine is convenient when it says that hand stitches are weak and take time. 
Because it is a handy type, it is easy to carry. It is a sewing machine that you can use easily in places you want to use when you want to use it.

Fragment of hem and cloth. You can sew even with denim fabric!

Threads come with white thread in advance, and bobbins for thread change are included in total 3 pieces. In addition, commercially available sewing threads can be set.

Fragment of the hem, sewing cloths with your favorite thread like sewing cloth! 
Because you can sew even with denim fabrics, you can also sew the hem of the jeans.

* When the denim is folded and thick and hardened, the needle may not advance. Please use thickness within 4 mm as a guide.

Power supply is USB or dry battery. You can use it anywhere.

This sewing machine can be connected to a personal computer with a USB cable and use it.

If USB power can not be supplied, you can use it with 4 AA batteries (sold separately).

It can be used easily in various places, such as connecting to a personal computer at the office, using at a travel destination at a dry battery, etc.

How to use the sewing machine

Size details

Size details


Width 27 × depth 210 × height 62 (mm)
232 g
Main body, 3 bobbins (1 set on the main body), preliminary sewing needle, threading, spindle, USB cable (105 cm), simple Japanese instructions
Power supply
Power supplied from the USB port or 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
please note
※ Sewing needle is pointed sharply, it is very dangerous to touch. Please pay attention to prevent small children from touching, please do the work. 
Items other than those stated in the contents ※ are not included. 
* Damage / failure of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
※ Please do not disassemble. 
※ Please do not drop or give a strong shock. 
※ Please store at high temperature / humidity / near the fire, please do not use. 
※ If you notice any abnormalities such as abnormal odor / body abnormality, stop using it immediately and contact our customer support. 
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Package size
Width 226 × depth 50 × height 150 (mm)
Weight (including package)
309 g
Warranty period
6 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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