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UNIQ - Wash air filter

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It is said that 40% of the Japanese suffer from pollen.
Still, you want to be as comfortable as possible in the room.

"Washing air" is a disposable air purifying filter that instantly turns a common fan in any house into an air purifier.
Why don't you take measures against pollen and house dust by effectively using off-season fans that do not take up space or fans that you are not using?

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The fan turns into an air purifier
HEPA filter used Disposable air cleaning filter Cleaning air

Pollen, house dust, pet hair, PM2.5
Clean the "interesting" space in the room

Wash the air in the room you care about year-round, such as pollen, house doub, PM2.5.
Since it is attached to the fan, it is easy to maintain, and it is a disposable type that does not take much effort.

HEPA standard
HEPA standard

The fan-type air purifier has a mechanism in which the air that is forcibly sucked is filtered by a filter and the clean air is discharged. A filter with a high removal rate for substances of 0.3 μm or more is called a HEPA filter.

Use high quality filters

The wash air filter has the same removal rate as the Japanese JIS HEPA filter.
99.97% of 0.3μm ultrafine particles are removed.

Before using the fan.

Check the size

Can be used for fans with a blade size of 300 mm or more and a shaft diameter of 8 mm. Also, make sure that the wash air width of 52 mm can be accommodated even when the lid is closed.

Check the size

Please check the following points according to the size of the blade to see if it can be installed in your fan.

・Motor shaft length is 47 mm to 57 mm

・Is there a stop pin for the blade?

・The diameter of the blade stopper pin is 3 mm

・Distance from blade stopper pin to rear guard lock nut 12 to 15 mm

・Motor shaft diameter 8mm

Mounting method s

STEP1: Remove the fan of the fan with the outlet unplugged.

STEP2: Install "wash air". Don't forget to fix it with a fan spinner.

STEP3: Complete by installing the fan guard (lid)!

Precautions for installation


If you overtighten the spinner when installing it, the washing air will be pushed into the back and the pin around the blade will penetrate, resulting in damage. Be careful of the direction in which the spinner is turned when installing the wash air.

*The direction of turning depends on the fan.

Blade position
If you set the blade stop pin in the groove of the red line (the shallowest) in the image, you can prevent penetration even if you tighten it too much by mistake.

The fan-type air purifier has a mechanism that filters the air that is forcibly sucked in and discharges the clean air.

Among them, the filter with a high removal rate for substances of 0.3 μm or more is called the HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter used for washing air removes substances of 0.3 μm or more (pollen, house doubt, PM2.5, etc.) by 99.97% or more!
This number can be said to be the removal rate equivalent to that of the Japanese JIS HEPA filter.

Unique structure that efficiently draws in air from the front and rear and discharges it from the side by utilizing the centrifugal force of the rotating fan! (Patent pending in Korea)

A long filter with a total length of about 10 m forms 160 folds on the round body.
The dirty air in the room is filtered by many pleats to remove even ultrafine materials.

The suction power is obvious!
Inhale vigorously from the front and back.

When we conducted an experiment to find out how much ultra-fine dust in 10.2 m2 could be removed in 1 minute, we were able to remove 1.3 m3 (1,500 ml PET bottles).

*The above values ​​are based on the test environment and may vary depending on the usage environment. We do not guarantee the same effect.

Various substances are adsorbed on the filter that cleans the air.
Washing air is a disposable air purifier, so it is hygienic and requires no hassle!

The timing of replacement is when the filter becomes black.
It can be used for 4 to 6 months by using it for about 8 hours a day.
*The usable period depends on the usage environment.

Washing air is most effective in rooms up to 10.2㎡ (about 6 tatami mats)!
We can accommodate up to 26.5㎡ room (about 16 tatami mats). *When 1 tatami mat = 1.62 m2.

It doesn't take much space because you only need to install it on the fan.
An air purifying filter that is perfect for those who live alone or with their families.
Please use it in various places such as living room, children's room and kitchen.

The recommended installation location is the center of the room, the entrance, doors, windows, etc. where people and air come and go frequently!
It is possible to efficiently remove the pollen that has entered and the suspended solids that have risen due to the movement of people.

It is also recommended for people living with families such as dogs and cats. I wonder if some people are in trouble when they are in the same space as animals?
Washing air can remove animal hair and dandruff .

Q. What are the conditions for the fan that can be installed?
A. It can be used with fans with a blade size of 30 cm or more and a shaft diameter of 8 mm.
The width of the washing air is 52 mm, so please check if the width is reduced.

Q. Do you close the lid of the fan?
A. Yes. Please use it.

Q. Can I wash it?
A. It cannot be washed.
If it becomes dirty, replace it with a new one.

Q. How long is the replacement time?
Depending on the usage environment, it can be replaced within 4 to 6 months by using it for 8 hours a day.

Q. Is a fan included?
A. It doesn't follow. Please use the fan at home.

Q. How large is the room that can be used?
A. It can be used in rooms up to 26.5㎡ (about 16 tatami mats).
It is most effective for rooms within 10.2㎡ (about 6 tatami mats).
*When 1 tatami mat = 1.62 m2.

Q. Is there any difference depending on the rotation speed of the fan?
A. Yes. Most effective when used with high strength.

Q. Can animal hair be absorbed?
A. Yes. Can be adsorbed.

Q. Can it be used for industrial fans?
A. It cannot be used.

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