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UltiBrush - all in one toothbrush

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About this project

Introducing the UltiBrush.

Whether you're at the office, flying across country or backpacking across town, the on-the-go UltiBrush comes complete with toothpaste, floss, mirror and a protective cap so you have all you need in one convenient brush. 

Hey Everyone, I'm Tyler.  My Dad worked for years to create this brush and my sister Taylor and I have jumped on board to help get this brush on the market. 

We've redesigned the look of the brush and updated the brand. In order to get this prototype into the 1st run of production, we only need to raise $12,000. That's all. And I know we can do it with your help!

By helping to support this project, you'll not only be one of the first to get this on-the-go toothbrush, you'll be helping us make our Dad's dream a reality by getting this brush out there.

Check out the brush's features below and some really fun videos for sharing with friends.

Our Prototype:


Your dentist loves us.

Now, all you have to do is pop the lid and floss is at your fingertips. It’s so easy, those who don’t floss - probably will.

No more squeezing messy tubes.

Complete with toothpaste, you can push the button as many times as your heart desires.

How are those teeth doing?

Whether you are out camping, stuck on a plane, or you just left the restaurant.  We think being able to snag a quick look at what is, or isn't, in your teeth can be a nice option.

Cap doubles as rinse-cup.

A cap for your brush is the only way to ensure it stays clean.  The UltiBrush cap is designed with two slits in the cap to help the brush dry through ventilation.  Turn the cap upside down and cover the slits with your fingers and it’s an instant rinse cup.  Viola!

Bristles. Curved for comfort.

Believe it or not, a lot of research and engineering goes into making bristles feel comfortable on those gums of yours.  UltiBrush curves it’s bristles just the right amount to ensure each brushing is a comfortable one.

Everyone likes Colors.

Eventually we would like to offer the brush in a variety of fun colors.  Currently, those who support the project will get a brush with a white label and gray logo.  For $1, you can place your vote on which color we should offer next.  Red, black, white/blue, or pink?

Good for about 40 uses.

Every toothbrush needs to be replaced eventually.  We've packed enough toothpaste & floss into the handle to make this brush last for about 40 brushes.  In travel years, that means the UltiBrush will last quite a while - depending on how often you travel.

Who's it made for?

Travelers- especially when carrying-on. No more buying travel size tubes.  We’ve got you covered.

For those On-The-Go - these are people who spend all day on campus or at work and then might wanna meet up with some friends afterwards.  By carrying a brush with you, you’ll be able to have that refreshing feel of having brushed your teeth whenever you need and you can spare your friends of your end-of-day breath.

Backpackers, hikers & campers - Wanna keep your pack tight?  The Ulitbrush is the perfect way.  

Minimalists - You believe less is more.  In fact, you might even know who made that quote famous.  You have a sweet modern bathroom counter and see the UltiBrush as a way to keep it minimal.

Gifts  - Give UltiBrush to friends and family who travel a lot or are on-the-go.  Your obsessively clean Aunt Edna would enjoy a brush, too.  She might even call it "neat-o".

3 Fun Videos for Sharing UltiBrush With Friends:

1 - For your traveling friend:

2.  For your selfish friend:

3. For your cute female friend:


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