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Ucool Neck Cooler Body & Neck Cooling Band

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7.99 $7.99

Quick overview

7.99 $7.99

  • Brand: UCOOL
  • Model: U118
  • Material: Cotton
  • size: one size
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Province: Guangdong Province
  • City: Guangzhou
  • Color classification: lake blue
  • Product: Neck protection

As your body overheats it generates perspiration that evaporates with air movement, naturally cooling your body temperature. uCool™ vastly multiplies that natural, evaporative cooling process so you don’t have to perspire.
As your body heats up, a special heat wicking fabric inside 31 super conductive fins draws heat away from the body, replacing it with refreshing coolness. Lowering your body temperature so you stay cooler.

uCool Personal Cooling System

Personal cooling devices have recently surged in popularity, taking advantage of developments in high tech nanomaterials that rapidly reduce body heat levels. Traditional cooling methods such as mechanical coolers are only useful in large scale engineering, and other solutions like ice packs have a short effective period and require lengthy preparation and storage.

1527224246232.jpg (393×220)
  • Wet it, slip it on, and feel cool!
  • Expels heat from the body
  • Inside, outside, at home, or on the job
  • No fans, batteries or refrigeration
  • Perfect fit for everyone!


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