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Transformable Closet Hanger

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Quick overview

12.99 $12.99

8 clothes clothes deformed clothes hangers "direct closet hanger"

Laundry after drying is troublesome, is not it? 
I have to remove it from the hanger every time and after I remove it from the hanger, I must fold. 
It will take time if you do it one by one .... 

Items that alleviate the burden of washing such as "8 clothes hangers deformed clothes" "Closet direct hanger"]! 

This product is a hanger that can fold a hanger together with the laundry after the sun drying and can put it in the closet immediately. 
Fold the hanger together, hang it in the closet and the washing is over! 

It is a short and short item that reduces the burden of laundry which took time to complete!

Do not wash clothes after drying

Do not wash clothes after drying 1

Laundry is a painful thing .... 
Especially, is not it very troublesome work after the sun drying? 

Remove each piece of laundry after drying from the hanger, 
When I finally thought it ended, the next time I have to fold it .... 

It takes a lot of time and trouble ...

Do not wash clothes after drying 2

Items that eliminate such troubles are deformed clothes hanging 8 hangers "closet direct hanger". 
Remove it from the clothespin, fold the hanger with the laundry, and hang it on the closet.

Do not wash clothes after drying 3

It is unnecessary to release work after washing! 
As the time of washing is shortened, you can use that time for yourself and you will be able to live a very meaningful life!

8 pieces can be hung, remove the laundry with one button

8 pieces can be hung, remove one piece of laundry with one button 1

"Closet direct hanger" can hang up to 8 pieces of laundry. 
The tip of the shoulder part of the hanger has a wide structure, so that the laundry does not fall easily. 
Thanks to that, you can easily fold the hanger with the laundry on.

8 pieces can be hung, remove one piece of laundry with one button 2

You can remove laundry from the hanger with one button.

8 pieces washable, removes laundry with one button 3

When pushing the root button of the hanger, the part of the base of the shoulder is bent and it is easy to remove the laundry. 
Also, when pushing up the folded shoulder part, it is locked and the part of the shoulder is fixed. 

It is easy to remove laundry, it is easy to put on. Furthermore, neck origin of sweaters and T - shirts has become a mechanism which is difficult to stretch.

Space saving from hanger usually

Space saving from hanger usuallywidth="100%"

Rather than hanging laundry on a regular hanger and putting the laundry in the closet, you can reduce the space by hanging the same amount in the "closet direct hanger" and putting it in the closet. It is safe even at home where we can not afford much closet.

Size details


When folded: Width 55 × height 630 × depth 150 (mm) 
In use: Width 520 × height 350 × depth 52 (mm)
500 g
Body, Japanese manual
Number of hangers
Corresponding pole diameter
About 26 mm or so
※ Other than those stated in the content item are not included. 
* Please do not drop or give strong impact. 
※ Please do not disassemble. 
※ Please do not repair / remodel. 
* Damage of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Package size
Width 170 × height 635 × depth 56 (mm)
Packaging weight
520 g
Warranty period
6 months
Release date
2019/2 / 5

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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