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Torch T2 Bike Helmet

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$139.99 $149.00

Estimated delivery: July 2015 


Following the heritage of the T1, the T2 is the latest in cycling tech for urban commuters. It not only includes 10 integrated LED lights, but two rechargeable batteries offering up to 36 hours of continued use in a weather resistant design for safe riding in any type of weather, day or night! 


The T2 helmet is fully CPSC and CE certified. We will also be using the funds of this campaign to test for the AS/NZS standards so that it will become available to the Australian market in 2015.
The T2 lighting system is protected by shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses. The lenses not only protect the LED lights from damage, but act as a diffuser making the rider just as visible from the side as the front or rear. The lenses also happen to be an integral part of the impact structure of the helmet's front and rear.


Using the included USB cable, the front and rear battery can be charged simultaneously. A red indicator light will indicate the batteries are charging and will turn off once they have been fully charged in about 1.5 hours.

A new feature for the T2 is a battery level indicator that will indicate when the battery has dipped below 50%. 

More Choices 


Keeping the original four colors of the T1, we have added four new colors so you can find the right one to fit your look.
With a newly molded shell and improved dial-adjuster fit system we are able to offer the helmet as a single size that fits 54-61cm. The T2 will come with two sets of interior pads of different thicknesses for added adjustability.

Improved Quality 

With upgraded tooling and machinery, we are able to offer a more precisely cut shell that improves the overall look of the helmet along with a new and lighter dial-adjust fit system for a more comfortable fit. 








  • In-mold construction
  • 10 integrated LED lights
  • Rechargeable batteries (1.5 hrs with included USB cable)
  • 4 different light functions including two flash options
  • Up to 6 hours battery life on steady or 36 hours on flash 
  • Shatter proof polycarbonate lenses
  • 13 oz. weight / 370 g
  • 8 air vents, interior air channeling 
  • Upgraded and lighter dial-adjust fit system
  • 2 sets of removable interior mesh pads included


Torch has received amazing reviews from the industry over the T1 and we expect that the T2 will exceed all expectations! Here are some examples to what people are saying about Torch recently.







- What makes the T2 different from the T1? 

- The T2 has been completely                 re-engineered and retooled to create a more precisely trimmed outer shell, a more flexible dial-adjuster and a much more durable lighting system with battery life that far surpasses many lights. We've also added a battery level indicator so you'll know how much battery life remains each time you turn the lights off.
- Is the helmet crash certified? 

- Yes. The T1 and T2 are CPSC and CE certified and will become AS/NZS certified once funding has completed. This makes the helmet safe for use in North America and South America, Europe, and soon to be ready for Australia and New Zealand. 
- Are the lights bright enough to light my path? 

- No. The lights of the T1 and T2 are meant to make the rider visible to motor traffic, not to light the road way. The lights are visible from all angles and large enough to draw attention to the rider in order to prevent collisions with motorists. The lights are however, bright enough to light reflective signs, a map or be useful when changing a flat tire in the dark.
- Can the front and rear lights work on different modes at the same time? 
- Yes.The front and rear lights work on separate buttons and batteries allowing the user to operate each light independently of the other. This means you can run the front lights on steady and the back lights on flash if that's your choice.

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