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The Level

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What is the Level?


The Level is a work platform that elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. Developed primarily as a tool for your immediate workspace, it can be used in common areas of both the home and office, or as a complement to a stand-up desk. The patent-pending design allows you to change the overall aesthetics via interchangeable top decks, floating bumpers, and base plates.



A shift where you need it most. 

The Level is the first product from our company, FLUIDSTANCE. As firm believers in the benefit of movement, our company is founded upon a strong passion to get people moving in the most uniform environment of our lives: the workplace. The American Journal of Epidemiology reports that 86% of the American force sits for over 7.7 hours a day, and 80% of us truly hate sitting. Our screen-driven lives are leading to increases in cancer, heart disease, and depression. 

Everyone deserves a better working position (beyond merely sitting or standing) that helps them approach their daily routine with renewed interest and energy levels. FLUIDSTANCE aims to manufacture products and develop content that helps people around the globe keep their bodies and minds active and healthy.

The Pacific" Level, 



"The American-Made" Level, 


"The Original" Handmade Level, 


Who We Are & How We Got Here


The Founder and CEO of FLUIDSTANCE is Joel Heath, an individual dedicated to helping people work hard and play hard throughout the breadth of his career. Joel was formerly the Brand President of Teva footwear and founded one of the most successful outdoor-adventure events in the country, the [GoPro] Mountain Games. Joel's passion for movement extends to volunteer work as well, as Co-Founder of First Descents, a free adventure experience for young adults with cancer. 





Risks & Challenges


We've done 90% of the heavy lifting to get the Level into production. As with any new venture, there may be some bumps along the way. Some of our initial risks include manufacturing delays (the tooling process itself) and the size of initial orders. As we're sourcing our materials as close to home as possible, we run the risk of difficulties in the future sourcing of U.S. manufacturers willing to work in smaller quantities.

Lucky for us, we're pretty gritty folks, and no strangers to the ups and downs of launching new products. If we hit any of those bumps along the way, you'll be the first to know. We'll inform you with a current status, why it's happening and how we're going to fix it. If at any point you have questions about our risks or challenges, give us a shout - we're happy to talk it through with you.







The Level was tested at two different phases of the development process by the Heeluxe Lab in California under the direction of Dr. Geoffrey Gray. 

How does the Level work?

Validated by third party testing, our motion decks elicit subtle, constant movement under your feet.  This is accomplished through our U.S. Patent-Pending technology that allows for optimal amounts of 3D motion in the sagittal, transverse, and coronal planes. The amount of lower leg motion provided by LEVEL is similar to what you would experience while walking.  On the Level, we see an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees (ROM).   While standing at a desk doesn't allow for this range of motion, the Level does. 


Will a Level distract me from my work?

No. Our lab testing shows there is no statistical difference in typing errors between someone using the FluidStance, and someone sitting in a chair. 
Does a Level raise my heart rate? 
On average, we saw a 12.2 beats per minute increase while on our product versus the same population sitting at a desk. 
Does the Level work on a variety of floor surfaces?


The Level works on most floors including carpet, wood, tile and concrete floors.  We recommend a protective mat or surface be placed in-between the Level and floor to protect the floor from the constant motion of the Level (similar to what you'd see from a rolling chair in a similar work area).  FLUIDSTANCE customized mats will be available in late March. In the interim, you can use chair mats or welcome mats as a temporary solution.

Do I need to have a standing desk to use a Level?
No. While the FluidStance is a nice complement to a standing desk, you can also use it to replace sitting time when you're in meetings, on phone calls, or at home when you or your kids are typically on the couch. The Level is a great alternative for those who typically sit at their post all day (customer service operators, security officers, etc.).



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