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The Cubes - Geometric Structure Pillow

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79 $79.00

According to our joint research with the Nightform Lab, four crucial elements were identified and incorporated into the design of The Cubes to meet the needs for a good night’s sleep.


Did you know that you can roll over more than 20 times during sleep each night? Before, there was no pillow that could satisfy so many different sleeping positions, until The Cubes: A pillow that can adjust its structure to conform to your positions and support your weight no matter how you roll at night.


The patented hinged structure on both sides of the surface elevates the level of support from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Each cube functions as a spring structure that can individually support weight when pressure is applied and subsequently bounce back to its original shape when depressed.


No matter which position you prefer the most, The Cubes will adjust itself to fit you and will relieve you of your muscular tension and stiffness. Fall asleep easier with the The Cubes and wake up feeling more refreshed than before!


Snoring often occurs when sleeping flat, with the neck inadequately supported, creating the airway to narrow or close completely.

The Cubes is designed to provide support with its hinged structure, to respond to your breathing movements when sleeping flat thus keeping your airway open and your breathing smooth and quiet.


With the unique design of different thickness and cutting depth to the two sides of the foam, The Cubes offers both a firm and a soft double-sided pillow for all needs.
A stomach sleeper or one who enjoys a fairly flat pillow, the Soft side is for you.
If you prefer a fluffy or thicker pillow, then the Firm side is for you.



Memory foam was invented to protect the astronauts from the extreme pressure experiences during launch and landing. The Cubes utilizes memory foam to automatically conform to your sleeping position and gently support your head.
A zero gravity sleeping experience, total relaxation for your sleep.



There are five stages in sleep and stage 3 and 4 are considered deep sleep stages. Deep sleep provides the most restorative sleep of sleep stages. During this stage, human growth hormones are released to restore body muscles and nerves, and at the same time the immune system repairs itself. 

Based on our experiments, The Cubes can effectively extend the duration of your deep sleep stage.





We’ve been through,
over 900 Indentation tests,
over 1300 support surface tests,
over 160 geometric structure design tests,
over 50 elasticity and sensory tests,
and over 900 thermoregulation tests.




People with:...

  • Countless sleeping positions
  • Snoring issue
  • Insomnia problem
  • The desire of a sweet dream


Package :The Cubes x1 and Modal fiber sleeve x1
Weight : 500 grams
Pillow : 100% Polyurethane
Pillowcase : 95% modal jersey fabric and 5% spandex

Care Instructions: 
The pillow - do not wash
The pillowcase - machine wash and dry

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