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The Crown Choice Dish Scrubber for Dish washing

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19.99 $19.99

Sick of smelly dish sponges, rags, kitchen washcloths, scrubbers and dish sponges?

Prefer to stop wasting money on kitchen sponges that stink every couple of weeks? This is an all purpose kitchen scrubbers for dishes that will replace your dishcloths or sponges. It makes dish washing easy and surprisingly fun without the mildew odors or bacteria build up common in kitchen dish sponges.

100% non-scratch scrubbies for dishes that are great stocking stuffers for men and stocking stuffers for women. Our dish scrubbies are safe for stainless, Tupperware, cast iron, non-stick coated, glass, china, porcelain, plastic. It's not just a dish scrubber or an ordinary dish sponge.

Use in the shower, fish tank, bird cage, counters, walls, tiles, bath tubs and any other application. Can other scrubbies for dishes like smelly sponges do that? No way! Made with double layers of polyester yarn to scrub away stains. Each dish sponge scrubber pad is built for durability. The soft bristles from our Dish Scrubbie specialty yarn gets rid of difficult stains and gets into hard to reach places.

To clean, just rinse under running water or pop it in the dishwasher or washing machine to sanitize. The unique design and pattern allows the Dish Scrubbie to dry quickly to prevent foul odors. No more smelly sponges or mildew odors in your kitchen, plates or counter top again.

Unique gift and great stocking stuffers for women. With these you can throw away your smelly sponges today.

non scratch dish scrubbie scourer sponge

Sick of dish washing?

Want to make it less of a chore?

Our Dish Scrubbies are functional, versatile, super durable and of course, cute. A single Dish Scrubbie will outlast any sponge and is 100% non-scratch. Comes in a variety of fruit shapes to brighten up your kitchen.

no smell no odor dish cloth scrubber scourer sponge

We've put our scrubbers against competitors to test the odor levels after 10 days of being soaked in food mixture.


However, Dish Scubbie achieved fantastic results with a grade of A+.

The secret is that Dish Scrubbie does not absorb moisture. The polyester fibers drain and dry out quickly. Food washes out and this is why you are able to use each Dish Scrubbie for months with normal dish washing compared to the average sponge.

Dish Scrubbies are NOT meant for wiping. It is a scrubber and does not hold onto moisture.

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