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The Backpod - Lie back and treat yourself

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backpod side

The Backpod for upper back and neck pain - premium home treatment for the iHunch and other conditions.


The Backpod and its home program were developed in New Zealand specifically to counter the huge upsurge of pain and headache in people hunching over computers and smartphones. So the Backpod is ideal for all problems which involve hunching.

It also specifically stretches tight rib cage joints, so helps with breathlessness and other conditions involving these.

Everyone knows someone who's getting hunched and sore.


Image explaining the iHunch


Recent indications are that the iHunch is now the biggest upper spinal problem in the computer-savvy world.  Statistically, one in every six people reading this will have acute pain in their upper back or neck, or headaches coming from the neck - right now.  And everyone knows someone who’s hunched and sore - it’s a tsunami.  Wikipedia has a good article on the iHunch.

This isn’t unusual or mysterious - why lots of bending causes problems is well understood.  What has exploded the numbers are laptops, tablets and smartphones.  These are not like desk top computers - they cannot be set up ergonomically correctly, because you can’t separate their screens from their keyboards.  You have to hunch to use them.

So ergonomics, standing desks, etc. don’t help much with this particular common problem.  What you can do is treat and look after your spine so it’ll handle lots of hunching - over phones or computers or anything else.  That’s what the Backpod and its home program of stretching, strengthening, massage and posture are for.

Most other treatment approaches don’t cover all the bases.  Gyms strengthen muscles; yoga stretches them, massage massages them; chiropractors and osteopaths click the joints free temporarily; medications and acupuncture try to suppress the pain but don’t treat the problems causing it.  They’re not wrong, but they all cover just one part of the problem, so you usually get results that are limited and don’t last.

You need to deal to each part of the problem - it’s the collection that works.  The simple home program is in the user guide which comes with the Backpod, and there's also a PDF of that near the bottom of this page.  It's also presented as videos on this page (see just below).  The reasons why the Backpod itself is also needed are explained on the BACKPOD page.

The Backpod exactly suits other hunching problems as well - it’s specifically designed for all groups and medical conditions with problems from bending forward.  So it’s for all computer users (and especially for laptop, tablet and smartphone users), dentists, chefs, surgeons, bank tellers, gamers, hairdressers, builders, nursing mothers, drivers, doctors, anyone with ankylosing spondylitis, Scheuermann’s Disease (Scheuermann’s osteochondritis), nurses, cyclists, seamstresses, jewellers, slouching adolescents - and anyone else who’s getting sore and hunched.  Health professionals, especially surgeons and dentists, get a double hit of hunching - bending over patients at work and then over the usual laptops and smartphones away from it.  Here's how they can care for themselves, not just others.

Effective weight of the head on the spine at different neck angles

Why just using a smartphone, tablet or laptop is such a problem for the neck.

It’s not the weight of the smartphone - it’s how you have to hold your neck that causes the problems.

On average, people check their smartphones every 12 minutes.  Bending forward requires the muscles down the back of the neck (especially the upper trapezius) to work several times harder than when the head is upright.  It’s like holding a heavy pack or suitcase on your head.  In 2013, the average U.K. 18-24 year-old spent 8.83 hours a day hunched over laptops, tablets and smartphones like this.  Unsurprisingly, the muscles will often strain.

The body's repair of torn muscle cells involves scarring (adhesive fibrosis) - which is non-elastic.  That's why the Backpod's programme includes simple home massage - to break up tethering scarring fibres and so restore the muscle to its normal healthy flexibility.

Why the need for the Backpod?

Nothing else gives such an effective stretch to tightened, hunched spines, or to the tight rib joints which are part of that problem and others.  This isn’t hype but science.

hamburger backpod
  • To free up a tight, hunched spine so that it stays free, you have to stretch the very tough collagen of the ligaments and capsules surrounding the frozen joints.  Chiropractic or any other manipulation can unlock the jammed hinges temporarily, but this doesn’t last, because the tightened collagen around them simply freezes them up again.  Lying back on the Backpod uses your upper body weight to give the long, strong, specific stretch needed so they can stay free.  This saves you money from never-ending manipulations, and you still have the Backpod if you ever get tight again.
spine on backpod
  • The Backpod’s size, shape and construction come from 35 years of clinical expertise in what actually works on patients to give the best home stretch possible.  Its one size suits everyone, as lighter people needing a milder stretch bring less body weight to bear on the Backpod.  The tighter transverse curve of the Backpod means that turning it sideways across the spine gives a stronger stretch, if this is needed.
backpod whole
  • The Backpod's transparent blue core is made from polycarbonate - the same immensely strong material used in jet windshields; 6mm (0.25 inch) thickness will stop a bullet.  (We’ve driven a Jeep Cherokee over a Backpod to test it for the USA and a BMW to test it for Europe - it was fine.)  This core strength is essential to effectively stretch free frozen spinal and rib joints - the tightened collagen surrounding them is stronger by weight than steel wire.  The Backpod’s apple green hypoallergenic synthetic rubber outer cushions the stretch, and starting off with pillows under your head makes it more comfortable.   
backpod base
  • The Backpod is particularly effective at stretching tight rib joints.  Other spinal fulcrums like foam rollers and Swiss balls aren’t.  The long cylindrical shape of a roller means you can’t get much specific leverage onto a tight rib joint.  All balls and rollers are unstable, so your muscles can’t relax on them, which opposes the stretch.  Anything too squashy like a rolled towel or tennis ball can’t give enough leverage.  Tight rib joints are part of any tight, hunched spine problem, and also of several other specific problems including
  • The Backpod can also be used in sitting, especially by commuting drivers - brace against the steering wheel for extra stretch.  It is small enough to fit into a handbag or luggage - so it's easy to take away with you.
  • The Backpod’s home program of stretching and strengthening exercises, massage and posture covers all the components needed to pull a hunched spine back towards painfree perfect posture - see our iHUNCH and PERFECT POSTURE pages.  Single treatment approaches like muscle strengthening on its own or manipulation on its own don’t, and it’s the collection that works.
  • The bottom line:  The Backpod is a real treatment tool to free up and keep free a tight upper back and rib cage.  It is not a magic gimmick - there are no magnetic waves or gamma radiation, even though it's green.  We think it's the best spinal stretching fulcrum in the world, and the only one that will do a really effective stretch on the ribs.

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