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Thanko Sugar Cut Rice Cooker

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349 $349.00

★予約商品★糖質カット炊飯器 匠

White rice the Japanese love. 

However, it is saccharide contained in rice that is concerned to those who are restricted sugar for various reasons such as diet and health. 
To such anata 【carcass cut rice cooker design】. 
Easy to continue even those who have been struggling to limit carbohydrates up to now because they can cut 35% carbohydratesjust by cooking. 
Of course the taste is still delicious so please be relieved.

Pursuit also the deliciousness after insulation!

In the case of 150 g of rice (about 1 cup of tea bowl), the sugar content contained is surprisingly large, 55.2 g. 
By cooking with this "carbohydrate cut cooker", up to 35% of carbohydrate can be cut, so even if we eat 150 g of rice, the carbohydrate content will be about 100 g of rice. 
Recommended for those who like rice but can not eat much with sugar restriction ...! ! 
Please feel happiness that you can eat a little more rice than usual.

※ <About carbohydrate reduction amount> 
Calculated based on the value of white rice sugar mass and standard sugar mass cooked in our rice cooker. 
[Standard sugar mass] Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan Food Standard Ingredient Table 2015 (7 Correction) Chapter 2 Japanese Food Standard Component Table PDF (Japanese version) Calculated based on the figures of "rice paddy" and "rice noodle". 
[Mass of rice cooked rice cooked] (one good) Calculated based on the value of sugar mass measured by Japanese Food Inspection. 
[Date of issue of test report] November 7, 2018 [Issue report number] 318 G 10743 - 001

Carbohydrate cut with proprietary technology

In "Lift control system" delicious as it is low sugar rice.

The next rice cooker has evolved the mechanism of dropping carbohydrates in two pots and a proprietary technology "lift control system" , furthermore the carbohydrate cut rate is also 35%! 
It is also possible to cook regularly.

Proprietary technology

Rice in the inner pot and water in the outer kettle. When cooking rice, sugar components dissolve out. 
In order to not contain all the broth containing that saccharide, the inner hook is raised automatically and cooked up. 
These unique cooking mechanisms realize delicious rice with low sugar content and good texture.

※ <About lift control system> 
Controlled inner pot by newly developed lift control system (utility model application in progress). 
We realized that carbohydrate cutting can be done by putting it in a state that it does not touch sugar containing water. 

Proprietary technology

I had it used by professionals on that road.

I used it by professional people on that road !!

Easy operation

Pursuit of ease of use with a simple operation panel.

Operation is performed with the touch panel at the top of the main unit. 
It is a simple specification that anyone can operate easily even if not familiar with the machine. 

Low sugar cook can choose from 3 types of hardness.

Pursuit of ease of use with a simple operation panel.

In addition to low sugar quality cooking, it also has basic functions such as cooking rice and reservation · heat retention, both of which can be set with one touch. 

LED display is also well visible, simple and easy to understand, design is also perfect.

Ease to clean up again

Because less washing, it is easy to clean every day.

The mechanism of carbohydrate cutting has changed, the drain tray disappears, the number of washings decreases, and the time for cleaning up is greatly shortened! 

In addition, it is easy to remove not only inner hook and outer hook but inner lid and steam mouth. 
This makes it easy to clean every day! It became easier to use.

Pursuit also the deliciousness after insulation!

Because the inner pot is a monkey, it is convenient to wash rice as it is. 

In addition, broth containing carbohydrates accumulates in the outer kettle, so it is easy to discard.

Pursuit of deliciousness after insulation!

Keep the temperature inside the cabinet uniform with the upper and lower W heaters, keeping the taste.

By keeping the inside temperature constant by the double heater under the outer kettle and the inside of the lid, it keeps the rice uniformly and prevents deterioration of the taste. 
※ Thermal insulation switches automatically after cooking, keep warm for up to 24 hours. 
※ You can warm again with one touch after 24 hours.

Pursuit also the deliciousness after insulation!

It evolved with customer's voice!

It evolved with customer's voice!

It evolved with customer's voice!




Horizontal width 277 × depth 344 × height 302 (mm)
6.7 kg
Power cable length
120 cm
Power supply
AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)
Rated power consumption (during cooking)
600 W
Cooking method
Microcomputer type
Cooking capacity
Low sugar rice cooking mode: 1-2 Normal cooking mode: 1 ~ 4
Cooking menu
Low sugar cooking (3 types), normal cooking rice
Body, measuring cup, rice paddle, Japanese instruction manual
○ The items other than those stated in the contents item are not included. 
○ Damage / failure of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
○ Please do not disassemble. 
○ Because it may cause burns, please never open the lid while cooking rice. 
○ In case of abnormality or failure, please stop using it immediately. 
○ Please use where the steam of the rice cooker does not hit the plug or the outlet. 
○ Do not drop it or give it a strong shock. 
○ Store in high temperature / humidity / near fire, please do not use. 
○ Please do not keep it in places reaching the hands of small children. 
○ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Package size
Width 385 × depth 385 × height 385 (mm)
Weight (including package)
7.9 kg
Warranty period
12 months
Release date
Scheduled in mid-February 2019

Annual energy consumption
67.2 kWh / year
Category name
Amount of evaporated water
40 g
Maximum cooking capacity
0.72 L
Power consumption per cooked rice per one time
130 Wh 
Electricity consumption during heat retention per hour
30 Wh 
Timer reserved power consumption per hour
1.1 Wh 
Standby power consumption per hour
0.4 Wh 
Energy saving standard achievement rate
67% * Target year 2008

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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