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Thanko Food Warmer Plate

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69.99 $69.99

Food Warmer Plate

When I was eating pizza, fried chicken, etc., the last one got cold ... / /. 
While eating while watching TV etc, the remaining 2 or 3 sheets are cold and hard .... 
The potatoes are cold and tasty .... 

Is not it such a thing? 

A product to solve such dissatisfaction appeared! 
It is [food warmer plate]. 

You can warm up pizzas, potatoes, hamburgers to the last piece in the heat retention plate, the last one. 
Fast foods that gradually cool down in the microwave oven are also good till the end! 
There is nothing to do with passa, drying! 

Please use this [Food Warmer Plate] and enjoy at Azatsu until the end!

Until the end

To the very end ア ツ ツ 1To the very end Atsu 2

Pizza and potatoes, etc., although it was delicious at first, it cooled down coldly and the last one was cold and tasty disappeared. 
Is not such a thing done? 

Especially when you eat while watching TV etc, the last one will get cold. 
It is this [Food Warmer Plate] that solves such troubles. 

Because the plate warms you can enjoy the food warm for a long time. 
If it is a microwave oven, at the beginning it is warm, the last one will get cold .... I will follow Pasa .... 
I can solve such troubles.

To the very end Atsatsu 3

It is perfect for fast food such as pizza and hamburgers!

Wide heat retention space

Wide insulation space 1

This [hood warmer plate] is characterized by a wide heat retention space! 
L size pizza can be placed without difficulty!

Wide insulation space 2

A hamburger is also big enough to put almost all kinds of shops menu. 
Side menus can also be loaded easily, so all foods are hot until the very end!

Wide heat retention space 3

Even if you eat slowly while watching TV you will not get cold! 
There is no longer a taste of the emptiness of cold food.

Wide insulation space 4

You can put pots and tableware not compatible with IH

You can put pots and tableware not compatible with IH 1

This [hood warmer plate] makes the plate itself warm. 
Since warmth lasts long, if you put the pan on the plate immediately after cooking, it will not cool until you eat it. 

Also, like IH heaters and microwave ovens, you do not choose pots or plates.

You can put pots and tableware not compatible with IH 2

So you can eat the dish you bought as it is. 
Ideal for everyday use.

Easy to clean & operate

Easy to clean & operate

[Food Warmer Plate] has a heater surface all made of flat glass. 
When it gets dirty, just wipe and cleanse! Because it is made of glass, dirt easily falls. 

Also easy to operate. 
Just turn on the power and adjust the temperature. The adjustment temperature ranges from 60 degrees to 110 degrees, and it can correspond to a wide range of dishes. 

※ Please note the heat resistant temperature of the container as the temperature rises up to 110 degrees.

Thin and stylish. It can be stored.

Thin and stylish. It can be stored.

[Food Warmer Plate] is a very thin design. 
Once you finish using it, you can quickly store it in the kitchen! 

There is nothing to worry about the placement after using it.




Height 500 × width 380 × thickness 23 (mm)
Approximately 2980 g
Electric hot plate
Rated voltage
Rated frequency
50/60 Hz
power consumption
300 W
Heater integrated type
Plate temperature adjustment range
60 to 110 degrees
Fuse temperature
142 degrees
○ The items other than those stated in the contents item are not included. 
○ Damage / failure of goods arising in using this product will be excluded from compensation. 
○ Please do not disassemble. 
○ Do not drop it or give it a strong shock. 
○ Store in high temperature / humidity / near fire, please do not use. 
○ Do not get wet with water. 
○ Do not touch the high temperature part during use or after use. 
○ Do not put a spoon or metal spatula etc during use. 
○ Please be careful not to touch children. 
○ If you feel abnormal Please stop using it and contact customer support. 
○ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
Body, Japanese manual
Size: Width 600 × Depth 80 × Height 440 (mm) 
Weight (Including Contents): 3700 g
Warranty period
12 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement

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