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Temptooth Temporary Tooth Replacement

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Quick overview

$32.95 $39.95


diy tooth replacement kit by temptooth

If you've lost a tooth, and can't afford the cost of a dentist, Temptooth has you covered. With a moldable tooth that can be sculpted to match any style or placement in your mouth, you never have to hide your smile. Each Temptooth comes with moldable, polymer plastic material that you turn into a realistic tooth or crown in just mere minutes. Let your teeth continue to shine brightly like the star you are at meetings, lunch, on a date, and even family get-togethers when you replace your missing tooth with Temptooth!

TempTooth Before and After
dental tools for tooth replacementTop and Bottom Teethdo it yourself teeth replacementCustomerPromise

Free Dental Tools

Dental tweezers, scaler, a mouth mirror, and instructions of our patented method are included with every order so that you are ready to sculpt and design your replacement tooth.

For Top & Bottom Teeth

Temptooth can be used to replace any single missing tooth, top or bottom, as long as you have a tooth on each side of the missing tooth. Filling in the gaps is what we do best.

Do It Yourself!

Temptooth is a DIY tooth making product. Using the proprietary materials and following our patented instructions you will be able to hand craft your beautiful temporary tooth.

Our Promise to the Customer

We stand by our product, so if you are not completely satisfied with your Temptooth, let us know! Lets take on life's challenges with a smile together.

Life style

temptooth logo

Temptooth was developed as a quick, easy, and affordable temporary tooth replacement solution after being frustrated with expensive and time-consuming alternatives.

  • Safe, tooth replacement material to create approximately 10 teeth
  • We are here for those who temporarily can't afford the cost of a permanent tooth.

Start Your New Life

With Your Smile Shining Brightly

Life happens and losing a tooth can be a part of it. If you've ever felt embarrassed, shy, or nervous to take pictures, laugh or smile around groups of your friends and strangers, then Temptooth is the right product for you. No matter where or which tooth is missing, you will be able to mold and place a tooth that matches your smile, often in minutes. Each tooth replacement kit can be used as a placeholder until you can get to the Dentist.

  • Accidents happen whether at the office or playing sports, keep your smile picture perfect.
  • Feel safe knowing that our material is perfect for oral use. Complete you smile today.
  • The polymer plastic material that makes up the temporary replacement tooth can last for months.
  • It's okay if your teeth aren't the pearly whites you want yet! Soak the tooth in coffee or tea before hand.
TempTooth tooth replacement kit
How it works
  • You simply heat the material, it softens, and you make the tooth.
  • Material is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
  • No special tools or equipment required.
  • Easy to do, with step by step, patented instructions.
  • Most customers create a new tooth in a matter of minutes.
What's included
  • Safe tooth replacement material to create approximately 10 teeth.
  • Instructional Brochure with easy to follow instructions, showing step-by-step color illustrations on how to make a tooth.
  • A web address link to view the instructional 3-D animated video on how to make your tooth with our high-quality material.
  • Free dental tools to make the whole process easier. Made from high-quality German Steel.


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