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Tee Shot golf ball dispenser

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Quick overview

Send one ball at a timeSend one ball at a time

Free to carry around with no power supply It is a golf ball dispenser that you can concentrate and practice golf. 
Please install it in your home garden etc. and upgrade your usual golf practice one rank. 

How to use is easy! The ball comes out just by pressing the pedal of the main unit, and it will tea up one ball at a time ♪ 
There is no need to set it again! 
※ Club, golf ball, golf mat, tee are not included.

No need for electricity! Just press the pedal

No need for electricity! Just press the pedal

Because I do not use electricity at all, my strength is that I can use it anywhere and anytime. 
If you push the pedal attached to the body with a golf club or your foot, golf balls will be discharged one by one.

No need for electricity! Just press the pedal

Anyway easy and happy! It is refreshing!

Anyway easy and happy! It is refreshing!

I would like to practice golf, but it is troublesome to pick up and set the ball one by one, and it will cause the balls to scatter ... 
If you can do it, you want to hit the ball continuously like a golf driving range! 

This product is what you want to recommend to such people! 
It will automatically enter the ball slot just by putting the ball in the upper part of the main body, so it won't be scattered and easy to clean up.

It corresponds to various practice.

It corresponds to various practice.

There are two types of arms attached to the body. 
・ Arm 1 (with weight) ... When the pedal is pressed, it comes down and when it ejects the ball, it comes back up. 
・ Arm 2 (without weight) ... always descends downward. 

Use Arm 1 (with weight) to practice the tee shot and Arm 2 (without weight) to practice the approach.

Size details

Size details


Width 600 × height 310 × depth 300 (mm)
Approximately 4.5 kg
Possible number of golf balls thrown
About 100 ※ It will be back and forth depending on how you put it.
Body, pedal × 2, arm × 2, screws · washer × 2, Japanese manual
※ Club, golf ball, golf mat, tee are not included. 
※ The sponge ball for practice may not work properly. 
※ Please be careful not to over-press the pedal. 
※ Please do not drop or give a strong impact. 
※ Do not store or use within reach of small children. 
※ Please do not repair or remodel. 
※ Damage to the product caused by using this product is not covered by the compensation. 
※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Package size
Width 680 × height 330 × depth 300 (mm)
Package included weight
Approximately 5.3 kg
Warranty period
12 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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