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Taica Derucap Collapsible Safety Helmet

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39.99 $39.99



Out cap

Simply put on your head and push.
Lightweight and strong against impact,
Ensure safety in case of emergency.

Compact type

Regular type


In case of emergency, press for 3 seconds with your head
Place it on your head and press it as it is. You can protect your head in about 3 seconds.
Excellent stockpile without taking up storage space
The compact type can be stored in a desk drawer or bookshelf. Usually it is flat so you don't have to worry about storage.
Lightweight and secure fit for children and the elderly
Because it is made of polyethylene, it is very light and does not put a burden on the neck, so it can easily be worn by children and the elderly. (Applicable size: 54mm to 62mm)
Secure protection from fire and shock

As a result of a combustion experiment that assumed the case of a fire, even if it was lit directly, it digested spontaneously in a few seconds.High flame retardancy * is recognized.* Flame-retardant acceptable grade UL-94 HBF (with INOAC P / E-light)

As a result of the impact resistance test * of the disaster prevention hood specified by the Japan Flame Protection Association, the shock cushioning ability is about five times higher than that of the disaster prevention hood.Protect your head from falling objects.* Implemented the test method “Drop a 5 kg iron weight from a height of 10 centimeters” in accordance with the impact resistance test of the disaster prevention hood of the Japan Flame Protection Association.



Out cap
type Compact type  Regular type 
Model number DC-C-01 DC-R10-01
Appearance size [cm] W30 x D26 x H4 W 29.3 × D 29.3 × H 4
Mass [g] Approximately 85 (including chin strap) Approximately 120 (including chin strap)
Applicable size [cm] Head circumference size 54-62
Package size [cm] Width 26.1 x depth 5 x height 28 (header height 3) W 31 x D 31 x H 52.4
Material (main body)
: PE resin
Material (chin string)

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