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tago arc one E Ink bracelet

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299 $299.00

Tago Arc puts a customizable curved E Ink screen on your wrist

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The tago arc is the jewelry of the 21st century, an accessory from the future. Tech and fashion are blended into a seamless user experience that goes beyond wearable tech.



The tago arc is basically one premium bracelet with infinite display possibilities. You can change the image display of the E Ink surface anytime, anywhere to any design, pattern or text you want via the tago app downloaded on your smartphone. The tago arc does not need to be charged, plugged into a power source or your phone, this is an accessory that won’t let you down and is with you 24/7 always perfectly complementing your outfit and matching your mood and personality. The black and white images and the high quality silver/gold/matt black finishing guarantees the timeless elegance of the bracelet. It truly needs no cord or charging and it has no buttons on it. According to our philosophy this is an effortless high fashion jewelry not another smart wearable, just tag it and wear it.




We wanted to build you a wearable that is easy to interact with and fits seamlessly into your dynamic lifestyle, that allows you an unmatched freedom in expressing yourself through your accessories. The tago arc is really easy to use, just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Create or buy a tago pic in the tago app.
  2. Place your smartphone on your bracelet.
  3. Tap the transfer button on the tago app of your Android phone and wait till your bracelet changes appearance.
Repeat anytime - anywhere.

A quick look at the tago picture transfer.

#tago arc magic with the experimental prototype

#tago arc magic with the first working prototype
It is important to note that once we are done with all the developments and improvements the picture transfer will be 4 times faster than it is at the moment.

The mechanics of the picture transfer are really this simple enabled by emerging technologies NFC and E Ink. We prefer to keep the tago arc elegant and smooth with #NObutton #NOcord #NOcharge. For more technical details scroll down to the #tago technology section.

1000 outfits - one bracelet... Imagine having one premium bracelet, that has an infinite number of design and patterns on its surface. Crazy right, but with some help we will put it on your wrist.




The tago arc is a durable premium quality accessory that always matches the wearer’s mood and clothing. It’s lightweight and fashionable. The wearer won’t have to be annoyed by dying batteries and elaborate app settings. The tago arc is a comfortable wearable tech for the sole purpose of looking good on one’s wrist. It’s not a smartwach or a smart-accessory, it doesn’t have any buttons or ports, we won’t burden you with the pain of Bluetooth pairing and it doesn’t need recharging... ever. It is simply an awesome jewelry.

The best Valentine’s Day gift ever!


Fancy to surprise your loved one with a really unique, cool gift which is super sexy and high tech at the same time? Back us and get a gift card for your girlfriend (or boyfriend), so she could imagine how awesome bracelet she will get. Just click on the heart above and download the pdf file, where you'll be able to write in your loved one's and your own name to send as a postcard (works with adobe reader). And besides, you both will be part of a jewelry revolution! :)




Where do I get the pictures for the display you ask? The right answer is the #tago app and our Pic Shop.

The tago app is currently in the beta testing phase. Here you will have access to the coolest of designs, patterns, drawings to browse and wear for a few dollars. You will also be able to take pictures with your phone, upload it into the tago app to tag it on your wrist.


As the wearer you will never have to do more than to buy or create an image (or use a freebie), select the image for transfer via the app and hold your phone close to your tago arc. The image and energy transfer works automatically, smooth and fast. It’s important to note, that only pictures from the tago pic market can be transferred to a tago arc bracelet for security reasons.


We believe in the power of community and the creativity such a community holds. For this reason we are inviting every artist, designer to join our community of tago artists. We designed the built-in Pic Shop to provide artists an opportunity to join the tago community and make real bucks. A contributor can earn 40% of the in-app purchases after his/her artworks respectively.

The tago community is also a place to share artworks and connect to other artists, contributors and to your customers, the wearer themselves. This will enable always new, continuously refreshed content in our pic market.

Everyone can be a part of the tago community. A registered user or contributor will be able to view, upload and download pictures, favorite and/or comment on artworks. If you are interested to become part of our creative community subscribe on our website or send us a message here on Kickstarter with your e-mail address and we will get in touch with you.



We have some pretty crazy rewards. As our backer, you will be a pioneer of a jewelry revolution, the first to wear a tago arc and you’ll become an honorary member of our team as an official supporter and will be commemorated on our website.

Warning tech content! :)

The tago arc integrates existing technologies into a stylish advanced jewelry. E Ink and Near Field Communication (NFC) are both eco-friendly progressive technologies, E Ink displays only needs a little energy to change physical structure, and once changed it could stay that way practically for several years.




Due to E Ink’s capabilities the displayed image will be 16 color greyscale on the bracelet with a smooth pixel density (150 ppi), similar. This means that the display does not have a backlight as eReaders do, the display is not 100% black and white colors. In order to change the displayed picture on the tago arc and transmit enough energy for the device to work, the user has to place his/her smartphone to precisely match both NFC chips, but this will be aided by a positioning system in your app, the image transfer is very straightforward and secure. The tago arc uses NFC instead of Bluetooth, because NFC is easier to use, smoother and consumes less energy overall. NFC induces enough energy during image transfer that the small E Ink display is able to reconstruct the chosen image.



The image transfer interval is currently 15 seconds, depending on the smartphone device and the image complexity when holding the phone precisely to the NFC chip. We’re working on time efficiency to minimize this time interval. Please note that the actual transfer time may increase when NFC chips are not aligned properly.

For those of you with an iPhone out there, tago application is currently android only. The iPhone 6 already has the NFC technology in it, it is however only enabled by Apple for Apple Pay at the moment. We believe that the iPhone community will be able to enjoy the #tago arc feeling in the near future as well, as online rumor has it that Apple is considering expanding NFC in its future iPhones beyond Apply Pay. For now, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet with an android version 4 or later to be able to interact with the tago arc.

We are obsessed with creating every single inch of the tago arc bracelet insanely perfect. The tago arc is a premium product, with high quality components, during the design and development process we went to great length to ensure that we deliver only the best to our customers. We use flexible E Ink displays and flexible hardware for the tago arc, but the arc itself has a fixed shape. We will be manufacturing it in 3 different sizes (S, M and L sizes). The material of the bracelet will be surgical stainless steel with precious metal coating for the standard bracelets and precious metal for the truly silver and gold bracelets.


We also pay special attention to the material choice and the ergonomics of the tago arc to provide a seamless wearing and user experience. Some jewelry materials can cause an allergic reaction to the skin, so we make sure to use only skin-friendly materials. All the materials are durable and withstand deterioration that comes from wearing the bracelet on a daily basis, the E Ink display itself is built from the strongest material, high quality light steel with gold, silver or black finishing.
We believe that with this bracelet jewelry-design will step into the 21st century. As our backer you can be a part of the development process, pioneering a new generation of stylish accessory. You will also officially become a member of the extended L!BER8 team. With your support we can finish the development and start mass-production next autumn. Have a look at our timeline: 

But to make a truly loveable accessory we need your help too and not just by backing us, but also by becoming an active part of the tago community, so please don’t be shy to contact us. Let us know what you think about the bracelet, reach out to us with any questions and requests, because we love to receive messages and would like to stay in touch with you throughout our development process.  



How is it powered if it doesn't need charging?


NFC tags are regarded as passive devices - they operate without a power supply. The same applies for the E Ink technology it does not additional power input to hold the design displayed on it. The NFC tags are reliant on an active device to come into close range before they activate. These active devices are for example your smartphones.



In order to power these NFC tags, electromagnetic induction is used to create a current in the passive device. We won’t get into too much technical detail-basic principle is that coils of wire can be used to produce electromagnetic waves, which can then be picked up and turned back into current by a another coil of wire. This is very similar to the techniques used for other wireless charging technologies. This EM induction is generated by your smartphone at being held at close range to the #tago arc's NFC tag - which is currently placed on the inside of the bracelet.

I have an android tablet - does the #tago arc work with a tablet too?

If your tablet is an Android tablet and has the NFC in it, than you can use your tablet as well.

Can I get it in colour?

E Ink can only display greyscale images with the current displays. In fact, there are some coloured E Ink displays on the market today, it’s just not only they’re ridiculously expensive, but also their colours are kind of pale and we decided not to use them until there will be premium quality available of this technology as well.

How does E Ink work exactly?

If you’re interested to know more about how E Ink works check out this website:

E Ink does require some charge to change its state. Typically how much power will be required from a smartphone battery that's being used to change the image?

The power requirement depends on the smartphone used - the bracelet's electronics requires a couple of milliamp for a few seconds - this is an insignificant amount compared to the other power needs of the phone.

Where can I find more pictures to tag onto my bracelet?

We are currently in the process of the developing a #pic market, an app that will allow you to browse and buy or download for free from thousands of picture provided by our artist and designer community. You will also have the option to have your own gallery where you can store your own edited pictures and just simply select one tag it and wear it.

The available designs are practically limitless, as we are drawing upon the creativity and artistic genius of the tago community.

Can I use my tago bracelet with my iPhone?

For those of you with an iPhone out there, tago application is currently android only. The iPhone 6 already has the NFC technology in it, it is however only enabled by Apple for Apple Pay at the moment. We believe that the iPhone community will be able to enjoy the #tago arc feeling in the near future as well, as online rumor has it that Apple is considering expanding NFC in its future iPhones beyond Apply Pay. For now, you’ll need a smartphone with an android version 4 or later to be able to interact with the tago arc.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach out to us on twitter, facebook or here in the comments.


#noRisk #noGain - challenges

Risk of compatibility

For those of you with an iPhone out there - The tago application is currently android only! For now, you’ll need a smartphone with an android version 4 or later to be able to interact with the tago arc. We hope Apple will make changes to the kernel of the iOS in the future that will make iPhones’ NFC usable for other than Apple Pay (or find a way to bridge the gap through third party apps).

Risk of technology

A drawback of NFC despite its strong advantages is precision. People will have to learn where their NFC chips are located to hold exactly on the marked spot for the energy and picture transfer to be complete. It can be a matter of an inch and the communication may be interrupted. Also the precision decides how quickly the transfer is completed.

Challenge of development

The development of the tago arc test the mettle of our engineers in many ways. To complete the final layout of the hardware parts is no small task, we may even have to order completely custom-built displays in order to integrate them into the bracelet. The material of choice is also a key question and depending on our foreign manufacturer it might change with the progress of the development.




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