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Our Fresh Roasted Sumatra Mandheling bean features a rich sweet body balanced intense notes of cocoa earth cedar wood great acidity, brews a very rich cup.

Selecting Your Roast:

Light Roast – The beans will be medium brown color, flavors will be light, with a distinctly different almost tea-like taste, and the highest caffeine content.

Medium Roast – The beans will be a gently dark color, flavors will be fully developed and at their peak.

Dark Roast – The beans will be dark with oily patches, flavors will be fully developed and individual distinctions will become somewhat muted developing a more caramelized and heavy body.

Espresso Roast – The beans will be very dark and oily, with a heavy, bold taste and able to stand up very well to cream and sugar at this point.   

Roasted to Order:

Here at Smokin’Beans Coffee we take fresh roasted Smokin’-Good-Coffee very seriously and roast to order daily as soon as your order is received. Once it comes out of our roaster’s cooling we pack it in a premium foil bag locking in the natural freshness. The shipper is scheduled and your order arrives at your door so fresh the beans are almost still smokin’.

Our Technology:

The delightful awesomeness of our Smokin’-Good-Fresh-Roasted-Coffee is thanks in part to the improved technology of our specialized hot air roaster. This technology gives us the advantage of a very even precise roast. Since we believe a good cup of coffee should be rich an lively, engaging the senses, full of the select bean (s) individual various unique tantalizing flavors we begin with only the highest quality, freshest specialty-grade, raw green coffee beans available. Our fine Arabica beans are roasted-fresh-daily according to your specified roast level and shipped quickly via Priority 2-3 day delivery for your enjoyment and the ultimate-fresh-coffee-experience.  


Smokin'Beans Coffee Co.

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