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SUKOYAKA SUHADA Urea Moist Eye Cream

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16.99 $16.99

Healthy bare skin urea moist eye cream

Urea moist eye creamUrea x ceramide power We will help dry skin! Hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid barrier ceramidon ceramide

* 2 Skin with a lack of firmness and gloss and texture

I'm worried about the age sign near my eyes * 2

The cause of dry skin is a decrease in the ability of the skin to retain moisture.

Various causes of troubled skin are from dry

Deterioration of barrier function Lumpy and lack of firmness Opening of pores Dullness * 3

* 3 Dullness due to rough skin

Let us worry about that! Let's go for a pinch of dry skin together!

Concentrate on troubled skin due to dryness Eye care Careful age sign

Eyes that blink about 20,000 times a day have thin skin and few sebaceous glands, so their barrier function is weak and they cannot store enough moisture. Age signs (* 2) are more likely to appear on dry eyes.
"Urea Moist Eye Cream" is a cream for eyes that stretches out without stickiness. Bright even after a long time! And to the eyes that bouncy.

* 2 Skin with a lack of firmness and gloss and texture

How to use urea moist eye cream

Urea moist eye cream

At the end of moisturizing care such as cream, take an appropriate amount on a clean hand and gently apply it with a finger spatly. Use your middle finger or ring finger, as the index finger is easier to get into.

● No pigments, no fragrances, no mineral oils, no parabens ● Contains 6 types of plant extracts

Moisture power is great! Urea and ceramide power

Hyaluronic acid urea accumulates hyaluronic acid barrier ceramide
  • A natural moisturizing component that originally exists in the body. Good at collecting moisture on dry skin.
  • It has a strong water retention capacity of about 6 liters of water per gram.
  • Keeps moisture in the stratum corneum as a barrier. A bouncer that protects the skin from external stimuli.
I did it! Sticky skin

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