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Stand Up Floats Inflatables SUP Paddle Board

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22.99 $22.99

The Stand Up Floats Collection


SUF’s Universal Harness easily and temporarily attaches to any Stand Up Paddleboards and many surf boards.  No hardware is required.

Orca STand Up Floats

Accessorize Your Paddle Board & Create Memories

Simply inflate the creature and temporarily strap it to any paddle board with the included universal harness. Have fun with your kids and your friends or just meet new people. Then easily disconnect the straps for removal.

Swan Stand Up Floats

Promote Family Time

Create special moments with your family while introducing children to paddle boarding and exercise.

Multiple Configurations

  • The integrated seat-tail slides into different positions on the board. Find the right balance and look.
  • Move the tail to the center and occasionally sit while you paddle.
Shark Stand Up Floats

Exercise & Play

Get creative with the universal harness and the head or seat-then have fun!

  • Great for any water event-family day at the beach, reunions at the lake, philanthropic races, paddle meet-ups, or just happy hour in the marina. You are bound to meet new people and start conversations.
  • Kids enjoy exploring with their animals. Adults get more use out of their paddle board.

Universal Harness Stand Up Floats

Easily Attaches to any Paddle Board-Temporarily

  • Removable Universal Harness System fits to any board
  • Installation is simple and temporary-no tools or hardware is required
  • Straps have no noticeable drag
  • Removal is as easy as pressing the fastener open
  • Paddle board is not included (BYOPB)

The Cadillac Position

"The Cadillac"

  • The most common configuration
  • Spread the head and tail to the ends of the board to achieve the perfect visual balance

The Double Cadillac Position

"The Double Cadillac"

  • Like “The Cadillac” but with a free rider who occasionally provides unsolicited paddling advice

Lazy Bones Position

"Lazy Bones"

  • Move the seat to the center and paddle while you sit
  • You are kind of exercising but kind of not
  • Frequently seen with a cooler

Parade Royalty Position

"Parade Royalty"

  • The rider enjoys the full creature experience without the distractions of the paddler

Motivator Position


  • The head goes in the back
  • Extra motivation for your workout
  • Also popular with the surf riding crowd

Swan Stand Up FloatsShark Stand Up FloatsUnicorn Stand Up FloatsWhale Stand Up FloatsOrca Stand Up FloatsDuck Stand Up Floats
Universal Harness
Patch Kit
Head Size (LxWxH inches) 19 x 14 x 38 53 x 28 x 34 34 x 14 x 34 33 x 16 x 26 35 x 28 x 30 30 x 22 x 33
Tail Size 25 x 19 x 34 22 x 31 x 29 36 x 16 x 17 22 x 31 x 29 22 x 31 x 29 19 x 21 x 22
Swan Delux

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