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Squeeze Dried Natural Detox Powder Stick

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29.99 $29.99

White circular Squeeze Dried logo on a red background. “Squeeze Dried: Squeezed so hard, it’s dried”
Red apples with graphic of ingredients. “Apple Cider Vinegar with Superfoods for Personal Wellness.”
Beetroot with graphic of ingredients. “Beets with Superfoods for Personal Wellness.”
Spirulina with graphic of ingredients. “Mermaid Lemonade with Superfoods for Personal Wellness.”
Turmeric root with graphic of ingredients.“Turmeric Curcumin with Superfoods for Personal Wellness”
Two women laughing and leaning on a fence outside.A young woman pouring 2 packets of Squeeze Dried apple cider vinegar sticks into a bottle of water.Two hands holding a water bottle with the top slightly open.


Drink it every day and get billions of probiotic enzymes for a good gut and fast metabolism.


Our ACV has Mother: it’s the stuff you want in your apple cider vinegar, and it's delicious!


It’s so easy to use! Just open a packet and pour it into 8 ounces of water. Shake. Drink. Enjoy.

Drawings of product’s ingredients with icons indicating features. “Vegan, no soy or dairy, non-GMO.”
5 Squeeze Dried products. “Squeeze Dried Products: We’ve been supporting your wellness since 2017.”
Brand Squeeze Dried
Package Information Pouch
Package Weight 0.11 Kilograms

About this item

  • POWDERED SUPERFOOD: They don’t wear tiny capes or fly, but our ACV supplement has super ingredients cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, and actual lemon rind. Our superheroes help boost circulation, reduce inflammation and bloating, improve digestion, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. And, they taste great.
  • IT’S APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: We want to make it easy for you to do the right thing. These 10-calorie slender packets of spicy-sweet apple cider vinegar goodness mixed with water are fun to drink while hiking or biking. You can also mix one with warm water and make a cup of tea to sip in the afternoon.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TO GO: You love to feel the sun on your face, and you can’t get that feeling inside. Grab a packet and your water bottle and head outside. Squeeze Dried’s convenient packs go where you go. Just open a single slim packet and pour it into 8 ounces of water. Shake. Drink. Go.
  • MOTHER LOVES YOU: Our ACV with the mother is the good stuff you want when you take apple cider vinegar. Our formula won’t fully dissolve, so you’ll see particles—that’s mother. And you’ll only find mother in a real apple cider vinegar beverage. Now you know we’re serious about being healthy.
  • SQUEEZE DRIED VALUES: We wanted to be healthy and feel better, so we took superfoods that give you “puckerface” and made them delicious. Then, we decided to share the goodness. Our goal is to develop tasty nutritional supplements that are easy and convenient and offer them at a fair price.

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