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Athlete support projeCT PARTNER

Adventurer Yuichiro Miura <83 years old>


Born October 12, 1932. Born in Aomori Prefecture Aomori city. Mt. Fuji descents in 1966. In 1970 Everest · Southcol accomplished the world's highest point skiing descent (Guinness certification) 8,000 meters, the recording movie "THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST" won the Academy Award. In 1985 completely dominated the world's seventh largest skiing downhill. Three times Everest It is the principal of the Clark Memorial International High School who is active internationally as an educator who has the world's highest age climbing record and has more than 10,000 students nationwide. Recording movies, photo albums, many books.

83-year-old adventurer's challenge continues <2 minutes>83-year-old adventurer's challenge continues <2 minutes>
There is a possibility that muscular strength may decline when climbing a high mountain
In my case, I need to climb the rocks, I have to straddle 1 meter, or I need a very strong muscular work to climb the mountain slowly. It is also a strict condition of thin air.Especially high mountains like Himalaya can only walk slowly, so in a sense there is a possibility that the muscular strength will drop.
Strength does not fall off thanks to SIXPAD
Thanks to SIXPAD 's wearing this time, my muscular strength is not reduced and it is improving. Steady, gradually, my strength has come. For human physiology, survival is nearly impossible as it is said that the summit of Everest is "space equivalent altitude".Walking through such a thin place of air toward the starry sky always feels like traveling to the universe while walking.
The size of the target is the source of power
I would like to head to the size of the goal of challenging the best mountain in the world, such as Everest or Choo Yu. I think that this is the source of power. Even if you try it on your own that there is such a possibility, even if you do not intend to tell various people about it again, something naturally. I am energetic, courageous, I feel that such things are being conveyed.

Athlete support projeCT PARTNER

Soccer player Tomoaki Makino <29 years old>


Born May 11, 1987. Hiroshima prefecture Hiroshima city native football Japan representative DF. Father who was a soccer fan and the older brother who had already started soccer, I start soccer from elementary school first grade. After playing for 5 years at the top team of Sanfrecce Hiroshima, after going through Bundesliga's FC Cologne, he moved to Urawa Reds in 2012.From the 2010 World Cup, he will also be active constantly as a representative of Japan. On the pitch, he supports the team with high body ability and fighting spirit, strength of one to one, behaving as a mood maker outside the pitch, receiving great support from supporters.

I will not lose to anyone <2 minutes>I will not lose to anyone <2 minutes>
I do not want to lose to anybody so I will train
Every day, every day, I am frustrated. I always have rivals, there are rival teams, always there are players above me, I have already spent practicing knowing I'm bad at weed spirits. However, it has been a long time since you loved football that you do not want to lose feelings to want to lose to anyone. Since I was a child, I have such a personality, so when I see a player who is good at the front of me or a strong opponent, I feel that the feeling that I have to do more is gushing up and training is done when I notice it.
SIXPAD is in a location that does not Okose the stimulus on their own 
there is a sense that was Okose the stimulus
It seems that muscle training has been done in the first place, it does not stick to the body. It is most important to train in yourself as "I want to attach here" or "I want to become stronger" and it is quite effective. I think there are various kinds of training on the abdominal muscles, but there was a sense that (SIXPAD) was able to raise a place where I can not stimulate myself. By wearing SIXPAD, it is important to concentrate consciousness on that matter, so I think that was very good. Because we have many expeditions, I think that it is better to be able to use it easily when traveling for a long time than anything else.
I was able to have dreams and goals by encountering various people
What I was thinking when I was a boy was that I could have dreams and goals with encounters with various people. On the contrary, I believe that I am in a position to give myself, so I want to give dreams and hopes to various children in my own thought.

Yoga Instructor Juri Edwards <32 years old>


Born April 27, 1984. I am from Tokyo. US Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, American Medical Society Certified Personal Trainer. In 2015, she was elected as Hawaii representative instructor at America's largest yoga festival "Wanderlust Yoga Festival". It has a reputation as a strong yoga of fitness element that does not fit in type that made use of experience as personal trainer.

Positive energy of yoga <2 minutes>Positive energy of yoga <2 minutes>
The job of teaching yoga
When teaching yoga, there are opportunities to teach people who have not done yoga until now, while coming along with excitement, there are people who shed tears as they go home, everyone has a nice face I am very happy to return. I was glad that I was doing this work.
SIXPAD should be useful for pinpoint
Do humans do their best in their strong places. As the muscles that are developing develop more and more, weak places can not be used at all, because it is like feeling. I am pretty weak in my armpit and I am using SIXPAD before lessons, but if I wanted to make my muscles stronger if I wanted to strengthen my muscles because I can use it here with pinpoints that seems to be very useful here I think that it is a great place to have an effect. Because it is convenient to carry, I use it for a moment by having a bag in the bag for a moment.

Racing driver Shoji Tagahara <45 years old>


Born February 5, 1971. Born from Kyoto Prefecture. 45 years old. Started professional activities from 29 years old. Winning, a lot of prizes. A real professional racing driver known for pursuing victory or defeat and challenging a straight-ahead game. In recent years he directed the Vitz race and the Civic race. In addition to participating in the Super Taikyu series, he also puts emphasis on nurturing backwards such as doing an adviser business as well.

World of 300 km / h <2 minutes>World of 300 km / h <2 minutes>
What you need for a racer is a well-balanced body
After all the muscles, if you get a lot, your weight will also increase, so the place where the weight does not increase so much is said to be a well-balanced body for us. I think that SIXPAD is nice, it is easy to carry, first of all. So you can attach it when you want to wear yourself. You can do it once a day. As I get up in the morning, I always do my abdominal muscles and back muscles so I add SIXPAD to that menu.
In order to maintain the body balance of age correspondingly 
want to go out long and SIXPAD
It is the same as our racing industry, but it is very important to continue, I think that training is the same as that, there are so many patterns to quit immediately. With SIXPAD, it will not take much load, so I think that it is very effective in maintaining the balance of the body and I would like to keep in touch with you for a long time. I think that in my 40s I would like to take care of muscles in my forties, how to put muscles in my forties, if I am in my 50s, I will take care of my muscles in my 50s I will.

Bowel planner Mr. Sato <29 years old>


Born October 3, 1986. I am from Tokyo. Cosmetic dermatology During working days, many women who have troubles on their skin realize that there are problems with stress, diet and lifestyle. When I thought that improving the environment in the body was a shortcut to beautiful skin, I met "intestinal tract". After that, in the advanced country of preventive medicine / alternative medicine Australia acquired the qualification of WATEC accredited aroma remedial therapy. Currently, clinic in Roppongi provides aged aging.

Health is <2 minutes from gut and abdominal muscle>Health is <2 minutes from gut and abdominal muscle>
Modern women have more intestines going down
Modern women have more intestines going down, but as the intestines go down they become bad blood flow, or the flow of lymph is worse, it makes fat easier. In order to keep the intestine in the correct position, it is necessary to train muscles protecting the intestines.
Organs intestine is not fixed, 
it is training the muscles around With SIXPAD
Intestinal rubbing is characterized by intensely massaging the small intestine that absorbs nutrition or helps digestion, and disentangle it. Because the intestine becomes an unfixed organ, I think that if you can train the muscles at a position that protects the intestines with SIXPAD, I think we can improve the position of the intestines.

※ It is an individual's impression, it does not indicate effect effect. There are individual differences in the effect.

SIXPAD × 1 month experience

I experienced SIXPAD for one month in various people.

And I wrote the SIXPAD 1 month experience diary.
An actual diary of one month experience <5 minutes>An actual diary of one month experience <5 minutes>
Keiko Nishio <43 years old>

When putting on muscles it is said to be close to the body shape when young.

■ Before the Experience
When I think "I have to do that," I think I have to do this, after all my own affairs will be postponed, the body will get lazy and steadily. I wonder if a celebrity-like sleeveless dress will be wearing if my lower arms are tightened very much.
■ After one month experience
I thought that when you put on your muscles it is close to your young body shape, is that? I do not think one month ago that it would be a day when I thought that it would be more beautiful, I wish I could go ahead, what kind of thing I was giving up because I was an aunt. I want to greed a bit more.
Hisayasu Fujii <39 years old>

It is a power of continuation that you can experience the effect in a short time.

■ Before the Experience
I was doing hard work in my 20's, so I was able to train 5 ~ 6 a week. Continue for 23 minutes in SIXPAD, thinking that it would be great if you wear cool suit cool like old days.
■ After one month experience
Slightly, irregularities on the abdominal muscles. Perhaps, it seems that appearance has changed a month ago. The ability to experience this effect in a short period of time is a power of continuation in the future. I already have a goal, I will continue to continue this effect.
Yumi Ono <32 years old>

It feels light on the body, 'Ah, it works great!'

■ Before the Experience
Especially after slaughter, especially if sagging of stomach is worrisome, even if it is dented, slack will remain on the skin ....After all I think that I have to put up muscular strength, so I think that it would be good to be attached with SIXPAD.
■ After one month experience
When I used Body Fit together, I became more and more tight. I was walking with my child all day. Still no tired at all. I feel that the body is light, and that is "Oh, it works great", I guess it is the most realized feeling. The change in feeling was also very big.
Minoru Fukuda <58 years old>

Anyway, I am hungry.  You became confident.

■ Before the Experience
I used to be a high school ball girl. At that time I had quite a lot of abdominal muscles. So I want to go back to it, I would like to see again how my sit-ups are divided. I want to challenge.
■ After one month experience
Anyway, I am hungry. Since I came to do SIXPAD, it was dented here. It was a confidence that this was "done". To acquire a new habit has become a catalyst for yourself to change, as you take care of one day a day.
Sawaguchi Mayuko <29 years old>

The thing that I felt most was the fact that lateral lines appeared to come out.

■ Before the Experience
I recently worked and had no time to stay at the house or time to go to the gym so it's getting more and more hip line, thighs, stomach, and stomach, it is becoming puzzling, that is a problem.
■ After one month experience
To prepare for make-up removal, if you make it a custom of wearing SIXPAD, it looks like you finish when you notice it while washing your face and removing make-up. What I felt most on my own was that lateral lines appeared when I lay like this.

※ It is an individual's impression, it does not indicate effect effect. There are individual differences in the effect.

Everyday life time changes to training time.

Secret of original technology <5 minutes>Secret of original technology <5 minutes>


What is CMM Pulse revolutionizing training?

Successfully commercialized frequency 20 Hz derived from the world's highest EMS theory by commercializing MTG's proprietary waveform.  In addition, he merged the training theory of Cristiano Ronaldo which is world No. 1 foot bowler, and born SIXPAD's core technology "CMM Pulse".  This "CMM Pulse" revolutionizes EMS equipment.

Why is 20 Hz the most efficient for EMS training?

EMS research results of the world's highest peak

Muscle electrical stimulation = EMS?  <2 minutes 40 seconds>Muscle electrical stimulation = EMS?  <2 minutes 40 seconds>
Why 20 Hz is the most efficient

I have been studying ways to stimulate muscles with electricity. This is over forty years now.When a person moves a muscle, the time to exercise is that the current actually flows from the brain to the motor nerve, the current flows from the motor nerve to the muscles and the muscles move. 
The muscle electrical stimulation that I am studying stimulates muscles that I want to train directly by sending an electric current from the outside to the surface of the skin instead of the motor nerve of the brain. Such a method will be called "skeletal muscle electrical stimulation". In English, it is called "Electrical Muscle Stimulation", or "EMS".

Which frequency will cause muscle to shrink most strongly when stimulated. When stimulated at 20 Hz, the muscles could exert their strength constantly without decreasing the tension.

So, at a slightly higher frequency, 50 Hz, the first great force comes out, but it gets tired soon.Or, at 80 Hz, a great force will come out, but extremely fatigue will occur quickly. Eventually, stimulation with 20 Hz was more effective than any other frequency stimulus.

The future of muscles EMS creates

Electrical stimulation of skeletal muscle which I talked about today is, for example, senior muscle who loses muscle and falls and fractures, muscles disappear, sarcopenia, though skeletal muscle Using electrical stimulation to extend the independent healthy life of elderly people is also possible and people around the world use their electrical stimulation of skeletal muscles to manage their health, Even now that this muscle electrical stimulation device is used in various directions, such as preventing muscles from deteriorating or preventing getting fat, I still research and have such dreams and hopes · I am developing.

However, the frequency of 20 Hz is accompanied by low frequency specific pimpiri pain

Develop original waveform to eliminate pain Patent pending

Because we can approach fast-line muscles that are easy to develop, it is easy for appearance changes to appear

Muscles are composed of very thin muscle fibers and are largely classified as fast and slow muscles. 
Since fast muscles are easy to develop, training has the advantage that it tends to lead to the formation of a tight body. On the other hand, however, in normal training, we have the aspect that it can not be stimulated without applying high-intensity load that can breathe out. 
Since EMS can selectively approach fast muscles at low load, it can be said that appearance changes are easy to appear.

Problems of conventional EMS

Training effect can not be honored if the frequency is too high

Many EMSs that have been used in the past have had significant challenges. That means that the frequency is too high. 
The fact that the frequency is high means that the number of times of electrical stimulation is large. For example, at 60 Hz, 60 electrical stimuli are sent per second. With this, the muscles can not keep up with the stimulus quickly, become exhausted, and the training effect can not be hoped. 
Among them, from the highest world exercise and medical science research, "It is 20 Hz effective frequency for training" was derived. 
However, at 20 Hz, there is a pain that was peculiar to low frequencies. I could not clear the technical problem and I could not get the 20 Hz EMS training equipment quite easily commercialized.

MTG's technical development capability

Succeeded in developing proprietary waveforms to eliminate the pain that was peculiar to low frequencies

Due to the technical development capabilities of MTG, we succeeded in developing original waveforms that do not feel the pain that made it tingling peculi peculiar to low frequencies while using 20 Hz. 
With this, we were able to overcome the problem of conventional EMS that the frequency is too high and I can not expect the training effect.

Top athletes are involved from the development stage, fusing their own training theory

SIXPAD is me

About SIXPAD <81 seconds>About SIXPAD <81 seconds>
All of the professional athlete's body making is condensed training gear
I met MTX's SIXPAD from the development stage. At first sight, I was convinced that everything was perfect for me. 
It is because it is a training gear that has been condensed, such as body making constantly aimed, training as professional athletes, and accumulated efforts.
Points that you can use anytime anywhere regardless of age
SIXPAD is the best training gear. I tried using a few similar items, but it does not matter to this SIXPAD. First, it's lightweight and cordless. And smart. It is also a point to be able to use young people, middle aged people, and the elderly regardless of age. I can do strength training anytime and anywhere.
This SIXPAD ... I guess that's it.
If you use this you can get instantaneous power and get a wasteless abdominal muscle. I trust that it is exactly a revolutionary training gear. It is perfect for me who is aiming for first class. This SIXPAD ... is it me. If you want to get a body trained like me, I would like you to use this training gear by all means.

※ It is an individual's impression, it does not indicate effect effect. ※ There are individual differences in the effect.


Bringing core technology "CMM Pulse" to the body Once a day 23 minutes training program ·

From muscle training and tightening warm-up to cool down, automatically muscle training

SIXPAD gradually increases exercise intensity with the passage of time, and turns off automatically when the program is over!

1 year quality assurance shipping fee cash on delivery handling fee 2TYPE

Product specifications · usage conditions


It fits the line of body of 2type which can be chosen for each purpose, and intensively tightens each part.
Abs Fit Abs Fit intensively strengthening abdominal muscles Abs Fit is an advanced design specialized for abdominal muscles, which reverses the image of conventional EMS equipment.  Adopted highly flexible silicon for the main body material.  It is thin and fits perfectly on the abdominal muscles.  In addition, each of the six wings has an electrode, and EMS works directly on the abdominal muscles.
Body FIt Pad to train waist, arms and legs Body Fit is an advanced design suitable for waist, arms and legs, which reverses the image of conventional EMS equipment.  Like Abs Fit, silicon with high flexibility is adopted as the material of the main body.  It is thin and fits perfectly for the body.  Each of the two wings has an electrode, and EMS works directly on the muscles of the area of concern.
It is inconspicuous even when wearing it under clothes
Just about 3 mm from the side (excluding ※ battery part) This thin!
Put it in a special case and carry it
Soft silicone to fit the curve of the body

It made thinness like another skin and softness to fit the line of the body.

Durable electrode

Adopted thin, highly durable silk printing. Electricity is delivered to the gel sheet efficiently.

Safe start soft-start setting that gently stimulates

When the stimulus starts, the bodily sensation gently becomes stronger. It is a function to not surprise your muscles with a sudden stimulus.

Notify by skin detection alarm if pad is not in close contact with skin

When the main body is released from the skin while the power is on, the function to notify the notification alarm is carried.

Support belt that fits any body


Training started in wearing 5 seconds


SIXPAD exclusive high conducting gel sheet Four stubborn

Sticky, developed for SIXPAD, sticky "dedicated high conducting gel sheet"
It is realized because it is exclusively for IXPAD Electric resistance is reduced if it is a highly conductive gel sheet exclusive for efficient training It is possible to transmit electricity uniformly and accurately to the body!  (We are not responsible for conductivity when using non-genuine products.)
ATTENTION: Please be sure to use genuine products for the bell sheet.  When using non-genuine products even once, we will be outside the scope of the warranty.  We are not responsible for any troubles caused by using non-genuine products, so please be forewarned.


I will answer questions about SIXPAD.

Is it OK to use everyday?
You can use it everyday. However, please make up to once per day per place. 
Repeated use to the same place may cause muscle fatigue, please refrain. Also, if you feel any abnormality on your body or skin, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
Can I use it in the bathroom?
The main body is not waterproof use. 
Please refrain from using in the bath because there is a risk of accident, injury, damage, dirt etc.
How do you clean?
Wipe off the main body surface with a dry cloth. Please refer to the instruction manual attached to the product for detailed maintenance.
What level should I use?
Please set it to a weak level when using for the first time. If you get used to a weak level, please adjust the level.
Can I use it after applying lotion or body cream etc?
Since the adhesive strength of the gel sheet decreases and the bodily sensation may be weakened, please use it with nothing applied on the skin.
Is there a part that can not be used or can not be used?
Please do not use it around the heart such as the neck to the upper part (head, face etc), spine (spinal cord), chest and scapula.Also, please do not use if there is a heart disease.
Can I use it during pregnancy or right after delivery?
Please do not use. If you are breastfeeding after childbirth, please consult your family doctor.
Can you use it while sleeping?
Please do not use while sleeping.
When is the gel sheet exchange time?
Depending on the use environment, please change to a new gel sheet if the number of times of use (detachment to the skin) becomes about 30 times. Also, if part of the gel sheet peels off or rolls up, or if you feel that the adhesive strength is weaker than before, please replace with a new gel sheet.

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