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Sophia - the smart skipping rope

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Quick overview


The smart skipping rope, Sophia counts how active you are and makes it easy to get more exercise during the day.

Sophia is:

  • The beginning of a new category of smart devices: not just tracking, but making you active.
  • Uniquely designed: to be portable, functional and comfortable to use.
  • Quality-made: sophia has a leather grip and a highly resistant cord, to give you the best feeling when you exercise.
  • An Irish story: inspired by a painting to redefine a classic exercise tool.

We redesigned the skipping rope for the 21st century: lock the two handles together to carry it around, grip the ergonomic leather padding for the most comfortable jumping you have ever experienced. We also added a built-in display to show how many jumping cycles you have completed, so you don't have to check your phone while you are in your zone. You can also check the battery, which lasts up to one month on a single charge. We know you'll love it.

The jumping rope has stood the test of time as a simple and yet effective tool to work on your body and overall health. With smart insights and a compact design, Sophia makes those benefits available to you everyday.

Exercising regularly with Sophia:

You versus the chair.
According to the NHS, we spend on average between 7 to 10 hours of our awake time sitting or lying down, a habit that has several negative consequences on our life quality. Sitting down is directly linked with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity, and a shorter life expectancy, according to extensive scientific research. Regular exercise can go a long way towards improving your health and balance your sedentary time. Increasing cardiovascular fitness and overall muscle tone, exercising with Sophia will help you beat the chair and live a healthier life.
Most smart fitness devices track your steps to give you lots of data that is not always easy to turn into action. Sophia makes you exercise daily, thanks to its portable design and quality build. And by logging your exercise on your phone, it gives you clear data to tell you if you are jumping enough to reach your goals. Wether you want to be leaner, stronger, or both, Sophia will help you get there.
We designed the app to be as simple as possible. Right from the home screen you can check whether you are on track to achieve your fitness goals. How many skips you have completed, how many calories you have burnt, how many days in a row you have exercised, it's all there.
We also added two big orange buttons: one to jump and the other to challenge someone else to beat your score. Whether you're in the same room or on different continents, it's easy to see who's the fittest. And if your phone is out of battery or you prefer to stay 'in the zone' when you exercise, you can sync the data to the app the next time you log in.

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