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Somabar - Robotic Bartender

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Quick overview


Conventional bottles or containers are bulky, wasteful and boring, that’s why we designed ourSOMA PODS. With their friction-fit seal mechanism, SOMA PODS not only store ingredients for your favorite craft cocktails but also detach from your SOMABAR easily.

Your airtight Soma Pods plug into a proprietary friction fit seal mechanism allowing for easily interchangeable ingredients while also ensuring your Soma Pods never leak.

Liquid is quickly extracted from the Soma Pods using positive displacement pumps to make your cocktail with dead-on accuracy, every time.

The Soma Pod Process:

It's not a real cocktail unless it's mixedSOMABAR has created a proprietary static mixing technology to ensure your cocktail is thoroughly mixed before it is dispensed into your glass. Now that's what we call a good cocktail.  

When you press that button on the app, your SOMABAR will take the ingredients from scratch, infuse bitters (if you are in the mood) and dynamically mix them in precise quantities using positive displacement pumps before pouring out your craft cocktail in less than 5 seconds. The mixing comes from a combination of fluid dynamics, kinetic energy, and turbulence created by static vanes. What that means is fewer moving parts to maintain, as well as fast and perfectly mixed cocktails. Our on-board software and sensors make it easy to make new recipes and manage your inventory (liquid gold).

We are pretty stoked about our app. Some of the features we have designed include: 

  • Drink suggestions based on the ingredients you already have. 
  • Drink recommendations based on your preferences, letting you know what ingredients you may need to add. 
  • Create and promote your own cocktails to the Somabar community. 
  • Make your cocktails strong or weak to suit your taste.
  • Track your inventory and let you know if you are running low on any product.
  • For both Android and iOS lovers. 

Cleaning your SOMABAR is as easy and automated as a SOMABAR should be. With an automatic internal water flushing system which activates every time you switch to a new drink, ensuring that your next cocktail will always taste like your first. Our SOMA PODS are also dishwasher safe! 

We want SOMABAR to be as unique as you are. So we have designed a variety of colors, including our basic and wood looks (check out our website for these options). We will be sending out your survey after the campaign closes to confirm your color choice.

Each craft cocktail requires the perfect infusion of liquor, mixers, bitters and syrups. However, there is no other way to make a craft cocktail other than by hand, and doing so can be a complicated process. So we created SOMABAR. To make the best craft cocktails in a precise and consistent way, in under 5 seconds, specifically for your home kitchen.  

At SOMABAR we believe in three concepts: PERFORMANCEPRECISION and PRICE. Automated bartending is something that has been attempted before, but never in a precise andAFFORDABLE manner created specifically for the home kitchen. Now with the tap of a button, you can create mouthwatering cocktails just like a professional mixologist in under five seconds.

Two years ago we had this aha moment and realized there was no affordable automated bartending solutions in existence. With the only automated bartenders costing around $4,000, we figured something had to be done.

So we started tinkering with electronics, pumps, and a countless amount of liquor bottles. After testing many prototypes we finally created a product that our friends wanted to use.

 Your Somabar Cocktail Menu

 And the list goes on...

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