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Snorelax — Ultimate Snoring Solution

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$29.99 $34.99

Is Snoring Ruining Your Life?

Are you ready for the comfortable, convenient, and inexpensive solution?

Snorelax stops snoring before it can happen by providing jaw support keeping your airway open so you can breathe easy. It’s so comfortable, you won't even notice it.

With Snorelax, you'll wake up feeling better. Your partner will wake up happy. And you won't become a snoring statistic (1 in 4 couples sleep apart and snoring is the #3 cause of divorce in the U.S.) 

65 years of combined medical experience went into creating Snorelax. Our founding Medical Doctors created the perfect way to wake up refreshed. Every morning. Their revolutionary design is patent pending.

The Buzz

How We're Different (It's Comfortable!)

What you've tried before vs. Snorelax
What you've tried before vs. Snorelax

Snoring solutions abound. So what makes Snorelax different?

  • Comfortable - Snorelax are easy to apply and comfortable to wear – and they're quick and painless to remove. No pulling your beard, no sticky adhesive on your skin. It’s the most comfortable solution on the market today.
  • Non-invasive -From mouth guards to tongue suction devices, invasive snoring solutions are everywhere. Snorelax is gently applied to the face, not in your mouth or up your nose so there is nothing to fall out during the night. It also doesn’t hurt. 
  • Helps you Breathe - Not all solutions are created equal. Snorelax not only stops your snoring, but improves your breathing during sleep.  (Exploding pillow anyone?)

Beard Friendly!

Wear Snorelax, comfortably, with or without a beard.  They won't pull your facial hair and stay on all-night while wearing them.  Watch our brief video below, about applying Snorelax, wearing them with a beard, and removing them.
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With or without a beard, Snorelax stays on all-night comfortably
With or without a beard, Snorelax stays on all-night comfortably


Snorelax comes with a scored backing which makes it easy to peel and apply. The graphic indicators make placement easy and it's organic shape fits perfectly to the contour of your face.

Snorelax is easy and painless to apply
Snorelax is easy and painless to apply
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Why Snorelax?

Did you know you’re not alone? 64% of people say that their partner snores. Like many snoring sufferers, you and your partner may have tried some crazy gadgets, chin straps, nose plugs, and mouth-guards.

Snorelax are different. They’re non-invasive, comfortable and effective from the moment you apply them. You can move your mouth freely, but when you relax they hold your jaw in place. You can sleep in any position you like, and Snorelax stay on all-night long.

Improve Your Health, for Good!

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping.  How we sleep impacts our health.  Snorelax improves the way you breathe so you can sleep better.
We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. How we sleep impacts our health. Snorelax improves the way you breathe so you can sleep better.

According to Harvard Medical School* snoring can actually lead to death.

Stroke, Heart Attack, and Dementia can be related to snoring and airway obstruction.  Even the non-fatal consequences are nothing to mess around with: headaches, low sex drive, obesity, anxiety, depression and more.

Snorelax are easy-to-use and can greatly improve your health and quality of life. We’ve designed them to be high quality,yet inexpensive, so everyone can afford to improve their health.

Save your Relationship

If you’re the partner of someone who snores, you won’t be surprised to find out that snoring is the #3 cause of Divorce in the U.S. It goes beyond annoying, it’s disruptive and causes 1 out of 4 couples to sleep apart.

We’re here to help. Your partner will stop snoring and you'll love the quiet. Plus, check out our reward packages for the deep sleep mask and the meditation cards. It’s a way for you and your partner to reconnect and relax together. Bring on the bliss.

Wake Up with Energy


There isn’t enough coffee in the world to make up for a bad night’s sleep. Snoring leaves you exhausted and sluggish. With Snorelax you’ll wake up in the morning feeling happier, more refreshed, and ready to tackle the day.

How it Works

Snoring is more than just noise. The noise is annoying and stops you and your partner from getting the restful sleep you need. But, when you snore, a lot of other bad things are happening inside of you.

If you snore, it means you’re not getting enough air. When you sleep your muscles relax and your jaw drops back, obstructing your airway. The abnormal airflow causes turbulence and vibration which is heard as snoring.

Typical snorer with airway obstructed
Typical snorer with airway obstructed

If you are a snorer, your heart, brain and other vital organs are not getting the air they need. Snoring is our body’s siren indicating that something is terribly wrong; don’t ignore it!

Snorelax doesn’t just stop the sound of snoring, it solves the problem. Snorelax comfortably supports your jaw so you can breathe better and sleep in any position. They improve your sleep quality and enhance your next day's performance. Snorelax gently adheres to your skin and is beard friendly.

Snorelax provides support to keep your airway open and sleep silent
Snorelax provides support to keep your airway open and sleep silent

Our Technology

Snorelax utilizes a unique patent-pending technology to eliminate snoring. Years of research and testing went into the development of Snorelax. (Our team has tried dozens of other “snoring solutions” over the years, only to leave them under the sink collecting dust). The result of all of our work is a rigorously tested product that gives instant snoring relief.


Does Snorelax work with a beard?

Yes!  Snorelax works on all faces, with or without facial hair.  We do not recommend using Snorelax if your facial hair is longer than 1 inch, but rest assured that our R&D is aggressively working on creating a version intended for long facial hair.

Does it pull on the skin? Is that how it works?

Definitely NOT.  Snorelax adhesive is created with sensitive skin in mind, as not made with natural rubber latex.  Snorelax adheres to the skin, comfortably, and keeps your jaw from dropping when your muscles relax.  Your skin will not feel pull or tightening when wearing Snorelax.  Our adhesive is intended for long term wear.

What colors does it come in?

We sure do.  Snorelax comes in Midnight Black and Tan.  Who knows, we might even be able to offer Snorelax in clear!

Does Snorelax work for men and women?

Yes! Snorelax works on anyone.

Does Snorelax treat Sleep Apnea?

Snorelax does not cure or treat Sleep Apnea.  Snorelax improves breathing by preventing obstruction from your jaw dropping.  Please consult your physician for Sleep Apnea treatments.

I have allergies. Will Snorelax cause irritation?

Snorelax is made with 100% cotton, biodegradable, and not made with natural rubber latex.  If you are sensitive to adhesives, we do not advise using Snorelax.

How should I store my Snorelax?

Snorelax can be kept in your nightstand, bathroom, or wherever you prefer.  It is important that Snorelax is stored in a room temperature environment.

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