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Quick overview


smrtGRiPS seamlessly integrates eyes-free navigation, haptic feedback notifications and a bike tracker. iOS and Android Ready. All right in your hands.























After experimenting with various wearable devices that promise to improve our lives, but ultimately curb your vision or provide an experience that borders on sensory overload, we chose to go the other direction.

We went all the way 8-bit old school for our device, using state-of-the-art 32-bit Bluetooth System-on-a-Chip Smart Technology, because sometimes less really is  better. It works just right, and we're pretty proud of our technologically minimalist approach. 

smrtGRiPS Connect gives your bike the means to communicate with you, through different haptic vibrational patterns and highly audible distinctive rings. 

smrtGRiPS Connect strives to transform your bike into that dependable attentive friend that helps you know what’s coming through a subtle nudge or – when you really need to pay attention – a forceful shake. 

Thoughtfully minimalist, integrated and balanced, this is technology that will doesn’t stick out. It's all about improving that symbiotic relationship between you and your bike, so you can have a ride that’s smart and connected, but frees you to enjoy that immersive experience called The Ride. Look at it this way – you can squint at a screen, or you can ride –  take in the view, be with your friends, and fully enjoy the trail. 

smrtGRiPs Connect App's unique features improve  and perfect your Eyes-Free Connected Biking Experience: 

      • Eyes-Free Navigation
      • Right and left haptic feedback custom notifications
      • Notification prioritization and customization for your Google Maps, Google Fit and Apple Healthkit notifications
      • Highly audible custom alerts
      • Crowd-sourced Bike Tracking
      • Separation alert (up to 10 riders*)
      • SmrtGRiPs Connect Navigation enabled by Telenav's Scout SDK. (Turn-by-turn directions, Bike lanes, Popular Routing, Buddy Radar (nearby Friends) and more.


Compatible with iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd Generation & later, and Android 4.4 devices with Bluetooth 4.1. 



*For iPhone and iPad. For Android, it depends on model.

smrtGRiPs MTB/BMX Upgrade

When going on the trail, we love our Lock Clamp Grips.  They stay on, don't rotate and they can be removed and reinstalled as needed. They are tough and reliable on carbon and  aluminum handlebars, like smrtGRiPS.  We have designed a lock ring for Lock Clamp Grips, so you can enjoy smrtGRiPS wherever the trail brings you. And we are making them with the highest quality alloy and grippiest rubber. They won't disappoint. If you want the smrtGRiPS version with the greatest staying power, then choose the smrtGRiPs MTB/BMX Upgrade for only $23 or you can get the Upgrade for free by bringing in $200 in referrals. Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). 
smrtGRiPs Brooks* Slender Grips Upgrade





We love Brooks England* Bike Accessoires and we wanted the smrtGRiPS to have the same high quality look and feel. We designed a lock ring for our smrtGRiPS that is truly inspired by the Brooks Slender Grip. It fits and matches perfectly.  If you have Brooks Slenders Grips, get the Brooks Slender Grips Upgrade for only $18 or you can the Upgrade for free  or you can get the Upgrade for free by bringing in $180 in referrals. Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). 
This perk only includes the external lock rings (2)  designed for the Brooks* Slenders Grips, and not the grips. 




  1. Unscrew both lock rings. Pull out grip assembly.
  2. Replace the external lock ring with the provided external lock ring and tighten. Make sure not to overtorque the screw especially if you have a carbon handlebar. No more than 7.5 Nm in most cases. Please check with manufacturer's recommandations.
  3. Insert the smrtGRiPS device into the grip and  tighten. 

The Specs

smrtGRIPs eyes-free navigation & tracker by borealbikes on Sketchfab


Get a close look and find out why smrtGRiPs are actually light sabres in disguise.
  • Aluminium casing
  • 300ft bluetooth range
  • Waterproof up to 10m 
  • High capacity rechargeable battery (3.7v/700mAh)

Diameter: 15.8mm

Length: 152mm

Battery life: One charge will last 3 months under normal use (2 hours of riding per day/Beacon in operation 24/7 ). Good for 800 cycles (at least 3 years).

Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4.2

Connector: IP68 micro USB connector

Over-the-air Download Firmware Upgrades: The Bluetooth Smart SoC (System on a Chip) component on the smrtGRIPS is OTA-DFU (Over-the-air Device Firmware  Upgrade) enabled, so you'll always be the first to have the most recent version of the smrtGRIPS available.

Device Compatibility: iPhones 4s & later. iPad 3rd Generation & later, and Android devices with 4.4 or above

smrtGRiPS Connected Bike Grips is IP protected.

Ok. Any questions?

How big are smrtGRiPs?

We designed the smrtGRiPs to be so small that it can be attached discretely to virtually any handlebar. It’s only 16 mm in diameter and 150mm in length – about the size of a standard felt pen – and weighs less than 95 grams. That’s about 3.5 ounces.



How long do the batteries last?

Under normal use (2 hours of commuting per day/beacons on 24/7), the smrtGRiPs batteries will last over 3 months.

How do I recharge the batteries?

Recharge the smrtGRIPs using the smrtGRIPs charger or connect it to a USB power source using micro USB cable. 

What is smrtGRIPS' range?

smrtGRIPs' range is approximately 100 meters (330 feet).

How do smrtGRiPs attach to your bike?

You simply insert it into your handlebar and screw it to the provided grip or the lock ring.

How are smrtGRiPs unique?


  1. First ever all-in-one eyes-free navigation, haptic feedback notifications with bike tracker grips.
  2. First bike app designed for optimal eyes-free user experience. Be safe and enjoy your journey by keeping your eyes on the road, not on your display.
  3. Super stealthy. They're really, really, really, ridiculously integrated. No one will notice it.
  4. Bike Tracker: Technology that allows users to locate their items after they have been lost. The smrtGRiPs Connect App is designed to work on the world's largest crowdGPS network, currently locating lost items 8 times every minute.
  5. Redundant Beacons: Unlike single item trackers, your bike gets two devices acting as beacons for increased reliability and availability. If one fails, you'll still have another smrtGRIPs signaling away.
  6. Separation Alert: Notifies you when a member of your family or bike tour group loses his way.
  7. Bike Finder: The Bike Finder remembers where you left your bike last on a GPS map. At close range, but still can't find it? Make it ring!
  8. High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery: The smrtGRiPs battery capacity  is 4 times greater than most item trackers on the market, and it'srechargeable. A single charge will last over 3 months.

Can I use your product with other BLE Tracking devices?

Absolutely! The smrtGRiPs Connect App can work with other BLE tracking devices, Bluetooth cars, headsets and more. You'll be able to use the Bike Finder and Separation Alert Features with such devices. However, to enjoy these features as they were originally intended you will need the smrtGRiPS devices.


Can I use smrtGRiPs with Google Maps?

Yes! smrtGRiPs left/right haptic feedback notifications respond to Google Maps turn-by-turn notifications. We intend to support  more navigation apps in the future.


Can I use smrtGRiPs with a drop down handlebar?

The current smrtGRiPs available are not designed for drop down handlebars. However, a drop down smrtGRiPs version is planned for Q2 2015.

What's your plan for Android support?

We're developping on Android using the Bluetooth Low Energy API's. We're dedicated on providing a world class Android app.  Android is supported at launch.


How many smrtGRiPs devices can a smartphone find?

Using the smrtGRiPs app, a smartphone can manage up to 10 smrtGRIPs  at once on iOS. On Android, this number varies from 1 to 10.

Is the device water resistant?

The device is actually waterproof, so you can ride through heavy rain or drop your bike in a canal as long as it is not deeper than 10m. 


Where are smrtGRiPS made?

The smrtGRiPs are designed and engineered in Germany. Parts are sourced in the US and China.

s this iOS 8 Compatible?

Yes, it is compatible from iOS 7 & on.

Will smrtGRiPs work with the COBI Bike System?

Since the product is not readily available, we can't guarantee it yet, but we don't see why not. We believe that the smrtGRiPs could be an ideal companion product for the COBI, so it can provide an Eyes-Free Connected Biking Experience too. We are committed to supporting it as soon as it is possible. Full disclosure, we are COBI backers and think it's cool, and we're looking forward on receiving our COBI Dev Kit.

*Are you associated or affiliated with Brooks England or any brands mentioned in this campaign?

*No, we are not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Brooks England LTD. All trademarks mentioned belong to their owners, third party brands, product names, trade names, corporate names and company names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks of other companies and are used for purposes of explanation and to the contributor's benefit, without implying a violation of copyright law. The Brooks Slender Grips are not included in any of the perks, only the purpose-built external lock rings designed for Brooks Slender Grips are included in the Brooks Slender Grips Upgrade perk.

What's coming next

November 2013

  • The idea was born

January 2014

  • Development of prototype bike of the future

May 2014

  • First prototype of our vision of the bike of the future


June 2014 -August 2014

  • Second  prototype is built with advanced electronics

August 2014-December 2014

Development of smrtGRiPs

  • Electronics and housing developments
  • Development of mobile app
  • PCB with Bluetooth SoC designed
  • Refinement of electronics 
  • Sourcing and productions partners selected
  • Working prototype tested
  • Facebook page launched
  • Video production 

January 2015

Spread the word

  • Launch of Indiegogo Campaign

After the launch

  • Plastic and electronics tooling ordered
  • App finalized for Android and iOS
  • Antenna refinement
  • Firmware refinement
  • Tooling completed
  • Preproduction units received and tested
  • Certifications- FCC, CE and Bluetooth
  • Production approved and full production initiated
  • App released to Apple Stores and Google Play


July-August 2015

  • First delivery received
  • Begin fulfillment of perks in order received
  • Final orders fulfilled




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