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Smarter iKettle

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Quick overview


Brew at just the right temperature.
Make it personal.

Make it personal and customise the app with custom greetings and messages. You can also select a theme that matches your decor and accessories.



The World's First WiFi Kettle

  • Boil your kettle with your smart phone, anywhere in your home
  • The most satisfying wake-up call of all time
  • Welcomes you home by asking if you'd like to pop the kettle on
  • Match your kettle to your kitchen with the insulating iKettle skins
  • Embrace laziness and enjoy perfect hot drinks, what's not to like?


Hot drinks are the mainstay, the backbone, the buttress, that vital spark, the very lifeblood of our existence. So imagine how perfect and complete life would feel if there was no longer that tiresome wait for the kettle to boil. This blissful paradise we've just described is now all too real, thanks to the iKettle - The World's first WiFi Kettle.

Stumbled in the front door from work exhausted? Nervy half-time ad break during the World Cup final? Slaving away on a late night project and can't waste a second? Whatever the urgent hot-drink scenario, a simple one-touch setup allows you to instantly control the iKettle from anywhere in the house with your smart-phone.

The Wake mode gently rouses you from your deep slumber: Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No. Is there any better wake-up call? Squint open half an eye, hit 'Yes' then drift back off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that in the kitchen your iKettle is boiling, ready to deliver your morning rocket fuel. Once boiled it'll ask if you're ready or if you'd prefer to keep it warm for up to half an hour! Who needs a butler!?

Call yourself a hot-drink connoisseur? Then you don’t need us to tell you that a Green Tea deserves to be served at 80° and a Coffee at 95°. With four tailored and precise temperature settings, this steaming servant is your new gateway to the absolutely flawless brew.

Just because the iKettle is packed full of incredible technology, this doesn't mean it has to look like something out of Wallace and Gromit. With its clean stainless steel design, LED Backlit control panel, soft-touch rubber handle and functional filtered spout it's very much a smart and refined addition to your kitchen.

And now you can match this fine boiling device to your luxurious tiled décor with the iKettle skins. Made of smooth silicon and available in five bright colours, they keep your kettle insulated and prevent accidental burns.

Stop wasting time waiting for water to boil. Relax. Let the iKettle take care of you.

More Information

Please Note:
  • May cause you to fire your butler/maid and throw away your alarm clock
Product Features:
  • Control your iKettle via your mobile device
  • Easy one-touch set up
  • Wake up and Welcome home mode/Timer
  • Choose from four temperature settings
  • Keep warm feature keeps the iKettle at your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Super easy to clean - removable filter and no internal element
  • Auto shut off with boil-dry protection
  • Stainless steel design with soft-touch handle
  • LED backlit control panel
  • iKettle skins:
    • Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Taupe & Yellow
    • Match your kettle to your kitchen
    • Reduces the risk of accidental burns
    • Insulates, keeping your water warmer for longer
    • Lovely soft-touch feel silicone
    • Simple to fix and remove
  • Connectivity:
    • Wireless 802.11b/gx
    • WPA/WPA2
    • Works on Android 4+ and Apple iOS7+
    • Requires a 2.4Ghz router
  • Power:
    • Has a standard 3-pin UK plug
    • Voltage 220-240V
    • For use outside of the UK, the iKettle will require a transformer to bring the voltage to 220-240V (not included)
    • Frequency 50/60Hz
    • Power input 1850-2200X
  • Box Contents:
    • iKettle
    • WiFi Base Unit
  • Kettle Capacity is approximately 1.8 Litres
  • Box Measures approximately 21cm(W) x 24cm(H) x 20.5cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 1.6kg

iOS and Android Connection Troubleshooting

wifi kettle FAQ's


What is my home network/SSID?
Your home network is your router name.  It may be something that you have named it yourself e.g. Trevor Road Home or it may be the name that the manufacturer gave it e.g. BTHub3-ABCD.


Why do I need to be on the home network to set up my wifi kettle?
This process allows your wifi kettle to have a more stable connection and ensures that you can use the internet at home as well as your wifi kettle.  You won’t need to switch between the two as you would on some wireless printers for example.  The wifi kettle is allocated a spot on your router where it will stay connected. By entering your home network name and password you are giving permission for your router to allow the wifi kettle to connect.


The SSID in the app isn’t my home network, what do I do?
You can delete the SSID that is incorrect and re-enter being careful to ensure that the SSID is typed in exactly as it should be (e.g. including spaces / SSID’s are case sensitive).


I’ve forgotten my Wi-Fi password, what do I do?
Unless you are able to reset via your supplier you will need to hard reset your router as per manufacturer’s guidelines (it is usually done by placing a pin in the reset space on your router and holding down for 10-20 seconds, please check with supplier if you are unsure). Your password will then be the one that is printed on your router or on the slide out card stored within your router.


I’ve entered my Wi-Fi password wrong in the wifi kettle app set up process.
The wifi kettle will fail any set up where an incorrect password has been entered.  You will be shown a page that allows you to start the set up process again. Choose that option and proceed as normal, ensuring to enter password carefully!


The app is saying it can’t find the wifi kettle, what do I do?
This could be for one or more of the following three issues:

  • Is your wifi kettle plugged in at the mains and switched on?

If it is the wifi kettle will have a flashing red ring around the on/off switch.  If it doesn’t, please try another plug.

  • Have you entered your home network password correctly?

If you have entered your password incorrectly please start the set up process again and ensure correct password is entered when asked by the app.

  • Are you and your wifi kettle within range of your wireless router?

For set up you may need to plug your wifi kettle in near your router to ensure the best connections.  Once the set-up has been completed you can move the wifi kettle back to your kitchen.


The wifi kettle network isn’t showing on my list of possible Wi-Fi connections?

  • Make sure that you are near your wifi kettle when searching for connection.
  • If you still cannot see the wifi kettle network try refreshing your Wi-Fi by turning it off and then on in your device settings.
  • You can also try hard resetting the wifi kettle by holding down the 65 degree button until you hear two beeps. Then switch off at the mains, unplug and then plug in and switch back on.


How do I connect another smart device to the wifi kettle?
You can connect multiple devices to one wifi kettle by downloading the app on the new device and choose existing set up.  You will then be able to connect to the already set up wifi kettle automatically.


My app has been “searching for wifi kettle” for over 10 minutes, what should I do?
Please ‘kill’ the app (For Apple devices please double click home button and swipe up on wifi kettle app, for Android users see link here ).  Then start the process again. Be sure to hard reset your wifi kettle by holding down the 65 degree button until you hear two beeps and then switch off at wall and unplug.  You can then put the plug back in, move wall switch to on and start set-up process on app.


What is the wifi kettle’s default temperature?
It is 100 degrees. You can change this by tapping the various temperature options either manually on the wifi kettle base or on your app.


I have reset the wifi kettle but I still can’t see the wifi kettle network?
Turn your Wi-Fi off then on and wait for wifi kettle network to appear.  Do this twice and if the wifi kettle network still doesn’t appear hard reset wifi kettle again. If this doesn’t work there may be interference from something in your home or office.  Try relocating for the set-up to another area.


What temperature should I use for my tea/coffee?
Please refer to our helpful tea guide here.


I am not getting my alarm or wifi kettle boiled notifications (Apple devices).

Please go to settings, then notification centre and locate the wifi kettle app in the list. Once in, change the ‘Alert Style’ to ‘Alerts’ which is the 3rd picture along. Make sure that all of the switches below are on green.  You will then receive all notifications for the wifi kettle. If the wifi kettle app does not appear in the notification centre list you will need to turn your device off then on and follow the instructions above.


How do I set up my alarm in iOS?

  • Open the wifi kettle app, select the settings in the top right hand corner and click on wake up alarm.
  • Select your desired time and then press set alarm.
  • Click the back button to complete the process.
  • Once your alarm has triggered, click the push notification or swipe the screen to prompt the wifi kettle to start boiling.


If the app does not trigger your wifi kettle alarm then make sure you have adjusted your push notifications in your application settings. Simply go into your iphone settings, go to notification centre, select the wifi kettle and click on the alerts button. Please also ensure that all the push buttons are on below. If you do not see the wifi kettle app then restart your iphone and try again.


How to download the wifi kettle app from iOS

Simply click on the app store icon on your iphone/tablet. Search for wifi kettle and download the app. Once downloaded, you will find the app in your applications list.


Or you can select it directly from here but remember to download it from your phone and not your desktop.


What happens if the wifi kettle has NO WATER?

If your wifi kettle has no water inside, don’t panic, it has a boil dry feature and you will be alerted via your app. Just remember to refill it once you have finished pouring!


I want to move my wifi kettle closer to my router but how do I do this?

You can move your wifi kettle around the house, providing your phone is on the same network that you originally set up on.
If you want to relocate your wifi kettle to a different home network then simply follow the reset instructions and select the connection set up link in the wifi kettle app settings page.


How to set up my wifi kettle on an Android device.

1.     Make sure you are within range of your home network when setting up the wifi kettle. Do not connect to the wifi kettle network until the app tells you!

2.     Make sure your wifi kettle is plugged in and filled with water. Then press next.

3.     The app will automatically connect to the wifi kettle network. If this does not happen then please manually connect.

4.     Very carefully enter your Wi-Fi password as it case sensitive and then press next. (You will find this on the back of your router)

5.     The wifi kettle will now connect to your home network. If this does not happen then please connect manually as shown here.

6.     Congratulations! You have now successfully set up your wifi kettle.


My set up on Android has failed, what do I do?

1.     If you get a failed set up screen… don’t worry. Simply reset your wifi kettle by holding down the 65’ button until you hear two beeps, then unplug and re-plug in your wifi kettle.

2.     Press the next button and repeat the set up process but this time, try the following:

-       Set up closer to your home network.

-       Ensure you have entered the correct password (as this will prevent the set-up from working).


My Android device keeps connecting to the wrong home network.

If your device keeps connecting to the wrong home network then you easily remedy this by going into your settings, selecting Wi-Fi settings, clicking your desired network and pressing the forget button.

This will prevent the app from connecting to the wrong network.


What features are in the Android app?

Once your wifi kettle is up and running you will have access to the control panel. Here you can select your desired temperature and the keep warm mode.


In the wifi kettle settings you can enter in your name for a personalised wake up call. You can:

-       Customise your alarm settings and choose your desired sound.

-       Choose between the times you arrive home from work.

Remember to select the enable button to turn on these features.


How do I download the Android wifi kettle app?

Simply click on the google store icon via your Android device. Search for wifi kettle and download the app. Once downloaded, you will find the app in your applications list.


I can’t make a connection via Android after set up.

Clear your app data then restart the app, select Already Set Up

We are here to help via email, live chat, telephone and twitter!

Welcome to our support page. We have made a number of help videos to guide you through the wifi kettle set up process. Take a look at these and if you are having any problems or just want to get in touch, drop us an email below.

Opening the package
Initial wifi kettle Set Up iOS
Initial wifi kettle Set Up ANDROID
Download wifi kettle app iOS
Download wifi kettle app ANDROID
ANDROID Kill the app
Manually select network ANDROID
Alarm Set Up iOS
iOS Failed set up
Reset Instructions BOTH
Boil Dry Feature iOS
ANDROID Forget Network
iOS turning on Notifications
ANDROID app features
ANDROID Clear App Data

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