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SlimWalk Legs and Heels Care Pressure Socks

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Product introduction

● Next morning, refreshing legs & moist care of moist. 
● Step pressure design + double care with moisture pack design. 
● Step pressure design · I realized that it was a cute moment. Firm tightly from the ankle to the thigh, refreshing legs. 
· Feeling comfortable sleeping "Leg Lift Structure" 
· Step pressure design born from European leg care. Lightly with legs designed to reduce pressure as it goes up from the ankle. It is thin and beautifully arranged. 
● Moisture pack design · moist while sleeping. 
- Built-in moist sheet with two layers of silicone material and urethane material wrapped around the heel part. 
· Sheets adhere to the skin and softens the hardened keratin. 
● Fits softly with a pleasant skin texture, and it is designed as a rough pita. 
● The trace is difficult to remain, wide type soft flexible mouth. 
● Long type. 
● Good night. 
● When you are at bedtime, after taking a bath, after relaxing, relaxing time ● Size: M ~ L size (height 150 ~ 165 cm, thigh: 50 ~ 60 cm, calf: 36 ~ 42 cm, ankle: 21 ~ 25 cm, Foot size: 23 ~ 25 cm) 

【How to use】 
(1) Put the toes hanging, put the toes so that the tip comes to the root of the toes. 
(2) Pull up to the ankle and align the heel's position accurately. 
(3) Put the thumbs of both hands inside, pull up evenly little by little, and align the circular handle to the knee position. 
※ Because support force is strong, please slowly pull up carefully. 
(4) Pull up to the thigh while stretching so that wrinkles can not be made. 
[To protect the moisture seat part, to prevent jerking and transmission,] 
(1) Before use, please smoothen the knees and heels of the limbs, remove the ring etc. 
(2) Do not pull up or raise it at a stretch. 
(3) Puru Puru Moist Do not pull strongly on the seat part and stretch it. 

● Separate from other clothing and wash hands according to the instructions of the washing mark. 
● Do not put on wash liquid for a long time together with different color. 
● Do not use chlorine bleach. 
● Do not force dry such as dryer or iron. (It will cause stretchiness to disappear.) 
● Please do not wash the moist sheet part outside. Also, please do not dry or store in the state that the Purupuru moist sheet part bends or sticks. (It will cause deterioration of the seat part.) 
● Please do not leave it wet for a long time. 

Usage notes

● Consult your doctor before using the next person. 
(1) Those who feel sleep or slack legs due to illness or injury 
(2) Persons with high blood pressure, those with disabilities in the heart, kidney, etc. 
(3) Those currently experiencing itching and rash 
(4) If you have had a blood circulation disorder ● Do not use something that does not fit in size. (There is a risk of getting worse.) 
● Do not use two piles. (There is a risk of getting worse.) 
● During use, if you feel bad after using, itching, rash, if you feel abnormal pain, immediately stop using it. 
● Do not use for medical purposes.

Compression socks that effectively relieve edema

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