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Slendertone FIT EMS Belt

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44.99 $44.99

スレンダートーン フィットプラス

54-year-old, Mr. Punch Sato's diet management and the result of adding slender tone to the exercise so far The challenge was a great success! Before After Waist-14 cm ※! The roundness I gave up was clearer and sharper. I didn't like to go on a diet to endure, so I didn't stop drinking, I ate ramen and cake, and I did it as close as possible to my daily life. It's as easy as you take a morning walk while watching TV, so it's easy to operate and I would recommend it to seniors. Life during the challenge is here →

  • 1 month trial period
  • It is the result of performing appropriate nutrition management
  • In effect there are individual differences.

Recommended for those who want to start abs

Automatic level up program

Easy operation

It can be installed while relaxing in the room

The smart training system loading that memorizes the exercise level which reached and automatically improves it.

As it is a controller of a simple design with few buttons, complicated operation is unnecessary!

While reading and doing housework, you can comfortably sit and exercise.

Recently, have you been troubled by this?

  • It is troublesome to do abdominal exercises
  • I want to keep my shape but I don't have time to exercise
  • I want to train my body efficiently even in small gaps

To aim for the ideal stomach

What is needed to aim for the ideal stomach It is "muscle"Fat attached to the body is burned by the muscles. The more muscles there are, the easier it is to burn fat and to lose weight. In addition, several muscles support the belly around like a corset. By training your abs you get closer to your ideal stomach.

Slender tone technology that trains abdominal muscles just by rolling

Automatic abs training "EMS"

EMS is a technology that can automatically train by repeating “contraction” and “relaxation” by letting the low frequency signal flow intermittently.

Proprietary CSI technology for efficient muscle training

Slender tone Abberto uses its own patented design! With three pads, approach the muscle of front, right flank and left flank at a stretch. Analysis using an ultrasound system confirmed that contractions occurred in the front and flank muscles.

Difference between winding type and sticking type EMS

Paste type Roll type Muscle activity about 1.95 times! Stick type EMS roll type Slender tone series ※ Slender tone core (2-channel 3-piece pad system) ※ Household EMS equipment market sales Companies selling 9800 yen or more abdominal muscle cordless EMS equipment (1 channel) sold by TOP 5 companies Comparison with top model ※ Comparison of muscle thickness difference before use and use ※ Subject: 12 of our products 24 other companies products (according to our investigation)

The roll-type slender tone has been experimentally shown to activate flank muscles approximately 1.95 times more than general paste-type EMS.

  • Slender tone core (2-channel 3-pad system) * Comparison with the top models among the top companies among the cordless EMS equipment for abdominal muscles (1 channel) sold by TOP 5 companies in the domestic EMS equipment market market
  • Comparison of fascia differences before and after use
  • Subject: 12 our products 24 other companies' products (investigated by our company)

Experts tell! EMS machine that trains 3 muscles simultaneously

Takashi Okada, Associate Professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Japan Physical Education University
Associate Professor Takashi Okada, Faculty of Physical Education, Japan Physical Education University

Abdominal muscles are divided into three major groups: "abdominal straight muscle", "abdominal oblique muscle group" and "abdominal transverse muscle". It is necessary to divide these three muscles separately and to train them in order to indulge their belly, but it is quite difficult for the general public. 
Therefore I think that EMS machine is effective to tighten the stomach!

The EMS machine has nothing to do with forms and tips, so it is equally easy to get results regardless of whether you are good at muscle training.

  • Personal view

Be sure to use genuine pads for slender tone.

Some products sold as compatible pads have a high risk of skin irritation and excessive irritation to the skin due to residue on the skin and uneven current flow. Please note that using a compatible pad will void the warranty. Specifically, please check the survey results from "Details are here".

Please be sure to use the slender tone genuine pad

Some of the products sold as Slender Tone “Compatible Pads” have the possibility of causing skin rash or excessive irritation to the skin due to the non-uniformity of the current flowing through the pads and residual substances to the skin. It is found.

Performance comparison: "Genuine pad", "compatible (replacement product) pad"

  • Current test

We compare the energizing efficiency of Slender Tone genuine pads and compatible (replacement products) pads.

Slender tone genuine padCompatible pad ACompatible pad B
The entire pad efficiently transmits electrical signals to the skin.
As for the compatible (replacement product) pads, electricity is concentrated at the center of each of the pads A and B, and as the distance from the center is smaller, the electricity is less likely to flow and the efficiency is also lower.
Electricity does not flow evenly across the pad
  • Residue mass comparison test to skin
Slender tone genuine pad → 101 ppm compatible pad A → 16,518 ppm compatible pad B → 17,508 ppm

While the residual amount of acrylic acid monomer remaining on the skin is 101 ppm for genuine pads, compatible (replacement product) pads have 160 to 170 times the residual amount. Due to the characteristics of products that are applied directly to the skin, adhered and repeatedly used, it is not desirable that there are many residual substances on the skin.

It may develop into skin problems such as "rashes" caused by residual substances.Based on the above test results, we strongly recommend that customers use genuine pads in order to use Slender Tone safely.

How can use ?

ショップジャパン スレンダートーン フィット プラス EMS 機器 腹筋 ベルト マシン マシーン 安心 安全 簡単 ダイエット スマートトレーニングシステム
슬렌더톤 플러스 특징

도달 운동 레벨 기억하고 자동으로 레벨업 해주는
스마트 교육 시스템

ショップジャパン スレンダートーン フィット プラス 新商品 EMS 機器 腹筋ベルト 腹筋マシーン 腹筋マシン 簡単 ラク 安心 安全

スレンダートーン フィットプラスの特徴


ショップジャパン スレンダートーン フィット プラス EMS機器 腹筋 腹筋マシン 腹筋マシーン 腹筋ベルト 簡単 安心 安全

スレンダートーン フィットプラスの特徴


자동 레벨업 시스템 / 간단조작 / 충전불요 - 건전지식

감는 것만으로
복근 단련 슬 렌더 톤 기술
ショップジャパン スレンダートーン フィットプラス 腹筋 腹筋ベルト 腹筋マシン 腹筋マシーン 自動腹筋 EMS機器 簡単 ラクラク 安心 安全 技術ショップジャパン スレンダートーン フィットプラス EMS EMS機器 腹筋ベルト 腹筋マシン 腹筋マシーン トレーニング機器 簡単 安全 安心 ラクラクショップジャパン スレンダートーン EMS機器 腹筋ベルト 腹筋 腹筋器具 専門家 日本体育大学 体育学部 岡田隆 准教授 
자동 복근 트레이닝 "EMS"

EMS 저주파 신호 간헐적으로 흘리는 것으로 근육이 '수축'와 '이완' 반복 자동으로 훈련을 할 수있는 기술.
근육 효율적으로 단련 자신 C.S.I 기술

슬 렌더 톤 아부베루토 특허 독특한 디자인 채용. 3 개의 패드에서 정면 오른쪽 옆구리 왼쪽 옆구리 3 개의 근육 단번에 접근합니다. 초음파 장비 사용하여 분석 한 결과, 정면 옆구리 근육 수축 일어나고있는 것을 확인할 수있었습니다.
전문가 설교 3 개의 근육 동시에 단련 EMS 머신

복근 "배꼽 직접 근육", "腹斜筋 ", "배꼽 横筋" 크게 3 가지로 나눌 수 있습니다. でぷり 배를 음푹 파지 위해서는 세 가지 근육 따로 나누어 단련하지 않으면 안 합니다만, 일반적으로 어렵습니다.

그래서 배를 계약에는 EMS 머신 효과적이라고 생각합니다.

EMS 머신 양식과 요령 관계없이이므로 근육 트레이닝 서투르게 관계없이 결과 동일 얻을 쉽습니다. 오카다 준 교수 견해입니다.


• 기본 세트 내용 : 벨트 × 컨트롤러 × 패드 (대 1개, 소 2개)
   4알칼리 건전지 (3개)  설명서 × 1 6 퀵 스타트 가이드 × 1

• 사이즈 : 벨트 약 100x13cm 유닛 약 75x110x22mm

• 소재 : 폴리 에스테르, 폴리 우레탄, 나일론, ABS 다른

• 원산지 : 본체 중국 패드 미국

• 본 제품의 패드는 "슬렌더톤 커넥트」 「슬렌더톤 프리미엄」패드와의 호환성이 
   이 있기 때문에 동일한 패드를 이용하실 수 있습니다.

• EMS 기술 : 전용 접착 패드를 통해 저주파 신호를 간헐적으로 보냄으로써 
  윗몸 일으키기와 같은 근육 수축을 일으켜 근육을 단련 할 수 있습니다.
  벨트를 감는 것만으로 전에 배의 복직근 옆구리 복부 경사 근육, 또한 배안까지
  집중적으로 교육을 실시합니다.

• 신뢰할 수있는 브랜드 : 슬 렌더 톤을 개발 한 것은 50여 년 동안 스포츠 과학용
  EMS 시스템을 제조 해 온 아일랜드 BMR 사. 프로 유스의 기술을 가정에 제공합니다.
  믿음의 증거이며, 미국 정부 기관 FDA에 허가되어 있습니다.

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