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Shiseido The Hair Care Adenovital

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資生堂プロフェッショナル アデノバイタル スカルプエッセンス 180ml

Based on research in advanced bioscience, we focused on the five driving forces of hair growth and hair growth that exist in the hair roots. Unique technology and ingredients support the growth of high-quality hair.

Medicinal active ingredient Adenosine

It acts directly on dermal papilla to produce "growth promoting factors" that are essential for hair growth and promote hair growth. (Blended in Advanced Scalp Essence)

AP Complex* (moisturizing ingredient)

While providing moisture to the scalp, it leads to a healthy scalp environment and supports the growth of beautiful hair. (Blended in Advanced Scalp Essence) *Apricot juice derived ingredient

Ononis extract (repair ingredient)

It repairs the cuticle and leads to hair that is less susceptible to damage.

AG Complex II (Moisturizing ingredient)

moisturizes and improves the condition of the scalp, (Blended in Advanced Scalp Essence * Ashitaba extract, reishi extract, Hot pepper extract and dipropylene glycol



Adenovital fragrance

A bright and perky aroma with aromatic green accents added to the sweet aroma of natural fruits that have grown vigorously under the energy of the sun. (Contains only shampoo and scalp treatment)

Salon Care Menu

Those who are worried about hair loss / thinning hair

Hair Revitalizing

By massaging to promote blood circulation throughout the scalp, the scalp environment is prepared for easy penetration of hair growth agents and the hair growth effect is enhanced. Leads to firm, voluminous hair. * Those who do hair coloring and perming can also be treated.

15 mins
Deep Revitalizing

The salon-specific deep cleansing item thoroughly removes dirt from the scalp that hinders the penetration of hair growth agents and maximizes the hair growth effect. Leads to firm, voluminous hair.

35 mins
Hair Vital Boost

A full-fledged hair growth menu unique to salons that maximizes the hair growth effect of Adenovital. Leads to firm, voluminous hair.

40 mins

Adenovital Shampoo

While protecting moisture, it gently washes away dirt on the scalp and makes it easy for scalp essence to blend in. Brand Name GP Shampoo

Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence

Medicated hair growth essence <quasi-drug> The active ingredient penetrates and transmits hair growth signals to the hair roots. It promotes hair growth while preventing thinning hair and hair loss, and grows healthy and firm hair. Product Name:


< scalp treatment> By filling the dry scalp with moisture, the scalp essence is easily adjusted. Product Name GP Scalp Treatment


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