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SHASHIBO - The Shape Shifting Box

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23.99 $23.99

Transforms into over 70 shapes
transforming cube
Stem learning toy
Collect & Connect
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High Quality Material

NON-TOXIC ABS material. Made under strict quality control. This Shape Shifting Box is completely free from harmful chemicals and is safe for children.

Improve Children's Spatial Thinking Ability

While playing with Shashibo, children can improve their cognitive and spatial thinking skills. These cool cubes are the best fidget toys for adults too!

More Possibilities to be Discovered

Discover 70+ shapes & possibilities! Gently open and fold your Shape Shifting Box until you feel the magnets connect. When they connect, you know you have created one of the shapes! Watch our videos for help.

Invented by
Looking for something to fidget with and stimulate your mind? You're in the right place. Shashibo is a shape shifting box that transforms into over 70 shapes. Plus, with its strong magnet system you can combine several cubes to build even larger shapes, sculptures, and structures. Can you create them all? 

Black & White
Blue Planet
Optical Illusion
Mystic Ocean


How do I open it?

Start at one of the corners, and pull it open like a pistachio.

How do I know which shapes to create?

We have this super handy dandy Shashibo shape guide you can download here. Check off which ones you have done as you complete them to become a master!

How many shapes can I create?

You can create over 70 shapes with just 1 Shashibo. But don’t stop there. You can add 2, 3, 4, or more to unlock even more shapes and create new ones!

Is there a limit to how many you can connect together?

As the saying goes… the more, the merrier. We’ve used as many as 30 Shashibos to build large structures!

How many magnets are in 1 Shashibo?

Each Shashibo has 36 rare earth magnets.


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