San Diego - Satechi's GoMate Smartphone Case, available now, is the ideal solution for explorers who want to take their smartphones along for the ride without risk of damage. Compatible with all smartphones up to 5.5" in diagonal length, including the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the GoMate case has an IPX-8 waterproof certification that will protect smartphones from water damage up to depths of 20 feet. Versatile for any type of activity such as hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking, the waterproof case is the perfect solution for all things adventure. 

Satechi GoMate kayakSatechi GoMate black orange and white

The GoMate Waterproof Smartphone Case features a double waterproof seal to protect against water, snow, mud, and other debris while still being able to access the phone via the touch-sensitive clear panel. The case also features a rear-view panel which allows users to take photos and videos without taking the device out of the case. Users never have to leave their smartphones vulnerable to extreme weather conditions in order to capture the perfect shot.Satechi GoMate SnowboardSatechi GoMate waterproof seals

The GoMate Waterproof Case includes a lanyard to secure the case around user's neck, wrist, belt loop, or cleat during activities. Above or below sea level, the lanyard gives users a hands free option while venturing into the world of the unknown.

Satechi GoMate touch screenSatechi GoMate rear window


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