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SANA - Nameraka Honpo Wrinkle Sheet Mask N

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10.99 $10.99

PLUS Up Plus editorial department's attention level NO.1 Make a short time x dry fine lines inconspicuous with a single application after face washing! Sleek Honpo Wrinkle Sheet Mask N Moment on the top, Thoroughly Aging Care Mask

* 1 Efficacy evaluation tested * 2 Moisturizing ingredients * 3 Care according to age * Mask is an image + Self-skincare market with soymilk ingredients Store sales amount January to June 2018 POS data from 5 retail stores

Pure Aretinol * 1 new combination! Highly moisturizing all-in-one mask made with dense gel milk

5 roles in one smooth wrinkle sheet mask N 20 per fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil (266mL) 1,540 yen (tax included) * 2 Moisturizing ingredients

Point1 Pure Aretinol * 1 + Soymilk Fermented Liquid * 4

In addition to Smooth Honpo's original isoflavone-containing soymilk fermented liquid that leads to the natural beauty of women's skin, it contains pure aretinol! Luxurious aging care * 3 can be achieved with one sheet.

W Retinol Formulation Pure Aretinol Formulation Retinol * 5 Derivative For Fluffy Skin! Nameraka Honpo original soymilk fermented liquid * 2 Moisturizing ingredients * 3 Care according to age * 4 Moisturizing ingredients, genetically modified soybeans

Point2 Highly moisturizing type with concentrated gel emulsion

Familiarity with the temperature-dependent dense gel milk melts at the skin temperature, so it penetrates deeply into the skin * 5. Makes fine lines due to drying inconspicuous. * 1

Moisture content change in concentrated gel milk emulsion Increased moisture retention compared to our previous products! Our measurement results * 1 Efficacy evaluation tested * 5 Up to stratum corneum

Point3 1 role for 5 roles! Sakugi Pack & 1 role for 5 roles! Complete skincare with this one!

Since it spreads in the shape of the face at the same time as taking out, it is smooth to install! In addition, this single sheet plays 5 roles of lotion, essence, milky lotion, cream and pack effect. After washing your face, simply apply a sheet mask to complete skin care, so it is perfect for those who want to shorten their time or when skin care is troublesome!

Lotion lotion serum lotion cream pack 5in1

About 180% side-by-side seat fits snugly!

Adopts a highly elastic lateral sheet. It can be adjusted according to the position of the eyes and mouth, and it is close to the skin. It is hard to peel off, and you can “pack” while drying your hair and doing housework.

Monitor'sVoice I tried to hear the impression using "Wrinkle Gel Cream"! I thought that the moist feeling was completely different from the masks I have used so far. 40's Woman I don't mind dry skin when I wash my morning glory. There is no unpleasant stickiness, moist and favorite type. 40's Female Skin gloss was good and makeup was good. I'm looking forward to the morning because of the firmness of my skin! 40's Female It was nice to have elasticity and moisture on my forehead! 40s female

Recommended after the sheet mask! For moist skin for a long time! Pure Aretinol * 2 new combination! * 1 o'clock short x high moisturizing aging care * 3 1 in 5 all-in-one gel smooth honpo wrinkle gel cream N unscented, uncolored, non-mineral oil 100g 1,650 yen (excluding tax) * 1 Efficacy evaluation tested * 2 Moisturizing ingredients * 3 Care according to age

Pure retinol! * 1 included! Aging care with a mask made of dense gel emulsion * 2

“Smooth Honpo Wrinkle Sheet Mask N” is an “all-in-one mask” with high moisturizing that makes wrinkles due to drying blended with pure retinol * 1 inconspicuous.

[(1) Pure retinol * 1 + soymilk fermented liquid * 1 combination]
In addition to the original soymilk fermented broth containing isoflavones * 1, "Smooth Honpo" contains pure retinol * 1.
Luxurious aging care * 2 can be achieved with one sheet.

[(2) Tailoring “Dense Gel Latex” to make dry fine lines inconspicuous]
A highly moisturizing mask with a concentrated gel emulsion that allows moisture to penetrate into your skin * 4.
Makes fine lines due to drying inconspicuous * 3.

[(3) "Quick-featured pack" + "Short skin care with" 5 roles per sheet "5in1
The mask comes out in the form of a face, so it ’s smooth to wear.
5 functions in one sheet (lotion, serum, milk, cream, pack). Short time skin care is possible.

* 1 Moisturizing ingredients
* 2 Care according to age
* 3 Efficacy evaluation test completed
* 4 Up to the stratum corneum

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