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Run Gum - Extra Strength Caffeine Gum

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35.99 $35.99

I formulated Run Gum because I love the energy boosting ingredients found in your favorite energy drinks (caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins), I just HATED the way I had to consume it... especially before a hard workout and a race.

I needed something lightweight, that could offer a faster absorption time, and leave nothing in my stomach to slow me down. 

Now, nine times out of ten, Original Run Gum is perfect. But there are times—like running a marathon, climbing mountains or pulling all-nighters when I needed something stronger. 




Twice the caffeine as original Run Gum in a great tasting Spearmint flavor. 



  • Twice the Caffeine than our Original Run Gum (Now 100mg per piece)
  • Still Zero Calories & Sugar-Free
  • ALL NEW Spearmint Flavor
  • Two (2) Pieces Per Pack (24 pieces per 12-Pack)


PLUS - Enjoy the benefits associated with chewing gum including enhanced productivity, reduced cognitive errors, greater alertness, and a more positive mood.


Be 100% certain that what our package says is what is actually in the gum. Run Gum is tested under the highest standard of purity testing in the nutraceutical industry. Tested for over 950+ Environmental Contaminants.

Purity Tested™ offers the highest standard of purity testing in the nutritional supplement industry. Developed by Purity Labs out of Portland, Oregon, the Purity Tested protocol calls for testing every raw ingredient used to make Run Gum for more than 950 environmental contaminants.

Once finished, Run Gum is tested for 24 heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mold and common allergens.


Each packet of Run Gum Extra Strength comes with two (2) pieces each containing 100mg of caffeine. That provides you the caffeine boost of two regular cups of coffee.


Run Gum was founded by 2x Olympian, Nick Symmonds and his coach, Sam Lapray, during their pursuit of championships on the track. Striving to compete at the highest level and win gold medals, they initially created the energy gum for their own consumption, but quickly found themselves letting other athletes use the product. That’s when they knew they were on to something. 

Utilizing a team of nutritionists, expert formulators, and coaches, Nick and Sam formulated an energy gum with the elite athlete in mind but created it for anyone On The Run.

Extra Strength Spearmint Energy Gum


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