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Refa Double Ray Beauty Face Roller

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310 $310.00

Image result for リファダブル

Image result for リファダブル

Aesthetic impression comes from symmetry.

Symmetrically pinching, 
3D symmetric approach.

For a beautiful face impression, 
Untie the face structure from scratch, 
The answer we got is "Symmetric". 
Wraps the whole face in three dimensions, 
Symmetrical flow 
It is a 3D symmetric approach. 
Unprecedented three-dimensional movement, 
Efficient care evokes a beautiful face impression.

3D symmetric approach

To maintain a beautiful, lively facial impression, 
It is important to take care in consideration of the balance between left and right. 
A 3D symmetric approach that works symmetrically on faces with symmetrical structures.
It leads to a beautiful face impression.

Symmetrically wrap around

Care of face line symmetrically

Double-Drainage ※ The roller spreads symmetrically as it wraps around while adhering to the complex lines of the face. 
In addition, by simultaneously approaching the left and right in one movement, 
I will give you efficient care.

※ Drenage is an expression of the flowing movement of an esthetician, not an effect or its effect on the human body.

Pick and flow two lines

Care for faceline and cheekline

Approach to two lines of face line and teak line. Like an esthetician's technique, 
I let it flow in a pleasant manner with the movement that sucks in to the skin.

do you know? 
Face structure is symmetrical

The structure of the face is symmetrical with respect to the midline, and the right and left support each other to maintain the balance of the whole face. However, in everyday postures and lifestyles, a force that is biased to one side unknowingly is applied, and by the accumulation of them, the balance between the left and right is broken, 
It may lead to a negative image, such as giving an old impression .


Aesthetic method

We arrange double drain  roller which reproduces professional procedure symmetrically. While applying a symmetrical load, pinch and drain deeply.

※ The term "drenage" refers to the flowing movement of an esthetician, not to the effect on the human body.

Micro current

 Micro current

Light is taken from solar panels provided on both sides of the arm to generate a weak current "micro current".

Waterproof structure

 Waterproof structure

Waterproof specification which cleared JIS standard (equivalent to IPX7). 
You can use it in the bathtub.

Refa Face Up Cream for ReFa Rolling Care Support

With face cream

Rifa face up cream (20g / about 25 times)  We make a close contact skin and support rolling care.

※ It is also possible to purchase 50g type separately as REFIFACE UP Cream.

How to use

Before using this product Hand care is recommended.

How to use referee

Take an appropriate amount of refaface up cream, 
Apply to face, neck and neck.

1 around the clavicle from the inside to the outside, 
Press slowly with your fingertip for 3 seconds each. 
2 From under your ear, go to your shoulder and push it along your neck.

Basic way of holding

Firmly hold the center of the thickest part so that the handle is centered on the face.

Face line care method

1Face line care

Hold the handle so that the ReFa logo points outward, and roll up and down along the face line, from the lower jaw to under the ear.

How to care for teakline

2Teakline care

Hold the handle so that the ReFa logo points inward, and roll up and down from the corner of the mouth to under the cheekbone.


Q. I have ametal allergy. Can I use it?
A.Do not use if you have a precious metal and you have an allergic reaction. If you have an allergic reaction to metals other than precious metals, please consult your doctor regarding use. If you get a doctor's permission, please try using it in an unobtrusive manner and confirm that there are no abnormalities before using it.
Q. I amatopic, can I use it?
A.There are individual differences in the reaction to atopy, so please use it after consulting your doctor.
Q.Are there any problems with using during pregnancy or immediately after delivery?
A.Please refrain from use during the unstable period in early pregnancy or immediately after delivery. If your skin is sensitive, such as during lactation or during menstruation, consult your doctor.
Q.Can I use it over makeup?
A.You can use it on makeup or bare skin. After use, carefully wipe the roller with the supplied clean cloth.
Q.Where should I use it?
A.This product is for face only. Do not use in areas other than those specified in this document. In addition, please do not use it for the part with abnormal skin such as mucous membrane part (local area), the part with wound, the part where the skin is inflamed or excessive sunburn.
Q.Which is better before or after applying lotion or cream?
A. Itis recommended after painting. After use, wipe off the lotion and cream with a cloth, etc., and then carefully wipe with the supplied clean cloth.
Q.Can I use it after scrubbing or applying a cream containing a sulfur component?
A.Do not use the main unit as it may be discolored, degraded or scratched.
Q.How much strength should I use?
A.Even if you use it with a weak force, you can get a good sensation, so please move gently and slowly without force. If you move it with a strong force, it may stress your skin.
Q.Can I use it in baths, hot springs, saunas and pools with bath additives?
A.Do not use because there is a risk of discoloration, deterioration or failure.
Q.What is the role of solar panels?
A. Themicrocurrent * is generated by taking in the light of the sun and illumination. There is no charge and storage function. Please use in bright places.※ Micro current is a very weak current resembling biological current. There is almost no physical sensation.
Q.There is a rattling roller, or there is a difference in rotation between the left and right rollers. Is there any problem with using it?
A. Due tothe structure of the product, there is some rattling, sound and rotational difference. If you feel discomfort when using it, please contact your dealer or MTG customer service office.
Q.Can I bring in an airplane?
A. Itis possible to bring it into the cabin. However, some airlines may not be able to bring it in, so please contact the airline and airport security department in advance.

Image result for リファダブル 


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