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$199.95 $219.99

MTG Platinum electronic controller reference Carat genuine ReFa CARAT

How to care
Waterproof your in bath. After each use, drain well cut keep. Wipe stains when after rinsing with cold water or warm water with soft cloth or comes with clean cloth dry..
* Please note *
And please refrain from wearing a precious metal, allergic reaction. 
-Only put excessive force, please use. 
Using pace makers and people with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, please do not use during pregnancy or during menstruation. 
After childbirth and breast-feeding, after surgery, consult your doctor how to use stainless steel, clip, implants, etc. 
* Read the precautions listed in the official guidebook, please correct. 
Deep, sharp movement shed knob, tighten up your skin beautifully.

ReFa CARAT life carat
Size About 92 × 149 × 61
Weight Approx. 190 g
Material ABS, brass, acrylic silicone elastomer stainless steel nylon
Accessories Guidebook porch clean cross-
Features -Features knobs shed multi angle-roller shape doubled Renner j * 1 roller ( 440 rhombohedral × 2 )-lomilomi * 2 about 38 microseconds A roller coating Platinum (Pt) and bearing carrier current bearing, hanndoru形-arc handle, waterproof 1-face care 1-eye care) (-body care 1 * representation of movements and 1 drainage flowing aestheticians, representing the effect beneficial to the human body is not. * 2 current value of lomilomi varies depending on the usage environment. * Please do not use people with metal allergies and allergies.
Cosmetic 728x90

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