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Razor Ripsurf

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$79.99 $99.99

About Razor

From day one, Razor has focused on providing the very best riding experience, combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and innovation to deliver products designed to suit riders’ evolving lifestyles.

Founded in 2000, Razor quickly became an icon of American culture with the introduction of the now legendary A model kick scooter. The must-have item of the year, the A model continues to be an essential ride for anyone on the go.

Today, Razor offers a full line of products that inspire and excite riders around the globe. Influenced by our Southern California home, and rooted in popular action sports – from motocross and BMX, to snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing – Razor’s products embody the spirit of freedom and fun.

Surf Where You Live!

The Razor RipSurf – designed in Southern California. The RipSurf’s patented design allows riders to carve and cut like a real surfboard, but on dry land! Riding on two high-performance caster wheels and an authentically styled polypropylene deck, this is one ride-on that’s ready to make waves!

  • Lightweight one-piece fiber-reinforced industrial-grade polymer construction
  • Textured traction pad deck with kick tail
  • Inclined 360-degree urethane caster wheels
  • Also includes an extra wheel and stickers
  • Patented RipStik one-piece Torsion Technology
  • Product Dimensions: 32.2" L x 10.7" W x 6.0" H
  • Product Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • No Assembly Required
  • For Ages 8 and up
  • Max weight: 220lb (100kg)



Textured traction pad with kick tail

Patented RipStik one-piece Torsion Technology

Lightweight one-piece fiber-reinforced industrial-grade polymer


Inclined 360-degree urethane caster wheels

Revolutionize the Way You Surf

The RipSurf’s similarities don’t stop at its classic surfboard design and itsradcolored,texturedtractionpad — it’s also been designed to share the same authentic surf-like ride! It’stwoinclinedcasterurethanewheels have been moved closer together, allowing you to gain forward momentum the same way you would cut and carve up the surf.

How-To RipSurf Ride Guide

How To Ride Razor’s RipSurf

Stokedfortheall-newRipSurf, but fear your surf skills are a little kooky? No worries bro, we got you covered! Grab a friend, little sibling or a wall (we’re not picky) and check out these steps to get started:

  1. Step onto the front (or nose) of the RipSurf. With the board in front of you, level out the deck and make sure you feel balanced before stepping on. Your foot should be perpendicular with the line that divides the RipSurf.
  2. Push off! Keep a hand on your friend and place your back foot on the traction pad as you push off and begin rolling.
  3. Build Momentum. Alternate pumping your feet back and forth, twisting at the waist (slowly) to begin building momentum. As you increase the size of this motion, the more speed you will build.
  4. Turn! Push down with the front foot in the direction you want to go. Lean on your back foot in the opposite direction to maintain balance and control your turn radius.

Orjustcatchalesson with our man, Ali Kermani, the legend behind the board, who’s also brought us many other great things like DRIFT-maniawiththewildlypopularCrazyCart.

Watch our RipSurf Ride Guide and nail the basics so you don’t wipe-out!






What is the Razor RipSurf?

The RipSurf is basically a mix between a surfboard and a skateboard that is very easy to ride. The polypropylene construction is fixed on 2 caster wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. The really cool thing about this skateboard is that it looks exactly like a surfboard and it is controlled in a very similar way.

The deck is made out of industrial grade polymer and reinforced to support riders up to 220 lbs.  To help anchor rider’s feet on the board, the back half is a special traction pad which provides additional grip and keeps the rider’s feet firmly planted on the board.

How to Ride the RipSurf?

Riding the RipSurf may seem a little intimidating at first but, it is extremely easy to ride a RipSurf. With just a little practice and a help from a friend maybe, you can become a master of the RipSurf in no time.

Wearing a helmet is essential whenever learning how to ride a RipSurf.

Always Remember Safety First

First off,  remember to wear all of your safety gear including a helmet, knee and elbow pads and a nice pair of skate shoes. These are essential when starting to ride a new board.

Find a Place to Ride

As it was mentioned above, riding this board is pretty similar to surfing. You’re going to have the nose in the front and the tail at the back. Next thing you need in the learning steps is to find a slightly downhill or a smooth flat surface area. A basketball court can be perfect for this.

You can start off with a friend so that you can lean on them for stability. Just ask them to stand next to the board and put your arm on their shoulder as you start to move. You can even learn to ride without a friend, you can do exactly the same with a wall or a railing too so that you don’t tip over.

Foot Position

First, place the RipSurf on the ground in front of you. The pointed end of the board is called the ‘nose’. The other end with the tracking pad is called the ‘tail’.how to ride razor ripsurf

Put the board in front of you and then place your front foot right in the center of the front area. Rest a little weight on your front foot and once you’re comfortable with moving it, you’re going to have to push and place your back foot on the traction pad.

Start to Ride and Gain Speed!

Once you’re comfortable riding and can balance yourself on the board, you can learn how to gain speed. You have to basically carve to gain speed on the RipSurf, unlike on a skateboard where you have to push off the ground to do this. First, push off the back and start to ride, then start to carve and wiggle in S-shape by alternating the direction of the nose to gain speed.

How to Turn

The last thing you need to learn is turning. It’s exactly like you do while surfing. You just have to drop the rail and turn in the direction you want to go. Use your front foot to turn. Lean towards your toe side to carve towards your toe side and lean on your heel side to carve in that direction. 

Difference between Razor RipSurf vs. RipStik

The Razor RipSurf is actually pretty similar to the wildly famous RipStik (our review here) – both products made by Razor. The weight limits, the materials used, caster wheels and etc. are quite the same in both products. However, the design is slightly different and that can have a major effect on the ride.

razor ripsurf vs ripstik

The major difference in design is the piece connecting the two major platforms. On the Razor RipStik, this piece is a torsional bar while on the RipSurf it is simply a thin strip of flexible plastic. They both function similarly to each other but the RipSurf provides a little more stability.

With regards to color choices, the RipStik clearly comes out ahead for now. It is available in multiple different colors while the Razor RipSurf is only available in white for now.

Both of the Razor’s products are amazing and easy to ride but they are focused on slightly different groups. If you’re more into surfing/skateboarding, RipSurf is the answer. If you’re into skateboarding/snowboarding, then the RipStik will suit you best.

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