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Quickle Joan disinfection sheet

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"Joan" is safe for eradication with gentle prescription

Joan overview

Product line-up

Joan's commitment

Safe to remove bacteria with gentle formula


Details that can be used in various places 02

Unique antibacterial and antibacterial technology that considers gentleness on hand skin 肌 Patent pending

Can be used in various places

Cooking table / kitchen counter


Kitchen appliances

Children's goods
(Toys, baby chairs, play mats, etc.)

Pet Supplies
(Toys, cages, toilets, etc.)


Details that can be used in various places 02

How to use spray

How to use spray

Quickle Joan disinfection sheet

Quickle Joan disinfection sheet [Body]


Easy-to-use formula for easy disinfection.
Non-alcohol, 99.9% sterilization * & 24 hours antibacterial * . Contains lactic acid bacteria and fermented lactic acid.
It can be used widely for dining tables, floors, countertops, counters, kitchen appliances, children's goods, pet goods, etc. A prescription that considers the gentleness of the hands when wiping things around us. Same weak acidity as bare skin.
Unscented, easy to use for removing dirt around fingers and mouth.
* Not all bacteria are disinfected and antibacterial.

[House disinfection sheet]

70 sheets

Quickle Joan disinfection sheet lineup

Refill 70 sheetsRefill 70 sheets

(One company) Indication based on voluntary standards of the Japan Sanitary Material Industry Association

Product name Wet tissue
Dimensions / number 140 mm x 160 mm, 70 sheets
component Water, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, sodium hydroxide, benzalkonium chloride, DPG, simethicone

Usage, usage, precautions, etc.

Use For disinfection and antibacterial use ● Tabletop ● Cooking table ● Kitchen counter ● Gas stove / IH cooker ● Floor (Flooring vinyl)
● Child goods (toys, baby chairs, play mats, etc.)
● Pet supplies (toys, cages, toilets, etc.)
● Kitchen appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.) ● PC keyboards ● Smartphone covers (plastic) ● TV rims / sides ● Furniture ● Closets ● Mirrors ● Windows
For removing dirt from fingers and mouth
Things that cannot be used ● Things that cannot be sprayed (white wood, furniture, wall materials, etc., in which water soaks)
● Things with indication that washing is not possible (stuffed toys, etc.)
● Urushi coating ● Copper and brass products ● Painted surfaces of automobiles ● LCD and plasma display screens ● Leather products
How to use 1. Turn the bottle cap open and remove the seal.
2. Pick up the leading edge of the sheet from the center of the roll.
3. Pass the leading edge of the sheet through the opening from the inside of the cap.
4. Close the cap tightly before using. Be sure to close the lid after use.
Precautions for use ● Do not use for other purposes.
● Do not use around the eyes, mucous membranes, skin with hair immediately after hair removal, or where there is an abnormality such as a wound or eczema.
● Discontinue use if redness, itchiness, irritation, etc. appear, and consult a dermatologist. Symptoms may worsen with continued use.
● Take care not to get this in your eyes.
● Since the sheet is insoluble in water, do not flush it into toilets.
● Do not store in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● If there is concern about discoloration, discoloration, and spots, try it in a place where it is not noticeable before using it.
● To prevent quality deterioration due to drying, close the lid properly after use.
Material of packaging container Bottle: PP
Cap: PP
Label: PS
Film: PE , PP
Place of origin Made in Japan
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